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Chapter 180: Escaping Alive

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As though the end of the world had arrived, the sky collapsed.

The surrounding boulders crashed down and blocked all passageways.

At the moment, Su Zimo’s body swelled and trembled. He panted heavily as the powerful bloodline essence crashed wantonly within his body.

Su Zimo’s body was on the verge of falling apart – the unbearable pain was causing his consciousness to go fuzzy.

Opposite him, the skeleton looked terrible as well.

A huge bloody hole appeared in its chest. The original place of his heart was now empty, leaving only some pieces of flesh.

There was originally a layer of flesh on the skeleton – it was close to recovering to human form.

Now that the heart was ruptured, the flesh was disintegrating as well. Before long, it fell off the skeleton and slid to the ground.

Soon, it turned back to a white skeleton with an aura that was even weaker than before.

The skeleton gazed at Su Zimo’s blood bone palm. The bloody light in the hole in its eyes flickered before dimming gradually.

The last trace of its life was also dissipating slowly.

“You… die too!”

The skeleton looked at Su Zimo and suddenly opened its mouth.

Right after, it raised its hand and stabbed at Su Zimo’s chest with fingers as sharp as daggers!

If the attack struck, there was no need to wait to be buried by countless boulders. A Foundation Establishment Cultivator’s heart would definitely be pierced to certain death.

Upon seeing that, Demoness Ji’s expression changed but she did not stop him.

No matter what, they were not getting out of this place – there was no difference between dying a moment earlier or later.

Even though Su Zimo’s consciousness was fuzzy, his spirit perception was still there.

He felt a strong sense of danger!

Instinctively, he dodged to the side.

Su Zimo did not have time to react – it was purely out of instinct.


The palm of the skeleton pierced through Su Zimo’s chest like a sharp knife, emerging from his back filled with blood.

That palm was aimed at crushing Su Zimo’s heart.

However, due to that dodge, it pierced through the middle of Su Zimo’s chest, brushing by his heart!

That burst attack seemed to have exhausted the skeleton’s last strength.

Feeling the sharp pain in his chest, Su Zimo punched out casually and sent the skeleton flying, causing it to fall into the rubble.

The skeleton remained motionless, as if it was already dead. The hole in its face was pitch black.

In the blink of an eye, a layer of dust and gravel covered the skeleton.


A gush of blood shot out from Su Zimo’s chest and splattered all over the ground. It emitted a crystalline luster and the bloodline was rich and shimmering.

Su Zimo’s figure shrank by quite a bit. Although he had not recovered to his original state, the bloodstains on his body were gradually fading and he was recovering slowly!


That change caught Demoness Ji’s attention.

In truth, Su Zimo was at his most arduous period earlier on – the bloodline was too strong and his body could not withstand it.

It was equivalent to a powerful force that surged rampantly in his body and could not be vented.

The reason why Su Zimo’s body swelled was because the pressure within was too great; that was also why his skin cracked with streaks of blood appearing.

If he could not digest the power of that rich bloodline, a single fate awaited Su Zimo – death through explosion.

However, the skeleton’s final attack had inadvertently saved Su Zimo’s life!

Its intention was naturally to kill Su Zimo.

Unexpectedly, Su Zimo managed to dodge the fatal strike to his heart using his spirit perception.

Even though the injury was serious and the wound on his chest was horrifying with blood gushing out, it was an outlet for the power of the bloodline within to gush out! Because of that, it helped him avert the crisis!

Of course, Su Zimo still retained most of the bloodline’s essence within his body.

However, that bloodline essence was no longer a threat to his life.

It was a blessing in disguise!

There were too many things that happened that night. If there was any slight deviation in the series of events, not only would Su Zimo fail to obtain the opportunity before him, he would even be met with a huge calamity.

It was the same for the current situation – Su Zimo and Demoness Ji were not out of danger yet.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The surrounding mountains collapsed and a huge shadow crushed – they would be buried before long!

The passageways out were already blocked. Notwithstanding the fact that Su Zimo was severely injured in the chest and was dazed and weak, even if he was in his best state, he might not have been able to escape.

“I’m sorry.”

A rare trace of worry and kindness could be seen in Demoness Ji’s eyes as she pretended to be relaxed and smiled at Su Zimo.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The ground beneath shook as cracks appeared and extended.

Su Zimo’s legs gave way and he almost fell into one of the cracks.

Shrugging his head, he tried his best to stay awake. He looked down at the pitch black and bottomless crack, not knowing what was beneath.

If he was not careful and fell in, he would probably be crushed into meat pulp.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo’s ears twitched. He could vaguely hear the sound of running water from the depths of the crack.

After cultivating The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, Su Zimo’s hearing and vision was far superior to normal people – he was almost at the point where he could listen to the world!


The mountain peak above their heads fell alongside countless boulders, bringing with it dust that blocked their vision in a terrifying manner.

Demoness Ji had a look of despair as she closed her eyes and sighed gently.

Right then, she felt someone yank her wrist!

Caught off guard, her knees buckled and she was led over. Subconsciously, she opened her eyes and looked.

Su Zimo’s face was frighteningly pale. Clutching the wound on his chest with one hand, he used his other hand to grab her as they stumbled to the stone coffin not far away.

“Quickly, go in!”

Arriving at the stone coffin, Su Zimo led Demoness Ji in front of him and with a shout, pushed her.

She was stunned for a moment and fell into the stone coffin without resistance.

Su Zimo leaped in right after, grabbing the lid of the coffin from the side and yanking it.

With a slam, the lid closed above them tightly.

The last bit of light disappeared.

It was pitch black inside the stone coffin!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Almost at the same time as the lid was shut, the sound of countless boulders smashing onto the coffin rang – it was heavy and deafening!

There was not much room in the stone coffin because it was designed for a single person.

Now that the both of them were inside, together with the fact that Su Zimo’s body was slightly swollen after absorbing the bloodline essence, it seemed extremely squeezy.

A strange feeling arose in Demoness Ji’s heart but she did not say anything.

If it was anyone else or even Su Zimo before they arrived at this place, she might have killed him on the spot.

But now, Demoness Ji did not move and inch. She blinked her eyes in deep thought.

If Su Zimo was even slower for a moment earlier, they would have been crushed to death by the boulders outside!

Despite that, Su Zimo chose to let her enter first and bear the danger himself.

At that thought, a gentle glint flashed across Demoness Ji’s eyes as she pursed her red lips.




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