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Chapter 173: Manipulating the Situation

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Even though he forced back two fiend heirs in a row, the situation was still extremely dangerous for Su Zimo.

Right then, a chain tore through the air and coiled towards Shangguan Yu like a slithering wild snake.

It shone with a glistening cold light. There was a flash of fear in Shangguan Yu’s eyes and he did not dare to be careless, leaping back and retreating hurriedly.

“Demoness Ji, what are you doing?!”

Shangguan Yu chided with a narrowed gaze.

That chain was Ji Yaoyan’s weapon. When she saw that Su Zimo was trapped, she was filled with regret. However, even if she had struck then, she would not have been able to break him out of the predicament.

But the next moment, there was a sudden change.

With an incomparably powerful stance, Su Zimo burst forth with the power of his bloodline and forced back two fiend heirs with his thunder art – that caused a change in the situation.

Ji Yaoyan no longer hesitated and struck immediately.

With her addition, there was yet another change to the situation. Of the five fiend heirs, three of them were gone, leaving only the thousand-faced assassin and Malevolent Earth Sect heir.

Actually, among the five fiend heirs, the greatest threat to Su Zimo was the thousand-faced assassin.

That was because Su Zimo could not ascertain his location. Once the thousand-faced assassin appeared, it would definitely be a sure-kill attack!

In a flash, Su Zimo’s mind raced. He strode forward, grabbed his Cold Moon Saber with both hands and slashed at the bone spear.

The Malevolent Earth Sect heir smirked coldly.

He had long noticed that even though Su Zimo was strong, the latter did not know any saber techniques – that was Su Zimo’s greatest weakness.

However, it was different for Malevolent Earth Sect.

He alone had mastered five high quality spear techniques.

With a shake of his bone spear, it streaked across the air in a circular arc. While it may seem like a simple move, the landing point of the tip was unknown and could change at any moment.

When he saw Su Zimo’s attack, the Malevolent Earth Sect heir narrowed his eyes and barked coldly, “Die!”

He exerted strength in both arms and the bone spear trembled. It avoided the trajectory of the Cold Moon Saber and continued thrusting forth at Su Zimo’s chest!

Leaving his chest wide open, Su Zimo had revealed a fatal flaw.

Right then, a ghostly figure appeared from the crowd of fiend cultivators who had been surrounding them. It instantly appeared behind Su Zimo and stretched out its palm.

Under the watch of countless gazes, that initially empty palm produced a long, slender sword – it was as thin as cicada wings and extremely sharp!

No one could clearly see how the sword had appeared.

But at this moment, everyone knew the identity of the assailant – Hidden Death Sect’s heir, the thousand-faced assassin!

No one would be able to detect him if he did not make a move.

He might be at anyone’s side or even in front of them. However, they would not realize that the most terrifying assassin in the cultivation world had just passed them.

At this moment, Su Zimo was using his old moves to face the incoming bone spear of the Malevolent Earth Sect heir – it was too late for him to retract his saber and defend.

Su Zimo only had a single option left.

He had to dodge backwards.

At the same time, the thousand-faced assassin appeared and stabbed his sword, completely cutting off Su Zimo’s escape path!

The timing of the thousand-faced assassin was ingenious and frightening. Even if they were just watching, everyone could not help but feel a sense of dread.

On the other side, Ji Yaoyan was totally entangled by Shangguan Yu and could not get away.

In the blink of an eye, the tables had turned and Su Zimo’s life was on the line!

Pang Yue shook his head and the excitement in his eyes faded gradually.

To him, Su Zimo was already a dead man.

A dead man was not worthy of being his opponent.

No one noticed that Su Zimo, who was in the middle of the storm, had still eyes and a composed expression – he was frighteningly calm!

Under normal circumstances, Su Zimo would truly have no way out and could not react in time.

However, in this situation, he was deliberately letting out an opening!

If he did not do that, the thousand-faced assassin would never appear – that was too much of a threat for Su Zimo.

As the bone spear approached, Su Zimo swung back with his saber as though he had expected it. Without stopping at all, he bent down suddenly and slithered on the ground with his limbs like a giant python.

Upon seeing that, everyone’s eyes lit up and they were stunned.

Even though the dodging movement seemed somewhat odd, it avoided the incoming bone spear and long sword of the thousand-faced assassin perfectly. The beauty was in its precision – he had managed to turn that crisis into nothing!


Pang Yue grinned as fighting spirit filled his eyes once more.

As for the Malevolent Earth Sect heir, his heart skipped a beat when he missed his attack. Without thinking, he exerted strength in his feet and retreated with his spear immediately.

A black shadow slid across the ground at an extremely fast speed. In the blink of an eye, it was right in front of him!

Su Zimo leaped up, his eyes brimming with killing intent as he slashed up with his Cold Moon Saber.


The Malevolent Earth Sect heir exclaimed loudly and held his bone spear in front of his chest to defend.


The moment the weapons came into contact, the Malevolent Earth Sect heir began to feel uneasy internally.

Even though his bone spear had collided with the Cold Moon Saber, it felt as though it was striking air and he could not feel any impact.

“This is bad. It’s a fake!”

The Malevolent Earth Sect heir’s heart sank.

Su Zimo scoffed coldly. The moment the Cold Moon Saber and the bone spear made contact, he sidestepped and dodged to the side.

A long and slender sword stabbed from behind, brushing by Su Zimo treacherously by a single hair’s breadth!

If he was half a step slower, or if he was entangled with the Malevolent Earth Sect heir, Su Zimo would not have been able to dodge that attack.

The expression of the Malevolent Earth Sect heir changed as his pupils constricted.

Almost at the same time that Su Zimo dodged, the sword stabbed over. In the midst of things, he had no time to react at all.

“Thousand-faced Assassin!”

The Malevolent Earth Sect heir shrieked and in a rather impressive display of swift reaction, he pulled the bone spear that defended his chest upwards.

The thousand-faced assassin felt a blur before his eyes. When the figure flashed, he realized that something was amiss and tried to retract his momentum.


The long sword made contact with the bone spear.


Right after, a flash of blood appeared.

The Malevolent Earth Sect heir groaned dully as his face turned pale and he trembled in pain.

That strike should have pierced his chest. However, because he used the bone spear to dodge and the thousand-faced assassin had retracted his momentum, the long sword merely pierced his shoulder.

At this moment, the thousand-faced assassin suddenly felt a sense of trepidation. A bone-chilling killing intent surged and enveloped his surroundings.

Not far away, Su Zimo loaded his bow.

He had four arrows left.

Now, all four of them were loaded on the bow that curved like a full moon – they were aimed at the thousand-faced assassin who had just appeared!

It was only now that the thousand-faced assassin realized… he was one Su Zimo wanted to kill the most!

If he had not appeared, Su Zimo would have to be on his toes and be extra wary of his assassination attempts. Even if the latter had a myriad of techniques, he might only be able to use less than half of them.

But now, not only had he failed his assassination attempted, his long sword was still stuck in the Malevolent Earth Sect heir’s shoulder and he could not pull it out yet!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Four black beams descended, almost sealing off all routes of retreat for the thousand-faced assassin!

Upon seeing this, the spectating crowd suddenly had an illusion.

On the surface, it seemed like the five fiend heirs were attacking the green robed cultivator. However, the latter was actually taking the initiative to manipulate the situation and lead them in his direction right from the very beginning!

Now, even the mysterious thousand-faced assassin had fallen into this green robed cultivator’s trap.

Everyone could not help but entertain a flashing thought, “Who is this person?”

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