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Chapter 202: Candlelight Sword Formation

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If one were to say that Dao Lord Extreme Fire was too powerful, the poison in his body would be even more terrifying.

 That was because despite 5,000 years, Dao Lord Extreme Fire still lost.

 If one were to say that the poison in Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s body was terrifying, the ruin that he entered would be enough to have one shudder at the mere thought of it.

 “Two years ago, I saw you.”

 Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “However, you were not a cultivator at that time. I never expected that you would already be a Foundation Establishment Cultivator after two years.”

 “Someone changed your destiny for you. Such means are truly admirable.”

 Su Zimo remained silent.

 If not for Die Yue, he would not be able to get to where he was today.

 Even though Extreme Fire Die Yue was powerful, he was impressed by Die Yue as well.

 “My treasures are all within my storage bag. Without a spirit consciousness, you won’t be able to open it. Furthermore… your cultivation is too low for you to make use of them. You can keep my storage bag. Open it when you reach Void Reversion realm one day.”

 Su Zimo finally realized that Dao Lord Extreme Fire had summoned him to lay down his final wishes.

 “I brought this white stone out of the ruins but I’m unable to keep it in the storage bag. I don’t know what use it has as well. You can have it too.”

 Beside Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s pillow was his storage bag and a milky-white stone the size of a goose egg.

 The surface of the stone was smooth and sparkling.

 Su Zimo stared at the stone and felt as if his gaze was being pulled in!

 Subconsciously, he lifted the stone.

 The moment Su Zimo’s finger made contact with the stone, it suddenly disappeared.

 It was as if it had gone into his body through his palm!

 All of a sudden!

 Su Zimo felt a sharp pain in his head and he almost fainted from how unbearable it was.

 He had not realized that at that moment, his right eye had turned white.

 Pure white!

 His entire eye was white completely – it was terrifying!

 In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo’s right eye returned to normal as the pain gradually weakened.

 At the same time, a secret skill appeared in Su Zimo’s mind.

 To be precise, it was a sword formation – Candlelight Sword Formation!

 Su Zimo merely skimmed through the sword formation briefly and could not help but be speechless.

 Even though he hadn’t cultivated and understood it, Su Zimo guessed that the power of the Candlelight Sword Formation was enough to crush the Hexagonal Sword Formation completely!

 There were nine grades to the Candlelight Sword Formation.

 A Grade 1 Candlelight Sword Formation would already require nine flying swords!

 For a Grade 2 Candlelight Sword Formation, 18 flying swords would be required following that logic.

 If he were to cultivate to Grade 9 of the Candlelight Sword Formation, he would require 81 flying swords to activate the formation!

 Su Zimo put the Candlelight Sword Formation out of his mind for the time being and lowered his head to check his body.

 The stone from earlier on had disappeared and Su Zimo had an illusion that it entered his body.

 However, he found nothing after searching for it.

 “There’s also a demon beast egg under the bed. I brought that out of the ruins too. Take it with you and nurture it well. Who knows, it might become an extraordinary spirit beast.”

 Su Zimo took two steps back and looked under the bed where there was an oval egg roughly the size of a fist.

 Unless one were to pay attention, it was easy to mistake it for an ordinary stone.

 But now that Su Zimo was focusing his gaze, he was shocked to discover that there were complicated and mysterious runic patterns densely etched on the surface of the demon beast egg.

He did not touch the demon beast egg.

 The things from that ruin were all a little strange. Su Zimo was worried that the egg would also enter his body if he touched it…

 “You’re a Sword Formation Master, right?”

 Suddenly, Dao Lord Extreme Fire asked, his voice even weaker than it had been at the beginning.


 Su Zimo nodded.

 He had summoned the Hexagonal Sword Formation earlier on when he was fighting with the wolf pack outside – Dao Lord Extreme Fire must have seen it.

 “I don’t understand anything about sword formations. However, I know that flying swords are the most important to Sword Formation Masters! They require many of similar weight and quality. It would be best if they were identical.”

 Su Zimo nodded. “That’s right. I’m also a Weapon Refinement Master so the flying swords I use are all refined by myself.”


 Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s voice suddenly revealed a hint of joy. “What grade of spirit weapons can you refine?”

 “I can only refine inferior-grade spirit weapons,” Su Zimo answered honestly.

 Dao Lord Extreme Fire continued, “Actually, I’m from one of the four dissident groups… Hundred Refinement Sect. Of the weapon refinement techniques in Tianhuang Mainland, Hundred Refinement Sect reigns supreme! It’s a pity that you’re not a disciple of my sect and I can’t impart many of the weapon refinement secret skills of the sect.”

 Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

 He had unintentionally heard Demoness Ji mention that of the top factions of Tianhuang Mainland, there were the four dissident groups.

 Their standing was equal to the seven fiend sects.


 Dao Lord Extreme Fire added, “I can refine a weapon in front of you. Take a good look at the entire process. How much of it you can comprehend will be up to your own talents.”

 Of the weapon refinement techniques, Hundred Refinement Sect reigned supreme!

 Those words were enough to prove how powerful Hundred Refinement Sect was in terms of weapon refinement. Furthermore, this was a Dao Lord of Hundred Refinement Sect.Read more chapter on v ip novel. com

 It was a rare opportunity.

 A figure suddenly flew out from Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s glabella.

 He was also dressed in a scarlet Dao robe, almost identical to Dao Lord Extreme Fire in terms of appearance, albeit a miniature version!

 “This is my essence spirit, it’s about to dissipate.”

 After Dao Lord Extreme Fire said that, his essence spirit waved its hand gently and a gigantic tripod alongside many materials flew out from the storage bag at the front of the bed.


 A fiery flame rose beneath the tripod.

 Warming, material selection, smelting, forging…

 The steps were roughly similar. However, the various details and techniques displayed in the weapon refinement process was completely superior.

 In Su Zimo’s eyes, Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s weapon refinement process was smooth and fluid like water. It was as though he was not refining a spirit weapon, but an unparalleled treasure.

 Even though Su Zimo was already an Elementary Weapon Refinement Master…

 At this moment, he realized that compared to the real experts, his weapon refinement skills were akin to trash!

 After forging was tempering.

 This was Su Zimo’s weakest step.

 He opened his eyes widely, watching the methods of Dao Lord Extreme Fire.

 Dao Lord Extreme Fire controlled all ten fingers with an incomparable agility and nimbleness, moving along the body of the sword and tapping it bit by bit.

 The moment his fingertip landed, an exquisite little hammer seemed to condense on his fingertip.

 Cling! Clang!

 Ten fingers struck the sword with a rhythmic pattern, giving off a pleasant and crisp sound. The intervals between the sounds were exactly the same!

 “This is one of Hundred Refinement Sect’s secret skill… Thousand Tempered Finger.”

 Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s voice rang out, “I won’t be able to explain the secret behind the skill. You’ve got to take a closer look, think deeper and practice more to obtain your own insights…”

 Before long, the tempering process was over and spirit gathering began.


 Almost instantly, the first spirit pattern was condensed on the sword.

 Su Zimo was dumbstruck.

 The speed of that spirit gathering was way too fast!

 “This is another one of our sect’s secret skill, Hundred Refinement Spirit Gathering Method. You won’t be able to comprehend it through mere observation because it requires a mantra and a mental cultivation technique.”

 Before he finished his sentence, a second spirit pattern was formed.

 Immediately following that, a third!

 A fourth!

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