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Chapter 182: Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra

Instead of sinking to the bottom, the stone coffin was brought away by an external force. There was only a single possibility – they had met with a river undercurrent.

Neither of them had an option in the river undercurrent.

Even if they were to leave the stone coffin now, they would not be able to get out of the river undercurrent. Furthermore, both of them were injured.

Right now, they could only leave it up to fate and leave the stone coffin after it left the river undercurrent.

Upon realizing that there was no danger, Demoness Ji was slightly relieved. She glanced sideways at Su Zimo who was lying beside her and rolled her eyes, curling her lips with a hint of playfulness.

“Hey, you did it on purpose, right?”

Demoness Ji suddenly asked.

Su Zimo closed his eyes and did not reply, feeling a tinge of guilt.

After all, the two of them had just bumped into one another and there was no avoiding physical contact.

“I didn’t expect that you’re no different from others despite looking refined and decent. You’re also as perverted! Hmph, to think that you would call yourself a righteous person of the orthodox path, aren’t you ashamed?”

The both of them were extremely close to each other and Demoness Ji’s body emitted a seductive fragrance of flower as she exhaled.

Su Zimo listened to Demoness Ji’s reproachful tone. Feeling the warmth by his ear, he could not help but feel restless and unable to control himself.

All of a sudden!

His heart skipped a beat as he bit his tongue to try and maintain clarity.

After what happened to Wu Xiangming, Yan Fei and the rest, Su Zimo had vaguely guessed what Pure Maiden Sect specialized in.

“No wonder those of the fiend sects call her a demoness.”

Su Zimo praised internally.

Even though he was prepared, he was nearly bewitched by her as well.

Every single frown, smile, action and emotion of Demoness Ji would cause one to be attracted to her unconsciously. If they were not careful, they would sink into her charms, unable to extricate themselves.

Noticing that Su Zimo kept his eyes closed and refused to answer, Demoness Ji could not help but grin and asked gently, “Hey, let me ask you. Why didn’t you get in first earlier? Why did you let me in first?”

Su Zimo suddenly opened his eyes and replied coldly, “I’m afraid you might be crushed to death because you’re too stupid.”

“Ugh… ”

Demoness Ji nearly choked on Su Zimo’s reply as she grit her teeth subconsciously.

However, on second thought, the situation was truly way too treacherous back then. If she were to stay behind, she would definitely not be as decisive as Su Zimo.

It was highly likely that she would be crushed to death by the boulders as Su Zimo had mentioned.

Even so, she was still a little angry.

She felt pent up for some reason.

Demoness Ji bit her red lips and pinched Su Zimo suddenly, saying coquettishly, “Go over there! Stay away from me!”

Even without her saying that, Su Zimo wanted to keep his distance from her – as far away as possible.

However, the stone coffin was extremely cramped and did not have much excess space.

Right now, the best solution was to refine away the bloodline in his body and return it to normal. That way, there would be more space.

If nothing unexpected happened, Su Zimo should be able to attain greater mastery of his Marrow Cleansing section after refining the bloodline essence!

Taking a deep breath of air, he channeled the mental cultivation technique of the Tiger Leopard Thunder Sound and started his breathing and expiration in the stone coffin.

“Huff… hmm… bang! Boom! Boom!”

Strange sounds suddenly emitted from Su Zimo’s body. It got louder and clearer, like a tiger, leopard and thunder!

Su Zimo’s bloodline began to churn along with the rise and fall of the sounds.

The boundless bloodline essence was being refined and infused into Su Zimo’s own bloodline.

Demoness Ji watched silently at the side without saying anything.

She could naturally guess that Su Zimo was channeling an extremely strong blood swapping technique.

The reason why this refined man possessed such terrifying power should be because of that technique as well.

She listened intently at the side, blinking and planning on learning that secret skill herself.

However, that was a naive thought.

Su Zimo’s blood swapping technique was a combination of two top-notch Marrow Cleansing techniques. It was the one and only Tiger Leopard Thunder Sound in Tianhuang Mainland!

Putting aside the Tiger Leopard Thunder Sound, how much time did Su Zimo spend to comprehend the sound of tigers and leopards?

Demoness Ji did not even have a mental mantra. It was truly wishful thinking for her to want to comprehend Su Zimo’s secret skill just by listening to it.

After a day and night, Demoness Ji finally gave up after multiple fruitless attempts.

She pouted and sulked.

The Tiger Leopard Thunder Sound was indeed extremely powerful. After just a day and night, Su Zimo’s body had shrunk considerably and it wouldn’t be long before it returned to normal.

The most surprising thing for Demoness Ji was that the wound on Su Zimo’s chest had already healed and was beginning to form a scab!

“What strong regeneration capabilities!”

She was secretly astonished.

That wound pierced through Su Zimo’s body entirely.

Even for body tempered cultivators, they might not recover fully without half a month at least.

However, Su Zimo had only spent a single day and night to recover all wounds on his body!

At that moment, the wound on Demoness Ji’s arm had only just healed and stopped bleeding – it would take a few more days for scabs to form.

“What sort of a monster is this?”

Demoness Ji stared at Su Zimo’s side profile, lost in thought.

After the blood swapping, Su Zimo’s complexion became even fairer and brighter. It was soft and tender like a newborn baby, crystalline like jade.

“No wonder sister can’t forget him. I’m impressed, this lad does have some capabilities.”

Pausing for a moment, Demoness Ji thought again, “Hmm… those aren’t small capabilities either for him to be able to teach Lunatic Pang a lesson.”

After enduring for so long, Demoness Ji was tired as well.

As she watched Su Zimo who was cultivating, her eyelids grew heavy and she drifted into sleep.

After a long time, she jolted awake from her dreams. Bouncing upright, she slammed against the lid of the coffin with a loud thud.


Demoness Ji rubbed her head and cried out in pain.

With that, she was completely awake and remembered where she was.

Instinctively, she looked to the side. Su Zimo’s body had returned to normal and he was staring at the lid of the coffin with a reared head.

Demoness Ji quickly checked her body and only heaved a sigh of relief after ensuring that it was fine.

As the pure maiden of the fiend sects, this was an amateur mistake that she should not have committed – she fell asleep beside a man!

If it was the fiend heir of Cloud Rain Sect, Shangguan Yu, beside her, the consequences would be dire.

“That was close.”

Demoness Ji stuck out her tongue lightly and subconsciously glanced at Su Zimo.


This time, she discovered Su Zimo’s abnormality.

She had initially thought that his eyes were opened in a daze.

Now that she was taking a closer look, he seemed to have noticed something and was studying it carefully in a trance-like manner.

Demoness Ji followed his gaze and looked towards the lid of the stone coffin.


Her eyes widened as she discovered something strange as well.

There were words on the lid of the coffin!

The handwriting was a little messy as if it was carved with something sharp.

Previously, the atmosphere between them was ambiguously flirtatious in the stone coffin. Coupled with the fact that it was completely dark, neither of them bothered to notice the lid of the coffin.

Now that they focused, they could vaguely make out the words on the coffin lid.

There were four words on the first row… Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra!




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