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Chapter 122: Perfect Five Patterns
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Many disciples in the hall frowned upon hearing Foundation Establishment Elixir.

Everyone had guessed wrongly.

Within the five peaks, few disciples would attempt to refine the Foundation Establishment Elixir.

It required more than ten types of ingredients and the refinement process was overly complex. Usually, only Intermediate Elixir Refinement Masters would have more confidence to try it.

Out of the 200 odd disciples, Su Zimo, Feng Haoyu and the previous year’s number one, Huo Xiuyuan, were the only ones who were still calm.

During that period of time, some cultivators had already started placing plates of spirit herbs at the front of the hall.

The brown haired youth said in a deep voice, “Everyone’s only allowed to take a single set, nothing more.”

Only a single set of spirit herbs – that was another increase in difficulty!

Since the Foundation Establishment Elixir required more than ten types of spirit herbs, a mistake in extraction for any one of them would result in a wrong ratio for the recipe and a failure to refine the pills!

“Peak master, this is too difficult!”

“That’s right! What if we were to make a mistake while extracting out of nervousness? Wouldn’t that mean we won’t have a chance anymore?”

Many disciples could not help but start to grumble.

The brown haired youth replied coldly, “The ingredients required for the Foundation Establishment Elixir are still considered common and our sect has them planted all around. But, do you know that some elixirs require spirit herbs that are extremely rare? For those, you only get one shot! If you fail your refinement, you can’t blame anyone else but your own lack of skills!”

Everyone was silent.

Feng Haoyu laughed softly as he had already returned from choosing a stalk of each spirit herb, preparing himself for the Foundation Establishment Elixir.

The second to do so was Huo Xiuyuan.

Right after, the disciples headed forth and chose their spirit herbs.

Before long, many of them returned to their original positions and took out their Elixir Furnaces to make preparations.

“Let the Elixir Peak face-off commence!” The brown haired youth waved his hand.

Spirit fires lit up within the hall.

Su Zimo had never refined a Foundation Establishment Elixir yet.

However, he was no stranger to the spirit herbs used.

They were all ingredients used for other elixirs as well.

He was in no hurry as he picked up a stalk of spirit herb before him and closed his eyes to recall.

As he went through his memories, he recalled the temperature required for the spirit herb as well as every single detail of the extraction process.

He only had a single chance. If he were to fail the extraction, he would fail the Elixir Peak face-off – he had no room for errors!


Right then, a disciple beside him yelped as he watched a pile of ashes on his palm with a vexed expression.

He had failed his first spirit herb’s extraction.

Because the temperature he used was too high, the spirit herb instantly turned into ashes.

Sighing, that disciple put away his Elixir Furnace and left the hall.

Right after, two other disciples failed their extractions and left silently.

A few people had been eliminated just on the first spirit herb’s extraction.

In truth, it wasn’t because those disciples were bad at elixir refinement. However, because there was only a single chance and this was during Elixir Peak’s face-off, it was only natural for them to feel pressured and make mistakes.

Before long, most of the disciples had completed the extraction of their first spirit herb as they placed the essence into the Elixir Furnace.

They had naturally started their first extraction with a spirit herb they were most familiar with and hence the success.

“What’s Su Zimo doing? Has he fallen asleep?”

“I think he has no clue what he’s doing and he’s just pretending that he does.”

Upon seeing that Su Zimo had not started on his extraction for a long time, some sarcastic voices could be heard from the crowd.

It was only until the other disciples had started on their second spirit herb’s extraction that Su Zimo opened his eyes. Igniting his spirit fire, he placed the spirit herb above it and started extracting.

Before long, his extraction produced a tuft of powder which he placed in the Elixir Furnace. Picking up his second stalk of spirit herb, he closed his eyes and recalled once more.

After a long time, he opened his eyes again and began extracting his second stalk of spirit herb.

More disciples were eliminated at the second spirit herb’s extraction.

Compared to Feng Haoyu and Huo Xiuyuan, Su Zimo’s speed was extremely slow. However, he made no mistakes at all as every single essence he produced gave off a refreshing medicinal scent.

As time passed by, more and more disciples were eliminated.

By the time Su Zimo was done with extraction of his spirit herbs, there were only around 80 of the 200 odd people left.

Third step of elixir refinement, synthesis.

The proportion of spirit herb essences required must be exact; the slightest mistake would result in a refinement failure.

This step was a test of the Elixir Refinement Master’s attentiveness and conscientiousness.

After synthesis came the secondary extraction.

This time, the flame can be more intense.

This was the step where Su Zimo and Feng Haoyu’s Level 3 Spirit Fire would be of great use.

What was worth mentioning was that Huo Xiuyuan had also managed to cultivate a Level 2 Spirit Fire which was extremely rare.

Feng Haoyu was the first to be done with the fourth step followed swiftly by Huo Xiuyuan.

Because he had spent too much time on the first extraction, Su Zimo was one of the slowest among the many disciples.

Fifth step, formation!

This step would reveal the quality of the elixir and it would be obvious who was better!

Initially, Feng Haoyu and Huo Xiuyuan would take note of Su Zimo’s progress and situation from time to time. However, neither of them dared to be distracted on the step of formation.

It was absolutely silent outside of the hall as well.

Everyone held their breaths and watched intently at the two people condensing their elixirs.


There was a crisp sound.

One of the disciples had failed his formation and the elixir exploded. Dejected, he left the Elixir Refinement Hall in indignance.

Right after, more crisp sounds echoed out of the hall.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Another couple of disciples failed their elixir formation and the number of people in the hall decreased.


One of the disciples cursed softly.

“Haha, I did it!”

That disciple burst out in laughter. Right as he was about to collect his elixir and check on its quality, black smoke puffed out of the holes in his Elixir Furnace, giving off a nasty stench.

The brown haired youth shook his head.

For a black smoke as such to be released, it meant that the Foundation Establishment Elixir was no different from a poisoned elixir.


Right then, Huo Xiuyuan hollered softly.

Immediately, a white smoke wafted out of the Elixir Furnace with a faint fragrance.


A pill flew out of the Elixir Furnace and a clear pattern could be seen on it.

“It’s an inferior-grade Foundation Establishment Elixir!”

“Senior Brother Huo is amazing! He did it!”

Huo Xiuyuan heaved out a sigh of relief and looked towards Feng Haoyu subconsciously.


Right then, Feng Haoyu was also done with his elixir formation as a stronger fragrance was emitted from his side.

An elixir flew out and hovered in midair. Spinning around, there were two elixir patterns clearly etched on it!

A middle-grade elixir!

Huo Xiuyuan’s eyes dimmed as he let out a long sigh.

He believed that he was definitely not weaker than Feng Haoyu in terms of the first three steps.

However, for the fourth step, secondary extraction, his Level 2 Spirit Fire was no match for a Level 3 which was able to extract more thoroughly. That was the reason for the difference in quality of their pills.

Before long, the other disciples were done with their elixir formation as well.

Even though there were more than 20 others who had succeeded in elixir formation, their elixirs contained too many impurities and had no grade because of their poor qualities.

Right then, Su Zimo was completed with his elixir formation as well as a thick aroma spread across the place. The moment the disciples outside the hall caught a whiff of it, their bodies shuddered and they let out intoxicated expressions as the spirit qi in their bodies began to rumble!

If the fragrance alone possessed such an effect, what grade was the elixir created?

The brown haired youth’s nose quivered as he sniffed carefully. Instantly, his expression changed as he bolted upright.

With disbelief in his eyes, he murmured softly, “Could it be…”


An elixir flew out of the Elixir Furnace and hovered in midair – there were five patterns etched on it!

It was a perfect Foundation Establishment Elixir!



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