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Chapter 181: River Undercurrent

The ground trembled and the stone coffin shook violently along. Slowly, it tilted and slid down a pitch black crack, falling over.

Moments later, the stone coffin fell into water with a loud splash and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Dust flew everywhere as boulders rolled down.

The sky was collapsing!

After a long time, the tremors finally calmed down. The original place was reduced to ruins without any sign of life.

In the middle of the ruins, there was a huge hole. It was pitch black and no one knew where it led to.

A gentle breeze gusted in the dark night, blowing away the dust of the ruins.

Not far away, four figures stood.

To be precise, there were five!

One of the figures was extremely blurry and indistinguishable in the night – it was the thousand-faced assassin.

The five fiend heirs looked at the ruins not far away, theirs gazes flickering with a lingering fear.

Feeling cold from the wind’s breeze, the five of them suddenly realized that their clothes were drenched in sweat.

There were hundreds of fiend sect cultivators with fiend heirs, all of them gathered for the inheritance of this place. This could be considered as a rare clash between the juniors of the fiend sects.

However, none of them expected the stark changes of this expedition. Notwithstanding the fact that they did not obtain the inheritance, it nearly even turned into a massacre.

Of the hundreds of fiend sect cultivators present, only the five of them survived.

The Malevolent Earth Sect heir was slain by an unknown green robed cultivator. Demoness Ji could not escape in time and was definitely buried in the ruins.

If not for the drastic change in terrain later on that dispelled the ancient spirit lock formation, even the five of them may not have been able to make it out.

With complex expressions, none of them spoke.

This ruin was caused by that terrifying skeleton.

However, for some reason, the person who left the deepest impression on everyone that night was the unknown green robed cultivator.

To be fair, if he had not ruptured the heart of that skeleton at the final moment, their fates might have been the same and they would have their essence blood absorbed by the skeleton.

“Who was that person?”

After a long time, Pang Yue suddenly asked.

Shangguan Yu shook his head. “He should be someone from the immortal sects. There’s only those few immortal sects that are strong in melee combat. Since his bloodline contained the power of thunder, I gather that he might be a legacy disciple of Zephyr Thunder Palace.”

“What a pity.”

Pang Yue smacked his lips as a look of pity flashed across hie eyes.

He was not discouraged over his previous defeat to Su Zimo. Instead, his fighting spirit burned even fiercer.

His strength was far greater than Su Zimo.

The fact that Su Zimo’s consecutive killing moves were unable to truly injure Pang Yue’s tendons, bones and essence qi was evident of how powerful and terrifying the latter’s physique was!

The reason why Pang Yue lost was because he had underestimated the enemy, giving Su Zimo the chance to take the initiative and suppress him to the very end without a chance to comeback.

Pang Yue believed that he would definitely not lose if they fought again!

Now that Su Zimo had fallen, Pang Yue had lost the chance to defeat him. He could not help but feel regretful and sighed.

In fact, Pang Yue was not the only one – the other four fiend heirs were similarly frustrated.

At the end of the day, there was an ancient spirit lock formation in this place and everyone’s spirit energies were restricted such that they could not unleash their true strength.

To them, the Malevolent Earth Sect heir had met with an unjust death.

“It’s a pity that man is dead. Otherwise, we’ll definitely come across him on the ancient battlefield in the future. At that time, I’ll definitely let him witness the power of Cloud Rain Sect!” Shangguan Yu harrumphed softly.

“What’s the point of saying all this?”

The Illusion Fiend Cult heir flicked his sleeve and left, replying coldly, “Time to go. See you on the ancient battlefield!”

The thousand-faced assassin flickered and disappeared on the spot.

In the blink of an eye, all five fiend heirs left one after another and peace returned to the ruins.

Not long later, a voluptuous and curvaceous figure descended upon the ruins. She had exquisite looks and exuded a mature aura, as if she could stir the deepest carnal instincts in one’s heart.

It was the chief steward of Sky Treasure Auction House, Gu Xi!

“What happened exactly?” Gu Xi murmured with a solemn expression.


Gu Xi stood in midair above the ruins and a terrifying force surged out from her glabella. Releasing her spirit consciousness, she searched the ruins carefully, unwilling to miss any traces.


Gu Xi frowned and gazed at that bottomless pit beneath her. After hesitating slightly, she descended eventually.

Before long, Gu Xi arrived above a river.

She searched her surroundings once more but to no avail, looking at a river nearby.

Using her spirit consciousness, Gu Xi seeped into the river and searched through the depths of it.

After a while, her expression changed and she retracted her spirit consciousness.

She caught sight of a dark shadow flowing into the distance at the bottom of this river.

If she was not wrong, that should be the undercurrent of the river.

The undercurrent was extremely strong and turbulent. Any object that fell into it would be swept away.

The final position would naturally be at where the undercurrent ended.

“Yan’er, just where are you?”

The figure disappeared, leaving behind a soft sigh.

Not long after Gu Xi left, deep in the rubble beside the river, a pair of pitch black holes in the eyes of a skeleton emitted a scarlet, sinister glow!

Even though Su Zimo and Demoness Ji were hidden in the stone coffin, both of them still suffered a huge blow the moment it fell into the river.



Su Zimo grunted softly and Demoness Ji howled in pain.

The two sounds that emitted together from the stone coffin came across as strange.

Su Zimo felt a sharp pain in his chest. That sudden impact rattled his tendons and bones, causing him to gasp as it felt like his bones were falling apart.

Demoness Ji’s arm was previously injured by Shangguan Yu. It was a minor injury and was no longer bleeding after it was bandaged.

However, that impact tore the wound once more as Demoness Ji frowned and yelped.

Although there was a thick stone coffin between them, Demoness Ji could still feel the flow of the river outside.

She heaved a sigh of relief.

No matter what, they had managed to escape the place. Once the stone coffin sank to the bottom of the water, they would be able to break out from inside.

All of a sudden!

The stone coffin did not continue to sink. As though it was pulled by an external force, it continued to roll forward.

It was a sudden change of momentum and the two people who were caught off guard inside collided against one another.

Both of their hearts went aflutter as they retreated subconsciously. However, there was not much excess space within the cramped stone coffin.

After that, the atmosphere within the stone coffin turned odd immediately. The temperature seemed to be rising in a frustratingly hot manner.

In the darkness, both of them panted slightly and faced each other. Their eyes met but they did not speak.

Su Zimo turned his head and slanted his body slightly.

His body was still slightly swollen because the bloodline essence within it was not absorbed yet. It did not matter if he moved, but once again, he accidentally made contact with Demoness Ji.

Su Zimo quickly stopped what he was doing and laid rooted to the spot.




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