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Chapter 192: That’s Quieter Now

Even though Su Zimo looked calm and composed without much emotion, Demoness Ji noticed something unusual nevertheless.

A weird glint flickered in her eyes but she said nothing.

Su Zimo tapped his fingers on the table and attracted everyone’s attention. He then said slowly, “Tell me, why are you looking for my elder brother?”

There was no greeting nor pleasantry as Su Zimo went straight to the point of questioning. A flash of panic appeared in Shen Mengqi’s eyes as she was suddenly at a loss of what to do.

Su Zimo’s gaze turned to Shen Nan who was cowering at the side. Raising his brows slightly, he asked, “You’re here for revenge?”

That gaze of Su Zimo sent Shen Nan shivering as he shook his head like a rattle drum.

“Was it your idea…”

With a slight pause, Su Zimo shifted his gaze to Shen Mengqi and asked coldly, “Or yours, hmm?”

“N-No…” Shen Mengqi shook her head subconsciously.

Shen Mengqi was a cultivator after all. Taking a deep breath, she composed herself and explained, “It’s because two years ago, a junior brother of the sect may have disappeared within Yan Country. We’re here to see if the King of Yan has news of him.”

“Oh, right. You know the missing person too. We’re all from Ping Yang Town, he is Zhou…”

Suddenly, Shen Mengqi paused.

Looking at Su Zimo, she seemed to know something.

Prior to this, she had not considered that Su Zimo might have something to do with Zhou Dingyun’s disappearance.

But if Su Zimo was a mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator now, he should have been a cultivator two years ago as well.

In addition, Su Zimo and Zhou Dingyun had a feud to begin with…

The truth was revealed!

Two years ago, Zhou Dingyun returned to Ping Yang Town to cause trouble for Su Zimo. Unexpectedly, he was killed by the latter who wiped away all traces!

Shen Mengqi’s speculation was similar to the truth.

It was just that Su Zimo was not a cultivator two years ago – he merely possessed the capability to kill Zhou Dingyun as well.

With that, Shen Mengqi had already calmed down.

Su Zimo had become a cultivator just like her.

However, his spirit root and endowment were inferior to hers. Furthermore, he had not joined any major sects and his future achievements would never ever match hers.

In Iridescent Clouds Palace, she made friends with geniuses of the cultivation world.

As for Su Zimo, he did not have any backing or power. He would only be able to hang out at the bottom rung of the cultivation world and die at any moment.

Even though they had both spent four years, she was already at perfected Foundation Establishment with a meridian unlocked. As for him, he was only at mid-stage Foundation Establishment.

That was the difference between them!

Moreover, Shen Mengqi believed that the gap between them would only deepen as time passed!

She was certain of that.

Her decision back then was still the right one!

At that thought, Shen Mengqi regained her confidence and composure. She looked at Su Zimo with a smile. “It’s been a couple of years, but you’ve changed quite a bit.”

Su Zimo was about to say something when he felt a lotus root-like arm coiling around his arm. Fragrance assaulted his senses as Demoness Ji spoke, “Zimo, who is this woman?”

Shen Mengqi frowned.

Only now had she noticed that there was a girl in pink seated beside Su Zimo.

More importantly, this girl in pink was far superior than her in terms of looks or aura.

Shen Mengqi felt uncomfortable when she saw the girl in pink hugging Su Zimo intimately – it was as if something that belonged to her had been stolen by someone else.

Staring at Demoness Ji, Shen Mengqi asked coldly, “Who are you?”

“What do you think?”

Demoness Ji smiled like a flower and squeezed next to Su Zimo. She raised her chin slightly and looked at Shen Mengqi as if she was exerting dominance.

Su Zimo removed Demoness Ji’s arm. Just as he was about to speak, his heart stirred – he felt a killing intent!

“If the King of Yan is your brother, that means you’re Su Zimo?”

Xu You could not help but flare up when he saw Demoness Ji almost squeezing herself into his embrace. He interrupted with a murderous aura.

Su Zimo reversed the question, “So what if I am?”

“All my fellow juniors were injured by you?” Xu You narrowed his gaze and asked again.

Su Zimo nodded. “That’s right.”

“Alright, hand over your life then!”

Xu You shouted and conjured a hand seal, his eyes turning cold.

All of a sudden!

Shen Mengqi swiftly blocked in front of Xu You and whispered, frowning, “Senior Brother Xu, let’s forget about this. There might be some misunderstanding.”


Xu You’s face darkened. “He injured so many of our fellow juniors. Is this a misunderstanding?”

If it was in the past, Xu You would not object to anything Shen Mengqi said.

But now, he was completely charmed by Demoness Ji. He only knew that killing the green robed cultivator before him was the only way he could obtain Demoness Ji’s body and heart!

Shen Mengqi pursed her lips. “I’ll get him to apologize to you and our fellow juniors now. Please let him off this once, senior brother.”

With that, Shen Mengqi turned to Su Zimo and said in a low voice, “What are you waiting for? Come over and apologize!”

Su Zimo suddenly laughed, his eyes filled with mockery.

“You were the ones who came to provoke and cause me trouble. Why should I apologize?”

Shen Mengqi frowned and glared at Su Zimo, hollering softly, “Su Zimo, don’t be ungrateful! I’m trying to save you!”

“Oh?” Su Zimo did not stop smiling.

Shen Mengqi said, “Do you know of the five major sects? Do you know of Iridescent Clouds Palace? There are some people and factions you can’t afford to offend in the cultivation world. What are you still waiting for? Come and apologize!”

Demoness Ji clapped her hands and smiled. “Sister, you’re truly right about that. There are truly some people and factions you can’t afford to offend in the cultivation world.”


Xu You laughed icily, “Junior Sister, an apology has to be sincere. I’ll only let Su Zimo off if he kneels and kowtows three times in front of me!”

In Xu You’s opinion, humiliating Su Zimo in front of the girl in pink might produce an even better effect than killing him.

“Senior Brother, isn’t that a little overboard?” Shen Mengqi frowned slightly.


Xu You replied coldly, “That’s not all! Su Zimo is not the only one who should be kneeling and apologizing! His brother has to do it as well!”

“Senior Brother, I’m begging you. Let this matter…”

“This matter is non-negotiable!”

At this moment, Su Zimo suddenly stood up and walked towards Xu You expressionlessly.

Thinking that Xu You had compromised and was about to apologize, Xu You could not help but laugh smugly. “Haha, at least you know your place!”

“How annoying!”

Su Zimo came in front of Xu You and said. Suddenly, he reached out and grabbed Xu You’s throat with lightning speed.

Su Zimo squeezed hard!


The sound of bones cracking echoed as Xu You’s eyes turned bloodshot and almost popped out of their sockets, looking at Su Zimo in disbelief.

He had not expected that Su Zimo would dare lay a hand on him!

More than that, he had not expected that Su Zimo would dare kill him!

Furthermore, there were no chances given at all – it was a sure-kill strike!

Su Zimo released his grip and heaved a long sigh of relief, muttering softly, “That’s quieter now.”

Xu You’s head tilted and fell to the ground in a thud. He was dead!

A dead silence took over the chamber.

Complete silence.

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