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Chapter 2021: So, It Was You!

Translator: Legge 

Feng Ziyi!

She had long escaped but she did not attack immediately. Instead, she waited patiently for an opportunity.

Now that Prince Yuan Zuo’s lifespan was declining and his Essence Spirit was attacked, this was a rare opportunity. As a top-tier assassin, she would definitely not let it go!

The dark daggers crossed and slashed towards Prince Yuan Zuo’s neck and head.

Although the daggers were dark and sharp, they did not shine at all, as though they were hidden in the void. Feng Ziyi did not even reveal any killing intent.

The dark daggers seemed to have fused with Feng Ziyi and were her arms.

At the same time, Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit recovered faster than Prince Yuan Zuo with the nourishment of the Creation Lotus Platform. He circulated the movement technique that could shrink the ground into inches and arrived before the latter in a few steps.

Su Zimo remained silent and flipped his palm, suppressing the top of Prince Yuan Zuo’s head!

“Two lowlifes, scram!”

Sensing danger, Prince Yuan Zuo could not care less about the tearing pain from his Essence Spirit. He touched his glabella gently and pulled out a pitch-black scroll.


Prince Yuan Zuo unfolded the pitch-black scroll and surrounded himself.

That was Prince Yuan Zuo’s Destiny Dharmic Weapon, the Hunting Ranking!

The dark daggers did not manage to land on Prince Yuan Zuo. Instead, they were blocked by the Hunting Ranking.

The pitch-black canvas of the Hunting Ranking trembled slightly and released a tremendous recoil, sending the dark daggers flying and turning into two dark lights that entered the iron wall of the hall!

The power was way too strong and Feng Ziyi’s palm was torn. With a dull grunt, she was sent flying once more and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Su Zimo slapped down and the scarlet names on the Hunting Ranking suddenly burst forth with blood light!

Su Zimo’s name was among them.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The blood light was extremely terrifying and powerful. Even though Su Zimo’s palm was a Grade 10 Creation Green Lotus, it was penetrated by the blood light!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and his expression changed slightly as he retreated hurriedly.

If he was enveloped by the blood light, his Green Lotus True Body would be riddled with holes as well!

The bloody hole on Su Zimo’s palm emitted an extremely corrosive aura, wanting to continue corroding his entire palm.

However, the Creation Green Lotus had a powerful bloodline and shocking regeneration capabilities. Electric arcs even appeared from the wound on its palm to suppress the evil blood light of the Hunting Ranking.

With the Green Lotus True Body and Thunder Bones, the bloodied hole on his palm healed slowly.

“Fufufufu… hahahaha!”

The Hunting Ranking hovered above Prince Yuan Zuo’s head. First, he sneered deeply before rearing his head in laughter.

“How dare you two ants try to kill me!”

Prince Yuan Zuo grit his teeth. Although he was smiling, his eyes were filled with endless rage!

As the son of King Jin and a prince who ruled over a region, it had been a long time since he had suffered such a huge loss.

He could understand why Feng Ziyi attacked him.

After all, there was a deep feud between them.

Furthermore, he had already exposed Feng Ziyi’s identity. Even if she did not attack, he would kill her!

However, Su Zimo was nothing!

How could a nobody who had ascended from the lower worlds dare to attack him?

Furthermore, he was injured by this nobody!

Prince Yuan Zuo felt that his dignity was being provoked and humiliated!

What was his identity?

What was the identity of Su Zimo before him?

One of them was high up and above while the other was lowly and cheap.

It felt as though a weak mantis had blocked his path and even injured him.

One could imagine the rage in Prince Yuan Zuo’s heart!

“You lowlife, who gave you the guts to attack me?!”

Prince Yuan Zuo glared at Su Zimo with a ferocious gaze and asked with grit teeth.

“Su Zimo, if you can leave, leave quickly. Don’t worry about me,”

Feng Ziyi sent a voice transmission with her spirit consciousness, “He’s already summoned the Hunting Ranking. We won’t be able to hurt him with this Dharmic treasure protecting him.”

“That’s not for sure,”

Su Zimo shook his head gently and continued walking towards Prince Yuan Zuo.


When Prince Yuan Zuo saw that Su Zimo wanted to attack him, he laughed sinisterly. “Since you want to die, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

Prince Yuan Zuo pointed forward and the Hunting Ranking above his head spun, flying towards Su Zimo. It released streams of blood light that wanted to devour Su Zimo completely!

Su Zimo had a fearless expression and his glabella opened up. A green light flew out and expanded rapidly in front of him, turning into a Bronze Square Tripod that was half the height of a human!

The Bronze Square Tripod descended and exuded an ancient aura, as though it had transmigrated through the sands of time and emitted a strange glow.

On three sides of the tripod, there were life-like patterns. The Azure Dragon circled, the Vermilion Bird bathed in flames and a turtle and snake intertwined, revealing the patterns of three sacred beasts!

The final tripod wall was shattered and the pattern on it could not be seen at all.

“This tripod…”

Prince Yuan Zuo shuddered and felt that the Bronze Square Tripod looked familiar, as though he had seen it somewhere before.

When Feng Ziyi saw the Bronze Square Tripod, she shuddered as well, as though she recalled something.

“So, it was you!”

Almost at the same time, Prince Yuan Zuo and Feng Ziyi blurted out.

A year ago, Feng Cantian broke free from the Ten Absolute Hell and fought against 11 Perfected Immortals. He was suppressed by the Absolute Thunder Divine Pillar in Absolute Thunder City and almost lost.

It was also because Feng Cantian summoned a broken Bronze tripod out of nowhere that he managed to shatter the Absolute Thunder Divine Pillar and retrieve the Startling Evil Spear within to reverse the situation.

The reason why Prince Yuan Zuo and Feng Ziyi could not recognize it right away was because the Hell Suppression Tripod had repaired another tripod wall in the Emperor’s Tomb and was different from before.

Prince Yuan Zuo had always thought that Feng Ziyi was the one who helped Feng Cantian escape.

As for Feng Ziyi, she was utterly confused and did not know how Feng Cantian broke free from the restraints of the Ten Absolute Hell.

Both of them were extremely intelligent.

The moment they saw Su Zimo summon the Bronze Square Tripod, they understood many things.

“So, you’re also a survivor of Remnant Night!”

Prince Yuan Zuo said sternly, “That’s perfect. I’ll let the two of you die here today as a pair of lovebirds!”

The moment he said that, the blood light of the Hunting Ranking shone brightly and engulfed Su Zimo’s figure.

Enduring the pain from his Essence Spirit, Prince Yuan Zuo channeled the Hunting Ranking continuously. The blood light on it surged continuously and almost formed a Blood Sea!

The hall was filled with a strong blood stench.


Two bedazzling divine lights burst forth from the Blood Sea and illuminated the surroundings like daylight, revealing the figure of the Hell Suppression Tripod.

On a tripod wall of the Hell Suppression Tripod, the Black Tortoise that was initially closed had unknowingly opened its eyes.

The two divine lights burst forth from the eyes of the sacred beast, the Black Tortoise, and possessed a supreme might that could not be offended!

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