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Chapter 121: Foundation Establishment Elixir

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After the Weapon Peak face-off, many disciples of the five peaks were still talking about it. A number of Weapon Peak disciples were even prepared to celebrate and it was extremely lively.

Su Zimo did not participate and returned to his cave abode straight.

Obtaining number one of Weapon Peak was entirely within his expectations.

The only unexpected gain was the powerful Mystic Gold Silk Armor in his storage bag.

By the time he returned to the cave abode, it was already past noon.

“I want to be in seclusion. Guard outside the entrance and not let anyone in.”

Su Zimo said to the spirit tiger before assuming a lotus position on the stone bed and retrieving spirit stones from his storage bag.

Tomorrow was Talisman Peak’s face-off and he had no intention of spectating. Instead, he wanted to focus on his cultivation and attain a breakthrough as quickly as possible.

Level 9 Qi Condensation was much tougher than Su Zimo had imagined.

But of course, the biggest reason for that was because he had wasted too much time on Array Peak in the past six months.

In the final two months, he had spent most of his time on practicing his sword wielding skills and the sword formation; he did not have much time to actually raise his cultivation realm.

There was a perfect-grade Spirit Gathering Elixir within his storage bag.

He was almost done absorbing more than two thousand inferior-grade spirit stones. If he still could not achieve a breakthrough to Level 9 Qi Condensation, he would consume that Spirit Gathering Elixir.

The next morning.

Xue Yi and other Weapon Peak disciples arrived at Su Zimo’s cave abode early in the morning to invite him along to spectate at Talisman Peak.

Even though it was less than five days, the five peaks face-off was the biggest event of the year in the sect. Almost none of the trial disciples would continue to cultivate immensely in these five days.

Even if they did not know anything about talismans, it was interesting to join the crowd too.

But of course, more importantly, the person known as the number one beauty of the five peaks, Leng Rou, would be taking part in this year’s Talisman Peak face-off. In fact, there was a high chance she could get number one of Talisman Peak.

Many disciples wanted to go and catch a glimpse of the beauty’s aura.

However, Xue Yi and the others were prevented from entering by the spirit tiger. They tried to explain things to the spirit tiger but to no avail and finally, they could only leave.

Before long, little fatty arrived too.

However, he had to leave as well against the snarling growls of the spirit tiger.

Su Zimo was completely oblivious to everything happening outside. He was immersed in cultivation till the third day of the five peaks face-off.

Third day, Elixir Peak face-off!

This was Su Zimo’s second round of challenge against Feng Haoyu.

Everyone knew that Feng Haoyu had lost the first round on Weapon Peak’s face-off. Today’s challenge would definitely be more intense than ever!

Su Zimo pushed his door open and walked out of his cave abode.

Even after a day and night with the spirit stones in his storage bag emptied out, he was still at the peak of Level 8 Qi Condensation.

Su Zimo was in no hurry.

He still had time. After the Elixir Peak face-off, he would continue to cultivate and attempt for a breakthrough by consuming the Spirit Gathering Elixir!

Early in the morning, many disciples had gathered on Elixir Peak.

An endless stream of disciples arrived continuously in midair, their clothes fluttering gracefully in the skies.

The moment Su Zimo arrived on Elixir Peak, he was held back by little fatty.

“Bro, why didn’t you come yesterday?”

“Who won first place?” Su Zimo avoided answering by asking another question.

“Of course it’s Sister Leng Rou!”

Little fatty snickered. “That Li Liang from Talisman Peak is no match for Sister Leng Rou! He was completely crushed. It was so exciting. Bro, you didn’t get to witness Sister Leng Rou creating talismans. That’s what I call beautiful!”

“What nonsense is that?”

Just then, a fair hand appeared behind little fatty’s head and rapped on it lightly.

Although the person who spoke sounded cold, it didn’t seem like there was any ill intentions.

Su Zimo turned his glance and met with a pair of icy eyes.

A ravishing girl emitted an aura that prevented people from approaching her. Standing behind little fatty was Leng Rou, disciple of Spirit Peak.

Unexpectedly, Leng Rou actually nodded when she met with Su Zimo’s eyes.

Slightly stunned, Su Zimo smiled and nodded in return.

Even though the both of them joined the sect at the same time, this was the first time he was having such an interaction with her.

Only, Su Zimo was slightly surprised. Given Leng Rou’s personality, she would usually ignore even if people greeted her.

Now, even though she did not say anything, her action was still rather surprising.

Actually, after Su Zimo won first place in the Weapon Peak face-off, a number of disciples from the five peaks already had a changed impression of him.

Or rather, they wanted to befriend him.

No cultivator would not want to be friends with a Weapon Refinement Master.

Everyone witnessed little fatty obtaining an inferior-grade spirit weapon previously. Even though they said nothing, all of them were extremely envious.

“Come, let me introduce you!”

Little fatty’s beady eyes revolved around Su Zimo and Leng Rou as he giggled. “This is number one of Talisman Peak, Sister Leng Rou. This is my bro, number one of Weapon Peak, Su Zimo.”

Su Zimo and Leng Rou exchanged glances.

Leng Rou avoided his gaze and Su Zimo merely smiled with an indifferent expression.

Blinking, little fatty continued, “Don’t just stand there! Both of you have your own strengths and you should hang out more in the future!”

When he mentioned ‘hang out’, little fatty winked at Su Zimo and sounded odd.

Su Zimo was alright about it. However, Leng Rou seemed to have thought of something as a blush appeared across her cheeks; compared to her snow-white skin, it was extremely obvious.

“More nonsense! You’re asking for a beating!”

Leng Rou chided lightly and knocked little fatty on the head.

Little fatty merely continued giggling.

Right then, Su Zimo felt an intense enmity as he looked over instinctively.

Not far away, Feng Haoyu arrived on his flying sword with a group of Spirit Peak disciples.

Upon seeing that Su Zimo and Leng Rou were standing closely together, rage flashed through the eyes of many Spirit Peak disciples.

Even though Feng Haoyu’s expression was cold and aloof as usual, his hands behind his back were curled into fists.

“Bro, other than Feng Haoyu, there’s a Elixir Peak disciple called Huo Xiuyuan who is also a strong competitor for you in this face-off. You must not underestimate him.”

Little fatty said, “He was the number one of Elixir Peak last year. He’s probably even stronger for this year’s face-off.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Compared to Weapon Peak, there were slightly more disciples taking part in the Elixir Peak face-off at around 200 odd.

All of them gathered in the Elixir Refinement Hall and waited patiently.

Refinement of elixirs was unlike that of weapons.

During the Weapon Peak face-off, the disciples could choose the type of weapon they wanted to refine.

However, for the Elixir Peak face-off, the peak master would decide on a specific elixir for the disciples to refine where they would be judged based on the final quality.

Therefore, many disciples would always try to guess which elixir would be refined during the face-off.

If they guessed it right and focused their practice on that specific elixir, their chances of winning the face-off would be much greater.

Before long, the five peak masters arrived.

When the time approached, the brown haired youth stood up and declared, “The elixir to be refined for this face-off is…”

At that, the brown haired youth paused for a moment as all disciples within the hall listened intently with bated breath.

The brown haired youth then continued slowly, “Is… the Foundation Establishment Elixir!”

The moment he said that, the crowd fell into an uproar.

The Foundation Establishment Elixir was one of the most difficult to refine among Grade 1 elixirs.

In the past, there was an instance of the Foundation Establishment Elixir being tested during a face-off as well. However, all participating disciples at that time failed to refine the pill and as such, it turned out to be the dramatic outcome of having no number one for that face-off.

After that, in order to prevent such a situation from happening again, there had been no more requests for Foundation Establishment Elixirs.

To think that this year’s Elixir Peak face-off would ask for the Foundation Establishment Elixir once more!



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