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Chapter 214: Change of Weather

Throughout history, there had been countless cultivators who had formed a core. However, none of them achieved a Golden Core phenomenon!

As everyone had different learnings and experiences, their understanding of core formation as well as number of meridians unlocked were different as well…

The many different factors would form various Golden Core phenomenons.

The power formed by the Golden Core phenomenons were different as well. Some phenomenons were so mighty that they could shake the world and form tsunamis upon release.

However, some other phenomenons were relatively weaker.

As the saying goes, a phenomenon is bound to occur when eight meridians are unlocked!

However, unlocking eight meridians was as difficult as ascending the skies itself. Thousands of years ago, including the Founder Master of Ethereal Peak, there had only been a single person who had unlocked all eight meridians.

That was none other than the owner of the Mystic Gold Silk Armor – the terrifying expert who left the Void Thunder Manual behind.

“Come, let’s go greet them. It’s not easy to see these three senior brothers.”

Little fatty brought Su Zimo over and cupped his fists, smiling. “Greetings, senior brothers.”

Qin Yu and the other two swept their gazes past little fatty swiftly. Pausing at Su Zimo for a brief moment, they turned to the side with a cold expression.

Little fatty laughed embarrassedly.

When he saw how the trio reacted, Su Zimo dispelled the thought of greeting them as well.

Some of the other perfected, one and two meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators looked at Su Zimo and the others with unfriendly gazes as well.

“Heh, you can’t blame them.”

Little fatty explained, “The spirit energy in the spirit pool is limited. An additional person means that the cultivation speed of the others will drop as well. We were initially not meant to be part of this Dongling Valley trip. Now, it’s as good as us stealing their cultivation resources.”

Suddenly, Su Zimo was enlightened.

Leng Rou shook her head. “The spirit pool belongs to the sect and it’s not theirs. Furthermore, we’re also disciples of the sect.”

“Even though that’s the case, that might not be what they think,” Little fatty said with a bitter smile.

Before long, a purple robed and haughty looking man arrived on his flying sword with a number of sect disciples accompanying him.

Feng Haoyu!

It had to be said that Feng Haoyu’s cultivation speed was fast indeed. He had already reached perfected Foundation Establishment by now.

Feng Haoyu looked around and actually walked over when he caught sight of Su Zimo.

“Long time no see, Junior Brother Su.”

He arrived before Su Zimo and said with a fake smile.

This was the first time they were meeting after his defeat to Su Zimo at Spirit Peak’s arena.

Su Zimo looked at Feng Haoyu with a calm silence.

There was something odd about this.

Feng Haoyu had stopped him twice in private previously. Both times, Su Zimo was alerted by his spirit perception towards Feng Haoyu’s killing intents!

Yet, Feng Haoyu was now greeting him as though nothing was wrong?

Given this person’s vengeful nature, would he lower his status and do such a thing?

There must be something going on when things occur out of the ordinary!

Feng Haoyu smiled and asked, “What’s wrong, Junior Brother Su? You’re not even interested in talking to me?”

This time, Feng Haoyu was truly smiling as though something was making him extremely happy.

Was it because he was entering Dongling Valley to cultivate?

Probably not.

Right then, three figures appeared at the same time from not far away. The person in the middle was Wen Xuan, Spirit Peak’s master. He was wearing white robes and traveled through the skies elegantly.

The other two were Golden Cores as well, elders of the sect.

Wen Xuan swept his gaze across the disciples below and nodded his head before waving his sleeves.

A spirit vessel appeared and expanded with the wind in the blink of an eye. It had enough space to accommodate hundreds of people!

“Come on up.”

Wen Xuan and the two elders boarded the spirit vessel first and stood at the bow.

The many disciples flew to the spirit vessel on their flying swords with excited expressions.

Cultivators that could board this spirit vessel were all disciples recognized by the sect – that fact was enough to make others envious.

Turning into a beam of light, the spirit vessel tore through the skies at an extremely fast speed.

Su Zimo, little fatty and Leng Rou stood together and they could feel the wind howl in their ears while the scenery reversed quickly.

Sweeping his gaze across the two sect elders, Su Zimo asked softly, “Which of them is Elder Chen?”

Little fatty pointed at the one on the right. “The one in black robes is Elder Chen and the one on the left is Elder Yu. What’s up, bro?”

“It’s nothing.”

Su Zimo replied, “I merely heard that it’s thanks to Elder Chen’s suggestion that we’re able to take part in this spirit pool cultivation trip.”

“Yes, I heard about that too.”

Little fatty chuckled. “Elder Chen sure is a nice person.”

Su Zimo smiled and did not reply.

After a while, he felt increasingly uneasy. There was a nagging feeling that something was wrong but he could not point it out.

Passing through the crowd, Su Zimo arrived at the bow of the ship and bowed with cupped fists. “Greetings, Peak Master Wen Xuan and elders. I am Su Zimo.”

Wen Xuan lowered his glance slightly and nodded.

The two elders turned back with a questioning look as well.

“Seniors, I am somewhat worried.”


Wen Xuan’s tone was cold and he was indifferent.

Due to his relationship with Feng Haoyu, Wen Xuan had always had a prejudice against Su Zimo.

Su Zimo continued, “Almost all the core disciples of Foundation Establishment realm from our sect are present for this Dongling Valley trip. If anything happens, it’ll be a significant blow to our sect! We’ll definitely not be able to compete for the rankings at the sect competition three years later.”

As he spoke, Su Zimo kept an eye out for the three of their expressions.

When he heard that, Elder Yu could not help but laugh.

“Go on back. You don’t have to worry about this.”

Wen Xuan replied coldly, “Do you know what it means for anyone to kill the Foundation Establishment core disciples of our sect? Which sect would have the guts to commit an act as such within the Great Zhou Dynasty’s territory?”

Elder Yu chuckled too. “Even though the spirit pool of Dongling Valley only opens up once in ten years, how could any outsiders know of the exact date?”

Even though Elder Chen remained silent, there were no changes in his emotions and he was still expressionless.

Unable to have any read, Su Zimo frowned and returned to where he was.

Six hours later, a valley ahead could be faintly seen.

“We’re here.”

Arriving above the valley, the spirit vessel descended slowly and many cultivators leaped down.

There were two Golden Cores watching over Dongling Valley. Coupled with Wen Xuan and the two elders, there were now five Golden Cores from Ethereal Peak guarding this place.

In the middle of Dongling Valley was a spirit pool where the water surface shimmered brightly and emitted a rich spirit qi.

Even though they were hundreds of meters away, Su Zimo and the rest could clearly feel it.

“This is truly a blessed place.”

Little fatty let out an intoxicated expression as he took a deep breath and praised.


Feng Haoyu laughed and said meaningfully, “Everyone, do enjoy yourselves well.”

Right then, dark clouds appeared outside of Dongling Valley, moving over at an extremely fast speed!

Within the dark clouds were even red specks of light that sparkled sinisterly.

The weather had changed!




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