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Chapter 205: Organs Refinement!

Looking at the demon beast egg not far away, Su Zimo felt like he had survived a disaster.

If not for the fact that he had cultivated two high quality Marrow Cleansing techniques and the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra, he might have been sucked to death by the demon beast egg in an instant.


The spirit monkey walked close to the demon beast egg and blinked its eyes. He grabbed it and sized it up curiously.

Surveying the place, Su Zimo’s gaze landed on a place and his eyes lit up.

Beneath the corpse of the alpha wolf was a round elixir around the size of a fist – it was light red.

Demon beast Inner Core!

It was because of this round object that the alpha was able to produce such terrifying strength with a casual strike.

In fact, it even destroyed Su Zimo’s six inferior-grade flying swords!

Inner Cores varied in color and it had something to do with the different species of demon beasts.

For aquatic demon beasts such as the Water Shield Crocodile and Ancient Spirit Fish, the Inner Cores they form would be more inclined towards water attributes and would mostly be blue.

As for some grass type demon beasts such as the Clover Sword Grass and Purple Blooded Vein, the Inner Cores they form would be inclined towards grass attributes and would mostly be green.

Inner Cores had different grades as well.

Be it any color, the purer it was, the higher the grade.

The light red Inner Core of the alpha could only be considered as a middle-grade Inner Core.

A dark red color would be superior-grade and a deep red color would be supreme-grade.

If it could condense a scarlet Inner Core that was the shade of blood, it would be a perfect Inner Core!

Even ancient ferocious beasts with pure bloodlines might not be able to condense perfect Inner Cores, much less ordinary or ancient remnant beasts!

The grades did not refer to the impurities within the Inner Cores, but the purity level and the size of its strength.

The beasts could similarly be at early-stage Inner Core, however, ten inferior-grade Inner Core spirit demons may not be a match for a single middle-grade Inner Core spirit demon.

The alpha wolf was an extremely ordinary spirit beast and it was already pretty good for it to be able to condense a middle-grade Inner Core.

Su Zimo picked up the alpha’s Inner Core and waved to the spirit monkey before heading towards the cave.

The skies were already dark and night was about to descend.

Even though the man and monkey’s strength was no longer the same as before, lingering outside the Cang Lang Mountain Range was still extremely dangerous.

When he returned to the cave, Su Zimo divided the Inner Core into two and handed half to the spirit monkey with a smile. “Monkey, this is the alpha wolf’s Inner Core and it’s a great tonic. Eat it and cultivate.”

The spirit monkey did not decline and swallowed without chewing it.

After a slight delay, the spirit monkey’s eyes lit up and its expression changed.

It hurriedly sat upright and began to cultivate, refining the energy of the Inner Core as its breathing became heavier.

Su Zimo placed the other half of the alpha wolf’s Inner Core into his mouth, chewing it slowly.

The Inner Core wasn’t tough and was a little soft. After it entered Su Zimo’s stomach, he could feel a massive surge of energy bursting out from it!

The energy was a little warm and flowed through his limbs, entering his organs.

In that very cave, Su Zimo nearly exploded due to the energy overload of the Scarlet Flame Fruit in the past.

Now, he did not dare to get careless as he hurriedly cultivated the Organs Refinement sutra, breathing in and out to try and refine the power of the Inner Core that was running rampant in his body.

Time slowly passed.

The man and the monkey sat in the cave with their eyes tightly shut. Fog rose from their bodies as a dense mist swirled around them.

To be fair, if not for this alpha wolf Inner Core, it would be impossible for Su Zimo to cultivate the Organs Refinement section without a couple years of research.

But now, thanks to the Inner Core, he could gradually feel himself approaching the barrier of the Organs Refinement section!

Inner Cores were basically a combination of the bloodline and five organs qi. By fusing one’s qi and blood, a core would be formed.

The creation of an Inner Core was equivalent to a concrete example of the five organ qi and it activated the Organs Refinement section channeling. Gradually, Su Zimo found the feeling on how to refine his organs.

By refining the five organs, essence qi of the five organs would be produced.

The five organs corresponded to skin, flesh, tendons, bones and marrow.

Organs Refinement was not only an improvement of the five organs, it was also a baptism for the body – a conclusion of sorts to the first few chapters of The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

After a night, Su Zimo continued cultivating.

Unknowingly, the injuries inflicted by the battle against the alpha had already silently healed.

Under the nourishment of the five organs essence qi, the hidden ailments left in his body were also repaired.

As the sun rose, the spirit monkey’s cultivation came to an end.

Glancing at Su Zimo who was still cultivating, the spirit monkey did not disturb him. Instead, it crept to a corner.

It looked around furtively and after ensuring that there was no one else, the spirit monkey secretly took out the demon beast egg and placed it under its butt.

Squatting down, the spirit monkey squatted on the demon beast egg in a weird posture, as though it was passing motion. However, there was no feces.

Furthermore, the spirit monkey was not sitting on it either.

On the other side, Su Zimo was still cultivating.

The entire cave was shrouded by a vermilion mist as demonic qi surged into the sky, causing one’s heart to palpitate!

The spirit beasts nearby had long fled from the area after sensing that aura.

A figure appeared vaguely within the thick demonic qi. With every single breath, there was a current of air near his nose as though an ancient demon was devouring the entire world!

Yet another day and night had passed.

All of a sudden!

Two demonic beams of light shone in the vermilion mist.

It was a pair of eyes.

Su Zimo’s cultivation was over. Looking at the thick demonic qi around him, he opened his mouth suddenly and sucked violently.

The immense demonic qi gushed into Su Zimo’s mouth continuously in a discernible pace.

In the blink of an eye, everything vanished.

Su Zimo stood up, twisting his neck and stretching his limbs. A series of crackling sounds came from within his body, as if beans were being fried.

His organs vibrated gently as his blood rumbled like a tsunami while his tendons and bones rang together!

The alpha’s Inner Core provided an immense amount of help to Su Zimo.

In just two nights of cultivation, his physical strength had risen by an entire level thanks to the nourishment of the five organs qi!

However, at the same time, cultivation of the Organs Refinement section had once again revealed a hidden ailment of demonic cultivation.

Demonic qi!

Su Zimo’s body had produced demonic qi!

When he was cultivating the Marrow Cleansing section, due to the blood swapping, Su Zimo’s new bloodline was completely demonic.

The demonic bloodline could alter Su Zimo’s physique and appearance.

Thankfully, he had managed to obtain the Void Thunder Manual in Thunderclap Valley by accident.

Even though it was incomplete, there was the Thunder Marrow Cleansing Sutra that could help him get rid of the hidden ailment of demonification temporarily.

But now, the demonic qi in Su Zimo’s body was produced by his organs. The Thunder Marrow Cleansing Sutra could only cleanse the marrow, not the organs.

Naturally, the situation this time round was slightly different from before.

Su Zimo’s appearance could turn completely demonic through his bloodline.

However, demonic qi would not alter Su Zimo’s physique or appearance.

That meant to say that Su Zimo could continue to cultivate the Organs Refinement section and make use of the demonic qi to nourish his skin, flesh, tendons, bone and marrow while strengthening his body.

The hidden ailment was whether he would be noticed by others when he was unable to make use of the power of his demonic qi.

After all, demon qi was way too different from a human’s aura.

Any cultivators would be able to discern it at the first instance.




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