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Chapter 147: Into the Spirit Mine Once More

Everyone had seen the golden silk armor on Su Zimo’s body but none of them thought much about it.

Without any spirit patterns, it was merely a pseudo spirit weapon.

Now, the grey robed cultivator found himself stunned momentarily when Su Zimo tossed the golden silk armor on the ground – he could not understand why Su Zimo would do that.

But, at the next moment, the grey robed cultivator’s pupils constricted in horror.

After removing the golden silk armor, Su Zimo was like a completely different person! With a front dash, he slashed with the Cold Moon Saber and blocked all the incoming flying swords before charging towards the grey robed cultivator.

It was too fast!

In fact, he was at least twice as fast as before!

A black shadow flashed past like a ghost. Almost in the blink of an eye, Su Zimo had arrived before the grey robed cultivator. With a torrential killing intent, he slapped the head of the latter.


The grey robed cultivator’s head ruptured as he fell back – even till his death, he did not understand what happened.

That golden silk armor was none other than the damaged connate Mystic Gold Silk Armor.

Wearing it was akin to carrying a burden of 5 tons. Hence, Su Zimo had not displayed his true strength the entire time.

Now that he removed the burden on his body, Su Zimo was much more relaxed as he burst forth with a massive speed boost, killing the grey robed cultivator who was caught off guard!

Right as the other nine mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators were about to attack, little crane had already seized the opportunity to descend and swoop little fatty, Leng Rou and the spirit tiger into the air with it.

The coordination between the man and crane was seamless.

In the blink of an eye, the only people alive on the ground were Su Zimo and the nine mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

Blood drained from their faces as they watched Su Zimo advance towards them step by step, fear filling their eyes.

Before this, none of them would have thought that more than thirty Foundation Establishment Cultivators would be killed mostly by a Level 9 Qi Refinement Warrior!


Su Zimo disappeared on the spot, leaving only a flurry of afterimages.

Saber flashes were accompanied by a scarlet light.

In the blink of an eye, three more people died.

Two of them mounted their swords and wanted to flee. Squatting slightly, Su Zimo left two deep pits on the ground with a single boom!

Leaping entirely into the air, his figure remained in midair as he slashed down the two Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

There were now four remaining.

Repelling two incoming flying swords, Su Zimo charged forward and banged against someone’s chest, exerting all his might.

That person’s eyeballs popped out with blood spraying and his chest caved in. The sound of bones cracking could be heard and he died before falling to the ground.

By then, Su Zimo had already left and had caught up with another person, letting out a saber flash.

Two more remaining!

Realizing that they could not escape Su Zimo’s pursuit, the both of them dashed towards the spirit mine’s entrance.

Su Zimo was hot on their tails.

They were just about to reach the entrance when the ground trembled under Su Zimo’s lunge.

The slower person was ratified. His legs gave way as he staggered and fell to the ground.

The other person ahead had already disappeared into the spirit mine.

“N-N-No! It’s none o-of my business! N-None of this is m-my idea! It was h-him…!” The Foundation Establishment Cultivator on the ground stammered and tried to explain things incoherently, his face devoid of color.

“Who is he?”

Su Zimo interrogated with a cold gaze.

“I don’t know.”

The person shook his head but looked towards the entrance of the spirit mine instinctively – there was a flash of fear in his eyes.

Pondering for a short moment, Su Zimo continued asking, “The person in the mine is the one who killed those people in Linfeng City, right?”

“Y-Yes,” The Foundation Establishment Cultivator nodded furiously.

“What’s his cultivation realm?”


Right as the Foundation Establishment Cultivator was about to reply, green spots appeared on his face as he smiled at Su Zimo sinisterly.

When he saw that smile, Su Zimo’s hair stood on end.

Without hesitation, he retreated immediately!


It was a dull explosion.

The person who was alive just a few moments earlier exploded right in front of Su Zimo’s eyes. Blood and flesh splattered everywhere as a ghastly green ball floated into the spirit mine.

At the moment, little crane descended with Leng Rou and little fatty upon seeing that the fight was over.

“Junior Brother Su, are you alright?”

“Bro, are you alright?”

Both of them asked at almost the same time.

A hint of panic flashed in Leng Rou’s eyes but she returned to normalcy almost immediately.

“I am fine.”

Su Zimo nodded and replied, frowning in deep thoughts.

After a moment, he fondled little crane’s head and said, “Stupid bird, send everyone back to the sect first. This place is not suitable for you guys to linger on. If you can meet with reinforcements from the sect on the way back, that would be for the best.”

“Caw, caw!”

Little crane called for Su Zimo to hurry up so that they could leave together.

“You guys leave first. I’ll go back later,” Su Zimo shook his head and rejected.

“Bro, you’re not thinking of entering the spirit mine again, are you?” Little fatty asked with eyes widened in disbelief.

Su Zimo was silent.

Both Leng Rou and little fatty exchanged solemn glances.

“Junior Brother Su, let’s head back together.”

Leng Rou said, “The person within the spirit mine might have a powerful background and we don’t know his strength. Moreover, his techniques are so sinister. There’s no need for us to take this risk. Just let him have this spirit mine.”

“That’s right!”

Little fatty added, “Furthermore, we’ve already sent a message back to the sect and seniors will arrive soon. This spirit mine can still be ours. Bro, there’s no need for you to take the risk personally.”

“I have to go in and take a look.”

Su Zimo’s gaze was firm as he said darkly, “This is a middle-grade spirit mine, so that person shouldn’t be a Golden Core. If he’s a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, I will be able to escape safely even if I can’t fight him. That person can’t restrain me.”

There were some things that Su Zimo did not tell little fatty and Leng Rou.

When he saw the tragedy of Linfeng City, Su Zimo’s first thought was of Yan Country’s capital and his big brother, Su Hong.

Mortals were absolutely helpless in the face of such power and could only be slaughtered.

This person’s descent upon Linfeng City a day ago had caused the entire city to perish. If he were to head to the capital of Yan Country one day, his big brother and the others would definitely meet with the same ill fate!

This was his last chance. If he were to wait for the sect seniors to arrive, this person may have already left by then.

Su Zimo was worried that if he were to let this person off, he would regret it one day.

Besides, this person was accountable for the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives in Linfeng City!

“Bro, I…”

Little fatty was about to continue when Su Zimo interrupted him, “You guys are injured. You don’t have to follow me in.”

Leng Rou said, “We’ll wait for you outside then.”

Two hours.”

After thinking for a while, Su Zimo replied, “If I’m not out within two hours, leave this place immediately.”

After pausing momentarily, Su Zimo said to little crane as well, “Stupid bird, bring everyone with you further away. If you see any stranger approaching the mine, leave immediately! Do not turn back!”

Little crane nodded hurriedly, flapping its wings with a worried expression.

Picking up his flying swords from the ground, Su Zimo kept the Mystic Gold Silk Armor in his storage bag and pretended to smile casually. “There’s so many storage bags around, hurry and collect them all. We’ll split the loot secretly back in the sect!”

Su Zimo said as he entered the entrance, disappearing into the deep and dark spirit mine…




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