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Chapter 156: Fiend Sects

Su Zimo followed Gu Xi and the girl in pink up a jade green staircase to the area where the most spacious rooms were!

“Follow me in,” Gu Xi looked at Su Zimo and said before entering a room.

Maidservants stood on both sides and bowed slightly with a smile. They looked at Su Zimo with respect and envy.

In the room, there was a row of seats and a table displaying various alluring fruits that emanated spirit qi.

“Sit anywhere you want.”

The girl in pink told Su Zimo and pointed at the table of fruits. “Even Golden Cores downstairs are not able to eat these.”

Su Zimo did not reply and merely nodded his head, remaining somewhat cautious.

He had realized early on that the Sky Treasure Gold Badge was the reason why their attitudes towards him were so strange.

Previously, Su Zimo had always thought that Ji Yaoxue had given him a very common gold badge. Now, it seemed like things were not so simple.

“Hey, what’s your name?”

The moment Su Zimo sat down, the girl in pink approached him. She asked in a coquettish tone and her eyes appeared watery with ripples in them.

Her body was almost plastered entirely onto Su Zimo as the scent of a young girl wafted over.

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat. He leaned back slightly and said in a low voice, “I’m Su Zimo…”

The moment he said that, he realized that something was amiss.

He had blurted out his answer without thinking at all after the girl in pink questioned him!

Su Zimo felt a lingering fear in his heart.

It felt as though he was not in control of himself and he would tell her anything she wanted to know!

What was even more frightening was that the girl exuded an alluring aura. Every frown and smile of hers seemed extremely charming.

Even though it was just a casual chat, Su Zimo could already feel himself getting restless and his body was heating up.

It was very sinister!

Su Zimo gripped his fists tightly as sweat formed on his palms.

If the girl was already so powerful with her veil on, what would happen if she were to remove it?

He could stay here no longer. Rising, he cupped his fists. “Chief Steward, if there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave now.”

Gu Xi did not say anything and merely looked at the both of them silently.

“What’s the hurry? Aren’t you here for the auction? Just sit here and bid then.”

The girl in pink said. Suddenly, she rolled her eyes and moved in front of Su Zimo. Raising her head, she smiled and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you scared?”

Su Zimo was indeed a little afraid but there was no way he could admit that.

“Miss, you must be joking.”

With an indifferent expression, Su Zimo looked straight and replied calmly, “As a disciple of Ethereal Peak, I am upright and honest. There is nothing to be scared of.”

Su Zimo mentioned the name of his sect in the hopes of frightening the other party.

At the end of the day, Ethereal Peak was one of the five major sects within the Great Zhou Dynasty.


The girl in pink exclaimed and remarked with a look of awe, “Ethereal Peak! That’s one of the five major sects! How impressive!”

The corner of Gu Xi’s mouth twitched as if she wanted to laugh. But, she held it back.

Su Zimo could tell that the girl in pink was obviously being sarcastic. She sounded like she was joking, as if Ethereal Peak was nothing to her.

Even though he was embarrassed, it was not appropriate for him to get angry. As such, he could only ask, “How should I address you, miss? What sect are you from?”

“Me? I can’t tell you that now, hehe,” The girl in pink laughed and blinked intently. She looked extremely innocent and beautiful; no one could get angry at her expression.

“Do you know what’s odd about that Sky Treasure Gold Badge?” The girl in pink suddenly asked.

“I don’t,” Su Zimo shook his head.

“Take it out and have a closer look,” She continued.

Ever since he obtained the Sky Treasure Gold Badge, Su Zimo had truly not taken a good look at it. Now that he was scrutinizing it, he immediately found something unusual.

At the bottom right of the badge etched an exquisite ‘Xue’ character.

The girl in pink’s voice rang out once more, “This is the gold badge of the Great Zhou Dynasty’s third princess, also known as the Royal Family Gold Badge. There’s less than ten of this in the entire Great Zhou Dynasty!”

“No wonder.”

Su Zimo was shocked.

Back then, Ji Yaoxue mentioned that everything would be at least 50% cheaper if he were to shop at Sky Treasure Pavilion using this Sky Treasure Gold Badge.

At that time, Su Zimo was surprised and felt that things couldn’t possibly be that cheap.

So, this badge was meant for the descendants of the Great Zhou Dynasty’s royal family!

“Hey, what’s your relationship with the Great Zhou Dynasty’s third princess?” A cunning look flashed in the girl in pink’s eyes as she asked with a bright smile.

Su Zimo shook his head. “Nothing much. We’re just ordinary friends.”

“Who would believe that?”

The girl in pink pouted her lips and teased, “Someone the likes of the third princess would give that badge to an ordinary friend?”

Su Zimo did not reply.

“Hey, Su Zimo. How about doing me a favor?” The girl in pink suddenly said as she rolled her eyes.

Su Zimo asked, “What?”

“Help me beat up bad guys!” The girl in pink raised her fists and said solemnly, “Yes… they are all evil devils. As a disciple of Ethereal Peak, you should take up the responsibility of protecting the way of the Dao by getting rid of the demons.”

“Nopes,” Su Zimo shook his head.

He did not care what sort of bad guys those were – he merely wanted to keep his distance from this girl.

Beside her, Gu Xi suddenly frowned. Releasing her spirit consciousness, she set up a barrier between her and the girl in pink. “What nonsense is this? Don’t tell me you want this lad to accompany you to that?”


The girl in pink replied nonchalantly.

“Don’t go.”

Gu Xi persuaded, “I can’t help you there. The fiend heirs of this generation’s fiend sects are not kind souls. If you piss them off, they might really kill you!”


The girl in pink replied disdainfully, “fiend heirs? So what! I’m a fiend heir too! Who’s afraid of whom? If they piss me off, I’ll kill them too! Besides, can’t you see I’m getting a helper along?”

With that, the girl in pink looked at Su Zimo.

“Him?” Gu Xi shook her head and did not continue to speak. However, her tone was clearly filled with disdain.

The girl in pink smiled brightly. “I heard from my sister that this Su Zimo is rather decent in melee combat.”

“That’s useless.”

Gu Xi shook her head. “This generation’s geniuses in the fiend sects are too strong. Putting aside the successor of Overlord Palace, this Su Zimo is nothing compared to the other fiend heirs as well. If he goes there, he’ll just be committing suicide. Your sister has a close relationship with him. If he were to die because of you, she’s definitely going to blame you.”

“Hmph, if he were to die, it’ll be just nice to let everything end completely.”

The girl in pink sneered, “At least, my sister won’t have to worry about this person from time to time. She even argued with our father a couple of times over this guy. In my opinion, this Su Zimo is nothing much. He looks extremely ordinary. I don’t even know what my sister sees in him.”

“Are you decided?” Gu Xi asked.

The girl in pink nodded. However, she rolled her eyes and frowned. “But, if he doesn’t want to go, I can’t hold a knife to his throat and force him to go.”

“There’s always a way,” Gu Xi said mysteriously.




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