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Chapter 149: Blood Bone Palm

“If your bloodline was stronger, I wouldn’t be able to hold you down today. What a pity.”

The handsome man smiled sinisterly.

Su Zimo had also realized this.

If he was at greater mastery of the Marrow Cleansing section, he would be able to kill a late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator with ease. Coupled with the Thunder Marrow Cleansing Sutra, he could definitely match a perfected Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

The handsome man’s bone staff might not even be able to bite through his flesh.

At the moment, a sense of helplessness rose in Su Zimo’s heart.

With the bone staff biting his left wrist tightly, almost half of Su Zimo’s body had gone numb and weak by now.

On the other end, his right hand was covered by the ghastly green ball of light, rendering him incapable of moving.

He could see the handsome man’s face right behind the ball of light, but he did not have the strength to pierce it.

Moreover, Su Zimo’s right hand had started to corrode because of this strange power. His flesh was rotting with his skin peeled in a horrifying manner!

Behind the light ball, the handsome man smiled smugly.

Suddenly, the handsome man’s smile froze as his eyes focused on something strange.

Su Zimo’s gaze also landed on the light ball between them.

In that ghastly green light ball, the flesh on Su Zimo’s right hand was gone entirely, revealing a crimson bone palm. His bones were crystal clear and its surface burned with a fine flame – it looked like the most beautiful treasure in this world.

The bone palm’s fingertip was as sharp as a knife – it did not look like the palm of a human!

An extremely terrifying aura emanated as the ghastly green light ball shattered!

In the face of that aura, the handsome man felt as small as an ant. For a moment, his heart even stopped beating!

“W-What is this?”

The handsome man’s pupils constricted.

At the same time, Su Zimo felt a new surge of energy gush into his body from his right hand. His blood felt as though it was burning and spewing flames.


Su Zimo bellowed and reached for the handsome man’s head with that blood colored bone palm.

The handsome man’s expression changed drastically as he hurriedly moved the white bone staff in front of him to block the blood bone palm.


Su Zimo merely grabbed gently.

The handsome man’s staff was broken right away.


The next moment, Su Zimo’s palm had descended and the handsome man’s head was crushed!

A perfected Foundation Establishment Cultivator had fallen!

Su Zimo stood where he was and looked at his right hand in disbelief.

The handsome man’s bone staff was definitely as hard as a middle-grade spirit weapon. But, his right hand had managed to snap it with ease!

Just what was that right hand of his?

Su Zimo could clearly feel that the blood bone palm was not his original palm!

It gave off a horrifying aura that seemed as though it could destroy everything in the world.

Suddenly, something came to Su Zimo’s mind.

Back in Cang Lang Mountain Range, he had fought against many cultivators of Joyful Sect and his right hand was almost crippled at that time.

After that, when Su Zimo woke up, his entire body was intact and there were no wounds.

Die Yue must have attached this blood bone palm back then.

But, what was the origin of this blood bone palm?

Why did it give him such a sense of trepidation?

At this moment, he finally found a clue to many of his previous doubts.

The reason why he was able to cultivate a Level 3 Spirit Fire right away must have something to do with this blood bone palm.

That was the reason why Su Zimo’s right hand did not change when he turned into a demon previously – it was because his strength was not enough to trigger the blood bone palm.

Even if he did not know the secret behind the blood bone palm, Su Zimo knew that many of his body’s abnormalities were related to it.

This was definitely one of the three gifts that Die Yue had left him!

Looking around, Su Zimo did not find anyone else and he heaved a sigh of relief.

The blood bone palm was clearly not a human palm. If it was exposed, he would have no way of explaining himself out of this.

Su Zimo put away the handsome man’s storage bag and rummaged through it. He found a Grade 2 Muscle Enhancing Elixir and swallowed it.

Together with Su Zimo’s already strong self-healing powers, a thin layer of flesh formed on his right palm before long. Even though he wasn’t fully recovered, it was enough to hide away the blood bone palm.

Still worried, Su Zimo removed a piece of cloth and wrapped his right hand in it.

He pondered for a moment and with a wave of his hand, all the middle-grade spirit stones were put into his storage bag.

He had come here for the sake of spirit stones so he naturally wouldn’t give any chances.

Looking at the tens of thousands of mortals around him who had died in the kneeling position, Su Zimo sighed. A look of pity filled his eyes together with a rush of emotions.

If he hadn’t met Die Yue, he would have been no different from those mortals who could only be slaughtered by cultivators.


Why did those mortals not have spirit roots?

Senior crane once said that it was a person’s fate whether or not they had spirit roots and nothing could change that.

Without a spirit root, one would not be able to cultivate.

The way these people before him met with their ends… was that their fate as well?

Su Zimo felt indignant.

He was indignant for the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives of Linfeng City; indignant for the tens of thousands of simple and plain men in front of him.

If they could cultivate, they might not have died today.

He had Die Yue to defy the heavens and change his fate by planting a spirit root for him. But, what about them? Who could change the fates of all those people?


Sighing once more, Su Zimo left the place.

Outside, little crane and the others were hiding nearby, watching the spirit mine for any activity tensely.

After almost two hours, a person exited from the mine.

Leng Rou and the rest focused – it was Su Zimo!

Little crane carried Leng Rou, little fatty and the spirit tiger and hurriedly flew over with little fatty cheering in midair.

“How was it, bro? Are you alright!”

Little fatty hopped down first and asked in concern.

Su Zimo nodded.

Leng Rou’s gaze landed on Su Zimo’s right hand and she asked softly, “Your hand…”

“It’s nothing. It’s just a small injury,” There was naturally no way Su Zimo would tell the truth.

Right then, a stream of light suddenly sped over from afar. It was extremely fast and appeared before them in the blink of an eye.

It was a gigantic spirit vessel!

A picture of a mountain peak was etched onto the side of the spirit vessel.

A group of Golden Cores stood on the deck of the spirit peak. The five people leading the group were none other than the five peak masters of Ethereal Peak!

Leaping from the spirit vessel, the five peak masters surveyed the scene. Looking at the thirty odd corpses of Foundation Establishment Cultivators strewn all over the place, their eyes had a slight hint of shock.

Su Zimo and the rest had not expected that Leng Rou’s message would alarm the sect’s Golden Cores.

“Greetings, peak masters. Greetings, elders.”

Su Zimo and the other two bowed.

Nodding their heads, the five peak masters asked about everything with solemn expressions.

Little fatty related the entire incident from the beginning to the end – how they realized the oddities in Linfeng City all the way to how Su Zimo entered the spirit mine alone.

Towards the end, the disheveled old man glared at Su Zimo with a look of blame.

“Alright, let’s return to the sect first.”

At that moment, Wen Xuan came out of the spirit mine. Waving his hand, he brought Su Zimo, Leng Rou, little fatty and the two beasts up the spirit vessel.




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