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Chapter 223: Three Rounds

At the same time.

The blood-robed youth endured the pain in his head and gritted his teeth. “Watch out, there’s something else on Su Zimo’s body!”

However, it was already too late when he said that.

The moment Night Spirit struck, Yu Fei felt something and turned around instinctively.

The next moment, his pupils constricted violently and his heart stopped beating!


A flash of blood appeared as Yu Fei’s Adam’s apple was torn apart by Night Spirit alongside a huge chunk of flesh!

Fresh blood splattered all over Su Zimo’s body.

Night Spirit’s timing could be described as perfect!

The entire process was smooth and fluid like water.

In that brief moment, Night Spirit displayed a precise and keen sense of timing towards the situation – that was a capability that no one had imparted to him.

It was completely through instinct!

Killing instinct!

When he saw that, Su Zimo was stunned.

The blood-robed youth’s mind went blank and he was stunned as well.

That strike was way too ruthless!

Even if Yu Fei was a Golden Core spirit demon, there was no way he could survive given that serious injury.

Yu Fei’s eyes were widened and a black glow suddenly burst forth from his chest. With a backhand punch, he struck towards Night Spirit’s head!

It was the final gamble of a Golden Core spirit demon at the brink of death!

The entire process seemed very slow but in fact, it occurred in the split of a moment.

Yu Fei had already reacted extremely quickly.

Right after his throat was ripped by Night Spirit’s claws, he wanted to kill Night Spirit on the spot at the very first instant!

Since his large arteries were severed and he had suffered immense loss of blood and qi, Yu Fei had already realized that he would definitely die.

However, he wanted to kill Night Spirit right before he died!

Against Yu Fei’s incoming punch, Night Spirit leaped and turned its head, dodging to the side with all its might.


Even so, Yu Fei’s punch struck Night Spirit on the waist heavily.


Night Spirit cried out in pain and there was a clear depression on its waist.

Like a kite with a snapped string, Night Spirit was sent flying into Su Zimo’s arms after that punch.

With its eyes closed, Night Spirit coughed out blood repeatedly and was already unconscious.

When he saw that, Su Zimo felt his heart ache.

Compared to the true strength of a Golden Core spirit demon, Night Spirit who was only a month old was truly much weaker.

This was akin to an infant that was a few years old wielding a dagger in his hand. Even though he had the power to kill an adult, he would never ever be a match for the adult.

In reality, if not for the fact that Yu Fei had been severely injured with his strength decreased drastically after the massive loss of qi and blood, that punch would have very likely blown Night Spirit’s body apart!

That punch seemed to have drained Yu Fei of all his vitality.

“Young… master, hurry… escape!”

Yu Fei’s face was pale and his throat was broken as he spat out words intermittently. Despite that, he was trying his best.

After those four words, he fell to the ground with a thud. His eyes were lifeless and the ground was swiftly stained red by his blood.

Placing Night Spirit back into his robes, Su Zimo looked at the blood-robed youth opposite him with a cold, murderous gaze!

At that moment, Su Zimo was not in a good state.

He had managed to break free from the mental illusion thanks to Night Spirit’s help.

However, he had taken a huge toll during this period of time and was both mentally and physically exhausted – it was akin to having gone through a battle with a top expert.

The blood-robed youth was not in the best state either.

The blood-robed youth was still suffering waves of pain from the disruption of Blood Slave Art along with the power backlash – he was clearly somewhat dazed.

Given their terrible conditions, if they were to truly fight, no one could tell who would be the eventual victor.

However, when he saw how Yu Fei died and recalled Yu Fei’s final words, the blood-robed youth already had the urge to retreat.

Furthermore, who was he?

As the young master of Blood Crow Palace, his status was immeasurably noble!

Why did he have to engage in a life and death bout with this Foundation Establishment Cultivator before him?

As long as he were to avoid this person for the time being, the latter would definitely die once the Golden Cores from the battlefield arrived.

At that thought, the blood-robed youth was decided.


Right then, Su Zimo’s gaze turned over, sharp as a knife as if wanting to tear him into pieces!

That gaze was completely unlike a human’s gaze.

It was more like an ancient ferocious beast that was extremely hungry – violent, brutal and bloody!

The blood-robed youth’s heart skipped a beat and his guts shrank, taking a half step back subconsciously.


That single half step caused Su Zimo’s aura to increase massively.

Using the momentum, Su Zimo deployed the Plow Heaven Stride and charged forward. Churning his power of blood qi, he punched with his backhand like a massive seal that descended from the skies!

Su Zimo’s eyes were filled with endless coldness without the slightest hint of mercy.

Just moments ago, he was nearly controlled and turned into a blood slave by this blood-robed youth.

Night Spirit was severely injured and might even die.

Most of the sharpest Foundation Establishment disciples of Ethereal Peak had perished.

Two sect elders had perished as well.

Those blood debts had to be repaid by this blood-robed youth’s life!

“Save me!”

The blood-robed youth was appalled as he shrieked while pulling out a white bone shield from his storage bag.

Injecting spirit energy to it, the white bone shield expanded massively and the blood-robed youth tossed it out hurriedly to block above his head.

Having lost his courage, the blood-robed youth could no longer attack and could only defend.

In his opinion, as long as he could last ten rounds, there would definitely be Golden Core reinforcements from the Golden Core battlefield not far away. They would save him and kill Su Zimo at the same time!

On the Golden Core battlefield, the 10 Golden Cores with Peng Fei leading them surrounded and attacked Wen Xuan and Elder Yu, possessing complete control of the situation.

If not for Wen Xuan’s Golden Core phenomenon, both of them would have died a long time ago.

However, releasing a Golden Core phenomenon consumed a lot of spirit energy.

Wen Xuan could not hold on for much longer.

When he heard the cry for help, Peng Fei’s expression changed.

“Quickly, go and support the young master! Nothing must happen to him!”

Peng Fei pointed at two Golden Cores and shouted.

The two of them extricated themselves hurriedly and flew through the air, speeding towards the direction of the blood-robed youth.

Everything was happening just as the blood-robed youth expected.

Indeed, he would receive Golden Core reinforcements after his cry for help.

However, the blood-robed youth was wrong about one thing…


Su Zimo’s fist landed on the white bone shield and let out a deafening bang.

Trembling violently, a series of cracks appeared on the bone shield as its light dimmed.

The white bone shield was shattered by a single punch of Su Zimo’s!


Instantly, the blood-robed youth gasped and his expression changed.

Right after, Su Zimo’s figure flashed and he arrived in front of the blood-robed youth.

A cold light burst forth from within Su Zimo’s eyes as he reached out and grabbed the blood-robed youth’s arms, forcefully tearing them apart.

At the same time, he bent his knees and charged forth like a divine steed!

Divine Steed Dismemberment!


A mist of blood filled the air.


In the midst of a shrill scream from the blood-robed youth, Su Zimo had forcefully ripped his arms off!

Right after Divine Steed Dismemberment was Divine Steed Trampling!

Su Zimo kneed against the blood-robed youth’s chest, and with a leap, he used the momentum of the blow.

Both legs were at the blood-robed youth’s throat as Su Zimo trampled twice on his head. Without a single pause, Su Zimo’s body had already passed the blood-robed youth.

The two killing moves connected seamlessly and could only be described as perfect!

The moment Su Zimo landed on the ground, the blood-robed youth fell face first as well.

His chest was caved in and his throat was torn apart while his face was mangled beyond recognition – the blood-robed youth was thoroughly dead!

The blood-robed youth was wrong about one thing…

Su Zimo did not need ten rounds to kill him. He merely needed… three rounds!



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