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Chapter 191: Old Flame

Lu frowned as he recalled, “That person wears a green robe and he looks refined and elegant, like a cultured scholar!”

Pausing for a moment, Lu grumbled indignantly, “But, it’s all a lie! Who would have thought that the frail scholar would be this powerful? He was so terrifying when he attacked!”

Upon hearing this, Shen Mengqi’s heart skipped a beat.

A familiar figure flashed across her mind.

In the past four years, this figure had been buried deep in her memories, almost forgotten.

It was only because she had returned to her old home that brought back some of her childhood memories in a melancholic manner.

Upon hearing Junior Brother Lu’s recount of the incident, the first person that came to Shen Mengqi’s mind was Su Zimo.

However, she smiled and shook her head, denying her thoughts in the blink of an eye.

The thought was indeed rather ridiculous.

Su Zimo did not even have a spirit root. How could he cultivate and possess such tremendous strength?

Shen Mengqi had never regretted her decision. Even if it happened again, she would choose to leave Su Zimo and Ping Yang Town to follow Perfected Being Cang Lang on the path of cultivation.

After four years of cultivation, she was even more certain of one thing.

That was… with the passage of time, the gap between her and Su Zimo would grow to a point where it was no longer possible for them to have any interactions.

“Let’s go to the palace! I want to see which idiot would dare to harm the cultivators of Iridescent Clouds Palace!”

Xu You’s voice pulled Shen Mengqi back from her messy thoughts.

Shen Mengqi frowned. “Senior Brother Xu, even though the person is at mid-stage Foundation Establishment, he has the strength to take down late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators. We mustn’t be careless.”

“I see.”

Xu You smiled. “Don’t worry, junior sister. I know my limits. According to Junior Brother Lu’s description, this person must have obtained a high quality spirit art and made use of that to defeat Liang Hao and the others.”

Shen Mengqi nodded.

“However, the higher the quality of the spirit art, the more spirit energy it would consume.”

Xu You smirked coldly and continued, “If I’m not wrong, that person should be almost drained of spirit energy. He won’t be able to recover much in this period of time – he is now at his weakest!”

“Senior Brother Xu, Senior Sister Shen, let’s not delay any further and move now.”

“I see.”

Three rays of sword light rose into the air as Shen Mengqi carried Shen Nan and sped towards the palace with Xu You and Lu.

Before long, the four of them arrived at the entrance of the King of Yan’s chamber. The door was open.

From the outside, they saw Liang Hao, Liu Hongyi and the other Iridescent Clouds Palace cultivators kneeling on the ground in a dejected manner.

As the four of them were looking down from their flying swords, they could not see who else was inside the chamber.

Withdrawing their flying swords, Xu You and the others descended at the entrance of the chamber and looked inside.

At first glance, the four of them saw a mature man sitting in the middle of the room. Even though he was only middle-aged, he had a head of white hair.

Of course, the most prominent thing about the man was a slanted scar on his face. It was terrifyingly ferocious, almost splitting his entire face into two!

Upon seeing Su Hong, Shen Mengqi felt a little emotional.

She naturally knew him although she did not have a deep impression.

Even though this person before her was already the king of a country with considerable power, compared to her, he was nothing in terms of status and strength.

When Su Hong saw Shen Mengqi, he was slightly stunned.

“The Shen family girl?”

After four years, he could barely recognize the gentle and simple girl from back then.

Shen Mengqi exuded a clear, cold aura that kept people at arm’s length.

Even though they were both cultivators, Su Hong did not feel the same coldness from Su Zimo.

At that moment, he suddenly felt relieved.

He was relieved Shen Mengqi chose to leave his brother back then.

They were not the same type of people to begin with.

Shen Mengqi’s gaze moved away from Su Hong after pausing for a while and turned to the two people seated at the side.

A green robed man sat on a chair at the side of the chamber. His side view was facing the entrance as he leisurely sampled freshly brewed tea that emitted a fragrant scent with a calm expression.

Upon seeing the green robed man, Shen Mengqi felt as if she was struck by lightning. Her body trembled slightly and she froze on the spot.

Shaking her head gently, her cherry lips opened slightly as disbelief filled her eyes – her mind was going blank.

Even though it was just a side profile…

Even though it had been four years…

Even though that person had matured a lot…

Shen Mengqi recognized him at the first instance.

If it was any other time, Xu You would definitely notice something unusual about Shen Mengqi.

However, at that moment, his full attention was drawn in by the girl in pink sitting beside the green robed man. He almost forgot where he was.

She smiled at him tenderly, her eyes curved into crescent moons that were filled with love.


Suddenly, an exclamation was heard from the chamber.

Shen Nan had obviously recognized the green robed man and his expression changed.

Back then, the impression left on Shen Nan by this man wielding a long saber in the courtyard of the Zhao family while drenched in blood was too deep!

It almost became a nightmare that he could not get rid of.

Even though Xu You and Shen Mengqi were beside him, the fear that was deep-rooted in his memories still frightened Shen Nan into shrieking.

It was a somewhat familiar shriek.

At that moment, Su Zimo finally placed the teacup in his hands down slowly. Turning slightly, he glanced towards the entrance.

Their eyes met.

Instantly, it was as though space had changed and time had reversed.

A series of images flashed past his mind and gradually dissipated.

There was silence for a long time.

Shen Mengqi’s expression was complex.

Su Zimo was slightly startled. However, his eyes regained their calmness before long.

From the moment he stepped onto the path of cultivation, Su Zimo knew that he would definitely meet Shen Mengqi again.

However, he did not expect that it would be under such circumstances, that it would be today.

Four years ago, she left resolutely and Su Zimo suffered a huge blow. He could still remember that heart-wrenching pain till this day.

If not for Die Yue’s appearance, it would have been difficult for him to get out of that ordeal so quickly.

Su Zimo initially thought that he would be filled with resentment towards Shen Mengqi.

He had even imagined that if they were reunited, he would stand proudly before Shen Mengqi and tell her that there was nothing tough about living in a world without her!

However, reality was different from imagination.

Now that he met Shen Mengqi once more, Su Zimo was extremely calm. In fact, he seemed relaxed.

Unknowingly, Shen Mengqi had turned into a passerby of his life and was just an ordinary old acquaintance.

At that moment, Shen Mengqi felt a mix of emotions and bitterness in her mouth.

It had been four years.

He did not seem to have changed much – he was still dressed in green and exuded a scholarly air.

However, Shen Mengqi had just used her Spirit Peering Art and could naturally tell that Su Zimo was now a cultivator.

Furthermore, he was a mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

How could that be?

The atmosphere within the chamber suddenly became strange.

The disciples of Iridescent Clouds Palace were kneeling on the ground, looking extremely miserable and perplexed.

For some reason, Senior Sister Shen looked distracted and confused after she entered the chamber and caught sight of that green robed cultivator.

It was the same for Senior Brother Xu who was staring at the girl in pink.

No one was bothered about them at all.




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