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Chapter 148: Handsome Man

Su Zimo held his saber and walked through the dark mine, not daring to go too fast.

After a long time, he stopped in his tracks and his vision cleared up.

The next moment, Su Zimo was met with a shocking scene.

There were more than ten thousand strong men kneeling on the ground, forming circles after circles. In the middle of these men was a pile of spirit stones the size of a small mountain, emanating a rich scent of spirit qi.

Those strong men were dressed in plain clothes and looked terrified – they were probably mortals who came to mine the spirit stones.

On top of the pile sat an extremely handsome young man. His black hair swayed lightly by itself as he spread his arms slightly open with his eyes closed.

Green streams of air floated out of the heads of the tens of thousands of men, entering the handsome man’s body continuously.

The men’s cheeks were withering at a discernible pace and their eyes dimmed as though their blood and essence had been drained instantly!

The Foundation Establishment Cultivator who had escaped first into the spirit mine laid collapsed at the feet of the handsome man, having turned into a dried corpse.

This man was the true murderer behind Linfeng City’s tragedy!

Su Zimo scanned the person using his Spirit Peering Art.

Perfected Foundation Establishment!

Su Zimo was secretly shocked.

His current strength was not enough to even deal with a late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator, let alone a perfected.

If he wanted to kill this man, he could not do it head-on – he could only rely on various techniques to close the gap!

Even though the power of a perfected Foundation Establishment Cultivator was extremely strong, his body was definitely no match against Su Zimo’s.

That was Su Zimo’s only chance!

Suddenly, the handsome man opened his narrow eyes – they were a sinister shade of green!

“Oh, it’s a Qi Refinement Warrior?”

The handsome man’s voice carried a hint of surprise. Taking a deep breath of air, he let out an intoxicated expression. “Not bad, not bad. Your body’s essence is richer than the tens of thousands of people in Linfeng City added together!”

“Demon, hand over your life!”

Su Zimo scoffed coldly and leaped up, a crackling flash of lightning shining from his palm. “Thunder Spear!”

A spear formed from lightning appeared out of nowhere and shot towards the handsome man.


The handsome man exclaimed softly, “Thunder art? A mere Qi Refinement Warrior is able to utilize spirit arts?”


As it approached, a flash of realization appeared in the handsome man’s face as he smiled. “I got it. The source of power for this thunder art doesn’t come from your dantian. It’s from your blood!”

It merely took him a single look to be able to speak of the secret within Su Zimo’s blood.

Against the incoming thunder spear, the handsome man smiled gently and flicked his finger, sending a green stream of light.

The two attacks collided as the two different powers corroded one another, producing an ear-piercing sound.

Thunder spear was the strongest killing move within the Void Thunder Manual.

But now, it was countered by a single flick of the handsome man!

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged. By now, he was already at the bottom of the spirit stones pile. With a single leap, he sprinted up.


The handsome man conjured seals with a single hand. His eyes glowed with green light as he pressed down.

A gigantic and ghastly green palm descended from the sky, almost blocking Su Zimo’s vision entirely.

Not daring to fight him head-on, Su Zimo quickly retreated.

Suddenly, the palm shattered in midair, forming streams of green light that chased after Su Zimo like snakes filled with life.

In terms of spirit arts, this handsome man was many times more brilliant than the thirty odd Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

Su Zimo did not dare to clash head-on and merely continued to dodge. He ran circles around the pile of spirit stones as the snakes chased endlessly.

By now, Su Zimo was already using all his strength but he could not shake off the green snakes chasing after him.

All of a sudden!

He turned around and welcomed the incoming green snakes with a slash.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The saber split three green snakes into two right away. However, the remaining snakes swarmed forward and coiled around his Cold Moon Saber.

That initially sharp blade turned blunt right away.

Letting go of his saber in a sudden motion, Su Zimo strode forward with the Plow Heaven Stride. Exploding with a monstrous force, he ascended the spirit stones pile in three steps and arrived before the handsome man.

Even without the Cold Moon Saber, Su Zimo’s melee combat strength was equally terrifying!

There were way too many killing techniques within The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness. Any single one of them was more than enough to kill the handsome man before him!


Su Zimo slammed down with his palm as if he wanted to tear the world apart.

Suddenly, a bone staff appeared in the handsome man’s palm. Crystalline, it was made from white bones with a skull on top that exuded a nefarious aura.

Chanting some weird sounds, the handsome man suddenly poked his bone staff against Su Zimo’s palm.


The power of the Ground-rupturing Palm shot off as the handsome man’s body trembled. His palm cracked and the bone staff nearly slipped out of his hand.

All of a sudden, the skull on the top of the staff opened its mouth. As though it was alive ghastly light shone out of its sockets and it bit Su Zimo’s wrist!


Su Zimo’s expression changed.

The pain from his wrist was still bearable. However, Su Zimo could clearly feel his blood being drawn by an external force!

If this carried on, it wouldn’t be long before he ran out of blood and died like the people around him!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Su Zimo gave a loud roar and channeled his blood with all his might, sending a reverberating sound of waves gushing from within his body.

The Power of Blood churned furiously and burst, almost shattering the bone staff.

The handsome man narrowed his gaze and channeled his spirit energy furiously as well, causing the bone staff to emit a ghastly light.

The skull on top of the staff was still biting Su Zimo’s wrist tightly, gulping blood by the mouthful.

That initially white skull was gradually turning red.

Excitement danced in the handsome man’s eyes as he laughed loudly. “What a pure power your blood contains. I really want to know how a Qi Refinement Warrior such as yourself managed to cultivate such a strong bloodline.”

The two of them fought in melee range. Even though it sounded slowly, everything happened in an instant.

Having lost the initiative, Su Zimo did not think further and grabbed the handsome man’s head with his right hand!

Even though there was no longer demonic qi in his blood, Su Zimo’s palm was no different from the claws of a spirit demon. That single palm strike was more than enough to crush rocks into dust.

The handsome man was in complete control of the situation. Without panicking at all, he conjured hand seals and hollered softly, “Blood Curse!”

In front of the handsome man’s chest, a ghastly green ball of light appeared. It revolved and expanded, separating the distance between Su Zimo and the handsome man.

Su Zimo’s right hand fell into the light ball. It was as if he was trapped in a quagmire and it was difficult to advance!

He was completely restricted!

Finally, Su Zimo’s expression changed.

At that moment, Su Zimo could clearly sense weakness coming from within his body.

If this continued, his blood essence would be devoured within 10 minutes!




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