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Chapter 190: Get Over Here Yourself!

Right from the start, Su Zimo had been seated on the chair without any major movements. In fact, he did not even stand up and looked calm and composed.

In reality, he felt quite the shock as well.

The might of the Fiend Suppression Seal had far surpassed his expectations.

At that moment, the spirit energy in his energy was almost depleted. If he could provide sufficient spirit energy, how terrifying would the power of the Fiend Suppression Seal be?

According to his calculation, the power exerted by the Fiend Suppression Seal earlier on was probably less than 30% of its full power!

What sort of a spirit art was that?

A mere 30% of its power nearly depleted Su Zimo’s spirit energy as a mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

“Who are you? What sect are you from! Tell me your name if you’ve got the guts!”

Liang Hao struggled to stand up. He stared at Su Zimo and asked slowly with hateful eyes.

“Who allowed you to get up?”

Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold and he casually flicked the teacup on the table.

How strong was Su Zimo’s physical strength?

Even a casual strike of his was not to be underestimated. Furthermore, Liang Hao was already severely injured.


The teacup tore through the air.

Before Liang Hao could react, the teacup smashed onto his knee with a loud bang.

Instantly, the teacup shattered into pieces. Liang Hao was just about to get up when he was forced to kneel after such a heavy blow once more.


He cried out in pain and cold sweat trickled down his forehead in the blink of an eye.

At the side, Liu Hongyi was about to get up as well. However, the scene scared him so much that he shivered and continued kneeling on the ground obediently with a lowered head, not daring to mutter a word.

The situation was pressuring. At a time like this, being stubborn was only asking for trouble.

Even though there were ten Foundation Establishment Cultivators from Iridescent Clouds Palace remaining, all of them were stunned by Su Zimo – how would any of them dare to make a move?

The ten Iridescent Clouds Palace cultivators exchanged glances and tacitly retreated.

The matter before them could only be handled by Senior Brother Xu You and Senior Sister Shen Mengqi – it was useless for them to stay here.

“This is not over yet. All of you, stay here!”

Su Zimo sat on his original spot with no intention of getting up. Even though his tone was calm, it carried an unquestionable strength.

“Hurry, let’s go!”

Someone shouted loudly and summoned a flying sword, running outside without looking back.

Su Zimo pointed forward and hollered softly, “Instant Thunder!”


Accompanied by a deafening roar, a thunderbolt as thick as an adult’s arm suddenly descended and shot down in the middle of the Iridescent Clouds Palace cultivators in a dazzling manner.

The dense thunderbolts quickly spread out and crackled.

Thunder art was the most offensive of all spirit arts.

Coupled with the fact that Su Zimo had cultivated the ancient Void Thunder Manual, the power of thunder in his bloodline was extremely strong.

Of the remaining ten people, four were at mid-stage while six were at early-stage Foundation Establishment – how could any of them withstand the might of thunder.

“Ah!” Ah! “Ah!”

Tragic cries could be heard from the crowd. The six early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators were instantly electrocuted and charred. Green smoke billowed from their bodies as they fell to the ground.

The four mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators were also covered in dirt. Although they had barely managed to withstand the blow, they were severely injured with blood oozing from the sides of their mouths. All their hairs turned charred and curly from the shock.

Su Hong, Song Qi and the others were long dumbfounded by what they saw.

How could they have expected that his younger brother, the second young master of the Su family, would be so powerful in just two years?

“Fellow daoist, you better not go too far!” Liu Hongyi gulped and mustered his courage to declare.


Su Zimo smiled. “You’re the ones who came knocking to provoke, forcing others to kneel in an intimidating manner. Why am I the one blamed for going too far now?”

“Hehehe, don’t you get arrogant now!”

Liang Hao endured the pain in his knees and said sinisterly, “Punk, my senior brother and sister are in the capital now. Wait and see what happens if we don’t bring Su Hong back with us!”


Su Zimo read between the lines and asked with interest, “Does that mean that you are here today to take away the King of Yan?”

Liang Hao replied loudly, “So what if I am?”

“Very good.”

Su Zimo nodded and asked again, “Why do you want the King of Yan? Is it because he has a feud with you guys or is it something else?”

“That’s none of your business.”

Liang Hao snorted. “Even though Su Hong is the King of Yan, he’s a mere mortal. It’s his honor if Senior Brother Xu wants to see him!”


Su Zimo sneered coldly, “In that case, I’ll let one person leave.”

“You. Go back and tell your Senior Brother Xu my exact words.”

Su Zimo casually pointed at a slightly injured Iridescent Clouds Palace cultivator and said indifferently, “If you want to meet the King of Yan, sure. Get over here yourself!

The Iridescent Clouds Palace cultivator nodded with a terrified expression and fled on his flying sword.

In an inn near the capital.

Xu You and Shen Mengqi were casually eating and chatting.

Xu You asked with concern, “Junior Sister, you don’t look too good. Are you feeling unwell?”

“It’s nothing.”

Shen Mengqi shook her head and frowned. “For some reason, I’m feeling a little frustrated.”

Xu You smiled. “Junior Sister, you don’t have to think too much about it. If you don’t wish to see those old friends, you can just avoid Su Hong when he’s here later. Leave everything to me.”

“Alright,” Shen Mengqi nodded.

Right then, the sound of clothes fluttering through the air could be heard from afar – it was obvious that someone had sped over on a flying sword in a seemingly flustered manner.


Xu You frowned and waved his robes gently, causing the entrance door to open as a figure rushed in.

“Junior Brother Lu?”

Xu You and Shen Mengqi were slightly taken aback.

The person’s clothes were torn and some places even had burn marks.

He had rushed over in haste with white smoke still rising from his charred, curly hair as though he had just been electrocuted…

“Junior Brother Lu, how could you be so careless to be struck by lightning?”

Xu You frowned and berated. “You’re an immortal cultivator and yet you don’t even know how to dodge lightning. Look at you, how inappropriate!”

The cultivator with the surname Lu was about to land from his flying sword. When he heard that, it triggered his internal injuries and he spat out a mouthful of blood, falling head first onto the ground.

Xu You went forward and helped him up.


His expression changed – he could sense the fluctuations of a spirit art from this person’s body!

“Your injuries were caused by a thunder art?” Xu You asked with furrowed brows.

Lu finally managed to catch his breath and nodded. “Senior Brother Xu, something has happened!”

He quickly recounted what happened in the palace, even relating Su Zimo’s statement word for word.

“Hmph, what big words! A mere mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator and he dares to get so cocky with me?”

Xu You’s expression darkened as he asked, “What’s his name? What sect does he belong to?”

“I… I don’t know.”

Lu shook his head.

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