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Chapter 160: Seven Fiend Sects


The disheveled old man’s first reaction was catharsis!

When he saw how Sima Zhi looked as though he had just been fed shit, the disheveled old man felt an indescribable joy and could not help but laugh along with the crowd.

With a darkened gaze, Sima Zhi glared at Room 1 with an icy stare. He grit his teeth in hatred and could only feel his cheeks burning from the surrounding laughter.

This act by the other party was no different from slapping him on the face!


A moment later, Sima Zhi suddenly laughed and asked with raised brow, “Fellow daoist, what sect are you from? I’m keen to befriend you. Could you be kind enough to show yourself?”

Even though Sima Zhi sounded polite, everyone could hear the resentment in his voice.

Once the both of them met, the feud would be formed.


The maidservant heard the transmission from within and rejected decisively.

When Sima Zhi saw that the other party refused to appear, he no longer had any qualms. He guessed that the other party must be fearful of him or his backing from True Fire Sect.

His question earlier was merely to test the other party out.

If the other party showed themselves and they were of a reputable status, Sima Zhi would merely mock himself and admit defeat without losing anything.

If the other party showed themselves and they were of a common status, Sima Zhi would be able to remember who was the one who caused him to lose today.

But, if they didn’t show themselves…


He snorted coldly and said in a sinister manner, “Fellow daoist, you don’t know what’s good for you! Do you think that I won’t be able to discover your identity just because you’re hiding inside? If I find out who you are, I’ll…”

“Sima Zhi, this inner house is not a place for you to act wildly!”

Before Sima Zhi could finish, he was interrupted by a loud shout.

Everyone turned to the direction of the voice. Not far away, the manager of the Sky Treasure Auction House was no longer smiling. He had a fierce expression and was clearly glaring at Sima Zhi with a warning look!

Zhou Rui, the manager of Sky Treasure Auction House, was always known to be smiling. However, he was also a Golden Core and was not to be underestimated.

Moreover, as a businessman, no one had seen Zhou Rui lose his temper all these years. Everyone was shocked by this scene.

“Manager Zhou, you…!” Sima Zhi was a little stunned.

“Sima Zhi, if you dare to create trouble at my Sky Treasure Auction House, even True Fire Sect won’t be able to protect you!” Manager Zhou interrupted Sima Zhi and declared again.

Immediately, Sima Zhi shut up. However, he felt extremely terrible within.

In truth, Zhou Rui did not know that Su Zimo was in Room 1 nor did he know that it was the latter’s idea to give away the ancient book as a gift.

He thought that everything was the intention of Chief Steward Gu Xi.

Now that Sima Zhi was acting so brazenly to even dare threaten Gu Xi, Zhou Rui saw it as a perfect opportunity to curry favor with the chief steward and would naturally not let it go. His attitude had changed so quickly that everyone was caught off guard.

Sima Zhi was at a loss for words and his face turned red. No longer able to stay at this place, he left in a huff.

Zhou Rui watched him leave before smiling once again. He bowed in a circle. “Let the auction continue, ha!”

The disheveled old man held onto the ancient book and looked up at Room 1 in confusion.

He decided to return to his room first and clarify things with them after the auction was over.

430,000 superior-grade spirit stones!

If he did not clarify things for such a grand gift, the disheveled old man would feel uneasy.

Room 1.

Gu Xi watched everything unfold from the sides and was amused.

Even though this green robed man looked to be pretty mature, he had a childish side to him. Just like that, he gave away something worth more than 400,000 superior-grade spirit stones!

Even if they were both from Ethereal Peak, that was still an extremely huge gift!

In truth, to Su Zimo, it made no difference whether that ancient book was given to him or the disheveled old man.

He was absolutely certain that the disheveled old man wanted to purchase that book because of him!

Furthermore, the choice to give away the book helped the disheveled old man vent his anger – that was more important to Su Zimo.

For the past two years, the disheveled old man had treated him well like family.

Su Zimo could not bear to see him get bullied.

“Aren’t we meeting him later?” Gu Xi asked.


Su Zimo hesitated for a moment before shaking his head eventually.

It wasn’t a big deal to meet the disheveled old man, but things weren’t easy to explain. If so, it was better not to meet him.

“Alright, you can leave first. I’ll look for you in three days.”

Under the lead of a maidservant, Su Zimo left through the back door of Room 1. Downstairs, he was arranged to a relatively quiet room for the time being.

“Yaoyan, no one knows what’s going on in that place exactly. Furthermore, I heard that fiend heirs of the six sects have brought people over. Are you sure you want to get involved in such a complicated situation?”

After Su Zimo left, Gu Xi looked at the girl in pink sternly and asked.


The girl in pink laughed. “Auntie Gu, don’t worry. I’ll definitely be fine. Furthermore, how can I miss such a grand gathering with fiend heirs of the six sects gathered.”

“You’re different from them.”

Gu Xi shook her head. “Of the seven fiend sects, only the Pure Maiden Sect has a singular heir. Furthermore, you don’t have a reliable helper. This trip is way too dangerous. Are you really counting on that Su Zimo?”

“It’s fine.”

The girl in pink waved it off. “Before this, I’ve already selected a couple of people carefully and they’re all stronger than Su Zimo. He’s just there to make up the numbers.”

“Besides, I’m the pure maiden of this generation’s fiend sects. If things go bad, I can stop in time and the fiend heirs of the other six sects won’t dare to lay a hand on me,” After pondering for a moment, the girl in pink added.

“Yes, that’s true as well,” Gu Xi nodded. She contemplated for a while. “But if that happens, the few people you take along with you might not survive.”

“If they die, so be it.”

The girl in pink scoffed coldly, “They are just hypocrites. Even though they seem righteous on the surface, their hearts are dirtier than anyone else.”

“Is Su Zimo like that too?” Gu Xi asked with a fake smile.


The girl in pink hesitated before shaking her head. “Indeed… he’s different from them. His gaze is clear and there’s no malice in the way he looks at me.”

The both of them continued chatting for a while and the auction ended.

There was a knock on the door outside. A maidservant pushed the door and entered. “Manager Zhou is here with Room 77’s Golden Core from Ethereal Peak. He wants to express his thanks personally.”

“Not meeting.”

Gu Xi waved it off.

This was a favor for Su Zimo so naturally, she would not meet the disheveled old man.

Gu Xi left with the girl in pink from the back.

The disheveled old man was even more surprised when he did not manage to meet anyone. He thought for a long time to no avail before finally leaving the Sky Treasure Auction House filled with doubts.

Instantly, he headed straight back to Ethereal Peak, intending to pass the ancient book to Su Zimo right away.





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