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Chapter 172: One Against Five!

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Su Zimo was not someone who would just give in and surrender.

Ignoring the fact that there was an ancient spirit lock formation that restricted everyone’s spirit energies, he would not have surrendered without it.

Furthermore, he had a deep hatred for fiend sects to begin with. This was a rare opportunity for him. Even if he could not manage to kill all six fiend heirs, he would not let them receive their inheritance that easily.

A chilling intent gushed at him from the sides. Through the corner of his eye, Su Zimo caught sight of many sword shadows. The sword shone with a sinister glow that was dizzying.

The fiend heir of Illusion Fiend Cult!

The power of that attack was not strong. In fact, it was even weaker than the power burst forth from the fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect.

However, in the hands of the fiend heir of Illusion Fiend Cult, the sword seemed to transform endlessly and it was difficult to differentiate from illusion and reality.

Su Zimo frowned slightly – he actually had to dodge to the side against that attack.

This was a completely brilliant sword technique.

Strength wasn’t the only factor in melee combat.

Speed, defense and techniques were all embodiments of combat strength.

Even though Su Zimo preferred the strength of sabers, he did not know of many techniques. He merely rotated between a few moves and made use of pure brute force.

Against the brilliant sword techniques of the Illusion Fiend Cult heir, Su Zimo was actually forced to retreat momentarily and had no way of retaliating.


On the other side, there was a flash of blood, emitting a strong, pungent smell.

The blood light wasn’t truly blood – it was light from the saber.

The Zenith Sect heir wielded a crimson red saber that was sinister and felt as though blood was flowing within it.

The intensity of that bloodlust was so strong that even Su Zimo felt suffocated.

Su Zimo had survived an entire year in the Cang Lang Mountain Range and had been through all sorts of bloody scenarios.

However, the attack from the Zenith Sect heir still had Su Zimo feeling as though he was faced with a mountain of corpses. It was extremely devastating and sapping!


A folding fan opened and swirled in front of Su Zimo. The clouds on it seemed as though they were about to rain.

Su Zimo merely took a single glance when he felt his mind go adrift. A surge of uncontrollable lust was rising under his abdomen!

“Not good!”

Su Zimo’s had a great shock.

It was a similar feeling to breathing in the Joyful Reunion Powder of Joyful Sect!

However, Shangguan Yu’s method was many times more brilliant than the Joyful Sect cultivators!

A cold glint flashed in the eyes of the Malevolent Earth Sect heir who was forced to retreat earlier. Charging back once more, he shook the bone spear in his hands and stabbed forth!

With the combined attack of four fiend heirs, Su Zimo was like a small boat in a furious ocean that could capsize at any moment!

All of a sudden!

A sense of danger flashed in Su Zimo’s mind once more.

A bone chilling killing intent had resurfaced!

Hidden Death Sect’s assassin had struck.

The thousand-faced assassin was unlike Pang Yue of Overlord Palace.

Pang Yue was standing at the side and watching everything coldly with his hands behind his back. Given his status and strength, there was naturally no way he would stoop down to joining forces with others.

However, the thousand-faced assassin was an assassin and his aim was to kill off his enemies. Naturally, it did not matter to him whether he had to join forces or whom he was joining forces with. All he bothered about was to find the most opportune moment to strike and obtain his assassination!

When she saw that, Ji Yaoyan’s eyes dimmed.

In the cultivation world, there were probably no more than five people who could survive a combined attack of five fiend heirs.

This Su Zimo before her was a nobody and was definitely not one of the five.

Suddenly, Ji Yaoyan felt a sense of regret.

Unlike Wu Xiangming, Yan Fei and the others, Su Zimo did not harbor any evil thoughts towards her.Read more chapter on

Furthermore, he did not hurt her despite his immense hatred for those of the fiend sects after finding out that she was Ji Yaoxue’s younger sister.

This was a clear-minded and loyal individual who should not die at a place as such.

However, it was too late even if she regretted it.

Su Zimo, who was trapped in the middle, had no room to dodge – there was only one outcome awaiting him.

Amidst the shadows of swords and sabers, Su Zimo truly understood the terror of these fiend heirs.

This was even with the presence of the ancient spirit lock formation. If not for the restriction on their spirit energies, Su Zimo would most likely be seriously injured the moment they clashed.

How long have the seven fiend sects been around?

They had a lineage from the ancient era and were ranked alongside the immortal sects and Buddhism!

Ethereal Sect merely had a history of a couple thousands of years. There were countless sects like it since the ancient era and there were many more which had disappeared into the sands of time without any trace left.

As a disciple of Ethereal Peak, Su Zimo had merely been on the path of immortality cultivation for a mere two years. In terms of actual strength, he was no match for the fiend heirs of fiend sects at all.

However, what Su Zimo truly relied on was not his immortal cultivation techniques, it was The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and the Void Thunder Manual!

Splash! Splash!

The sound of waves roaring echoed out as the earth seemed to collapse!


Pang Yue’s ears quivered as a bright light shone in his eyes. He said in disbelief, “Tsunami blood?”

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Right on the heels of that, rolling thunder could be heard mixed in the tsunami sounds.

Su Zimo channeled his blood, causing his entire body to swell as his muscles tore through his clothes.

The strong and ferocious bloodline coursed through his limbs, suppressing the lust in his heart.

Su Zimo’s eyes regained their clarity. Against the entrapment of the five fiend heirs, he did not show the slightest bit of fear. Instead, his fighting spirit boiled as he bellowed, “Mystify!”

Thunder flashed in his palms as an extremely violent atmosphere filled the room.

With Su Zimo in the center, a blinding light burst out, forming a huge ring of lightning that spread in all directions.

At that moment, the five sense of the five fiend heirs were momentarily lost.

The true self of the Illusion Fiend Cult heir’s long sword revealed itself for a brief instance.

This was the saying that when fiends were one foot tall, the Dao was ten feet higher.

Su Zimo flipped his hand and slashed with his saber, clashing it heavily against the Illusion Fiend Cult fiend heir’s long sword. Sparks flew as ear-piercing sounds of metal clashing filled the air.

The Illusion Fiend Cult heir’s body shook as his expression turned incomparably pale. He staggered to his knee and fell backwards, landing on the ground with a stream of blood oozing from the side of his mouth.

Illusion Fiend Cult did not have any high quality body tempering techniques to begin with. The moment his sword technique was broken, there was no way he could withstand Su Zimo’s might!

“Thunder Spear!”

After Mystify, lightning condensed on Su Zimo’s palm once more, forming a long spear that coiled like an electric python. He flung it towards the Zenith Sect heir.


The fiend heir gasped slightly.

In this place where everyone’s spirit energies were restricted, this green robed cultivator could release thunder art. Furthermore, the power of his thunder art was considerable!

There was no way the Zenith Sect heir would dare to proceed as he clutched his sword in front of his chest.

The thunder spear struck the middle of his blood red saber and lightning flash, extending from the blade to his body. The Zenith Sect heir trembled and his legs went limp, falling to the ground as well.

In the blink of an eye, two fiend heirs were severely injured.

At this moment, the effects of mystify had disappeared and Shangguan Yu’s fan cut at Su Zimo’s throat like a sharp blade.

The killing intent of the thousand-faced assassin was still locked onto Su Zimo, awaiting an opportune moment to strike.

At the same time, the Malevolent Earth Sect heir’s bone spear have carved a semicircle in midair, shrouding Su Zimo with a chilling, malevolent aura that was pitch black!

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