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Chapter 1206: Peak Battle

Long Zhong was not the only one stunned by the few slaps – even the dragons were dumbfounded and there was an uproar!

No matter what, Long Zhong was one of the elders of the Horned Dragon lineage and had a noble status.

The Grand Elder of the five lineages had an extraordinary status in the clan and ignored worldly affairs. There had never been a time when they were furious enough to punish an elder for the sake of a junior!

They left zero dignity for Long Zhong!

As the young master of the Blue Dragon lineage, Long Cang had not seen the Blue Dragon Grand Elder stand up for him.

What puzzled the dragons the most was that this was not a big deal to begin with.

Even if Long Zhu had lost an arm, there was no need for an elder to be beaten this badly, right?

“What did the Grand Elder mean by that?”

“Can’t lose even a single strand of hair. Isn’t that way too protective of Long Zhu?”

“I think so too. The two Grand Elders are acting a little overly extreme.”

The dragons discussed softly.

Long Zhong’s face was flushed red. It was unknown whether it was due to the slaps or embarrassment, but his blood surged as he straightened his neck and shouted, “I respect you as the Blue Dragon Grand Elder, but I want to know what rights you have to slap me!”

Even Su Zimo was shocked, let alone Long Zhong who was beaten up.

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder said coldly, “You wanted the young master of our race to sever his arm to resolve this matter. Do you think you deserve a beating?”


Long Zhong laughed in anger instead. “Grand Elder, you must be joking. The Dragon race’s grand ceremony has yet to be held and Long Zhu is only the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage. He’s not the young master of our five lineages!”

“His body isn’t so precious that we can’t even touch him!”

“If I say that he’s the young master of the Dragon race, he is!”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder asked expressionlessly, “Are you unconvinced?”

“I’m not the only one. Our clansmen have witnessed everything. Who among them is convinced? The young master of the Dragon race is no small matter. How can we be so casual about it?!”

Long Zhong was fearless as well and said in a deep voice, “Long Cang possesses the bloodline of a five-clawed divine dragon and yet he has to wait till the Dragon race’s grand ceremony to be conferred the title of young master. What rights does Long Zhu have?!”

Indeed, as Long Zhong had said, most of the dragons were indignant.

How long had Su Zimo been in the Dragon race for?

At most, it was less than ten years.

In terms of emotions, most of the dragons leaned towards Long Cang.

Although Su Zimo had also awakened the dragon qi of five lineages and three divine powers when he entered the Dharma Characteristic realm, his bloodline was impure after all!

He could not even conjure his true form as a dragon!

Strictly speaking, he was not even a true dragon!

How could someone like that become the young master of the Dragon race?!

As for Long Cang, he possessed the bloodline of a five-clawed divine dragon and was a king among the Dragon race!

It was clear who was qualified.

Right then, Long Cang stood up slowly and glared at Su Zimo with a sharp gaze with a raring battle intent. “If you want to become the young master of our race, you’ve got to defeat me first!”

At that moment, the tempering of Su Zimo’s body by his third divine power had already ended.

He awakened three divine powers and underwent four transformations!

At that moment, Su Zimo felt that every single inch of his flesh was filled with a terrifying power that was about to spew out, seeking an outlet.

He no longer had the danger of losing his arm and was in no hurry to fight Long Cang.

However, he had just broken through and wanted to find a true opponent to fight to his heart’s content!

Among his peers, the only one who could fight him was Long Cang!

“As you wish!”

Su Zimo was fearless as well. “Let’s head to the Dragon Blood Battlefield!”


Long Cang’s gaze shone brightly as he agreed without hesitation.

“Long Zhu, you’ve just entered the Dharma Characteristic realm and are unfamiliar with the power of the Dharma Characteristic realm. As such, you might not be familiar with the use of divine powers.”

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder said, “Why don’t the two of you fight to your heart’s content during the ceremony?”

“That’s right.”

Before Su Zimo could reply, Long Cang nodded. “You’re right, Grand Elder. I was a little anxious.”

Long Cang’s honesty left a good impression on Su Zimo.

Su Zimo smiled gently and waved his hand. “There’s no need. I’ll use our fight to familiarize myself with the powers of the Dharma Characteristic realm and comprehend the divine powers!”

Confidence, pride and arrogance!

This was equivalent to using a five-clawed divine dragon as a whetstone!


Long Cang no longer pushed back and leaped onto the Dragon Blood Battlefield!

The two Grand Elders exchanged glances and shook their heads helplessly.

However, both of them smiled right after, feeling relieved.

It was already a great fortune for the Dragon race to have any one of the two monster incarnates.

The most rare thing was that these two monster incarnates of the Dragon race were open and honest without any scheming plots or connivery.

No matter who won this battle, the rise of the Dragon race was inevitable!

“Seems like the grand ceremony is about to be brought forward.”

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder said with a smile.

“In my opinion, there’s no time like the present. Let’s do it today!”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder said in a deep voice, “The most important thing in the grand ceremony of the clan is to be conferred the title of the young master of the Dragon race! One of them will definitely win today and that person will be the young master of the Dragon race!”

“Alright, let’s get the other three old fogies out here.”

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder nodded in agreement.

The two Grand Elders reared their heads and howled!

A high-pitched dragon roar sounded, piercing through metal and cracking rocks and spreading to every corner of the Dragon Bone Valley.


After a brief pause, three dragon roars echoed from three corners of the Dragon Bone Valley, matching the howls of the two elders!

In the blink of an eye, another three old men appeared in midair. They were the Grand Elders of the Horned, Winged and Hornless Dragon lineages who were initially in seclusion.

The Grand Elders of all five lineages were gathered!

“What’s going on?”

The Winged Dragon Grand Elder frowned slightly and looked at the two figures in the Dragon Blood Battlefield. “Why? Is there finally someone who dares to challenge Long Cang?”

“There’s no need to alarm us for a battle with a predetermined outcome, right?”

The Horned Dragon Grand Elder was confused.

The three Grand Elders had yet to meet Su Zimo, let alone recognize him.

“Fufu, predetermined outcome?”

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder rolled his eyes and pointed at Su Zimo’s back view. “How about a bet? I’ll bet on him winning!”

He continued with a smile, “If I win, Old Qiu, the Mystic Flame Bead that you obtained 50,000 years ago will belong to me.”

“I’m not betting!”

The Horned Dragon Grand Elder shuddered and shook his head instinctively.

Although he did not know who Su Zimo was, the five of them knew one another way too well.

When he saw the sly smile on the Illumination Dragon Grand Elder’s face, he knew that there was definitely something going on!

The Hornless Dragon Grand Elder smiled and asked, “Tell me, what’s up with your mysterious behavior?”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder sent a voice transmission and recounted everything simply.

Even his speculation with the Illumination Dragon Grand Elder was revealed!

“For real?!”

When the three Grand Elders heard that, they could not contain their emotions and exclaimed instinctively!

“Let’s see,”

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder pointed at the Dragon Blood Battlefield. “This battle might prove our guess.”

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