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Chapter 1131: Rebirth of the Lotus Platform

Night Spirit carried Su Zimo on his back and leaped into the divine spring.

The spring water was not deep and barely reached their chests as the two of them sat inside.

The moment Su Zimo entered the divine spring, he could clearly sense that it contained an extremely rich lifeforce!

The spring water wrapped around his body and endless life essence washed over his wounds.

Faint golden light specks that could be seen with the naked eye fused into Su Zimo’s flesh like little fairies, healing his wounds gradually!

The pain in his body decreased significantly.


Su Zimo narrowed his eyes and moaned in comfort.

Even a divine spring without a spring source had such an effect.

It was no wonder why the Dragon True Body was able to be saved by the primordial divine spring despite having its lifeforce severed from the tremendous power of a Half-Martial Ancestor.

Without the divine spring, the injuries to the Green Lotus True Body would probably take years or even decades to recover.

With the primordial divine spring, the healing speed of his wounds increased greatly. He might recover within half a month!

This was truly a pleasant surprise.

In the blink of an eye, an entire day had passed.

With a splash, Night Spirit stood up from the pool and left the divine spring.

His injuries weren’t too serious.

Coupled with his physique’s regeneration capabilities, his injuries were mostly healed with the help of the divine spring.

Although he could recover faster if he continued healing in the divine spring, Night Spirit left ahead of time.

This divine spring didn’t have a spring source. It was a pool of stagnant water.

That meant that the lifeforce in the divine spring would not increase – it would only decrease as it was drained.

Night Spirit’s actions were only to let Su Zimo absorb more of the lifeforce in the divine spring.

Su Zimo glanced at Night Spirit and nodded.

He could tell Night Spirit’s intentions.

As time passed, Su Zimo’s injuries healed bit by bit.

On the tenth day, the biggest wound on his chest had already healed. His chest was as smooth as jade without any scars!

Over the past few days, Night Spirit did not go too far and stayed by Su Zimo’s side.

Su Zimo stretched his muscles and felt that his body was fine and had recovered. Just as he was about to get up, he frowned.


He sensed carefully and a strange look flashed through his eyes.

His injuries had already healed.

However, for some reason, the lifeforce in the divine spring continued to surge into his body, fusing into his flesh and bones!

How could this be?

Su Zimo frowned in thought.

Could there still be hidden injuries in his Green Lotus True Body?

In the divine spring, crystalline points of light surged into Su Zimo’s body through his pores.

Many points of light surged into his consciousness and landed on the bare green lotus platform.

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up!

Could it be…

He suddenly thought of a possibility as his heart began beating rapidly.

On the surface, his body was no longer injured.

However, his Green Lotus True Body was constructed using the shattered stems and leaves of the Creation Green Lotus as foundation.

In other words, the primordial divine spring was repairing the Green Lotus True Body!

Su Zimo only had a vague guess as to what kind of changes this would bring to the Green Lotus True Body – he was not certain.

He took a deep breath and continued staying in the spring. He calmed his mind and constantly absorbed the rich lifeforce in the divine spring.

Time flowed on.

Another ten days passed.

While there seemed to be no changes to his Green Lotus True Body, his body and bones emitted rich vitality.

His flesh and blood became even more crystalline as his vitality surged!

The bloodline of his Green Lotus True Body was also gradually strengthening.

Although it could not compare to his Dragon True Body, it was much stronger than before.

Furthermore, the regeneration capabilities of the Green Lotus True Body had increased significantly after he soaked in the primordial divine spring!

Of course, the greatest changes weren’t to his Green Lotus True Body.

It was the Creation Lotus Platform in Su Zimo’s sea of consciousness!

The Creation Lotus Platform was bare without a single petal on it after the explosive strike of the Half-Martial Ancestor.

However, at that moment, the edge of the lotus platform produced spots of emerald green.

One ring after another spread out as they silently grew!

In the blink of an eye, a full month had passed since Su Zimo entered the divine spring.

The originally pale golden spring water became so clear that one could see the bottom.

The rich lifeforce from before had completely vanished.

This pool of divine spring water had already become the most ordinary spring water.

To be precise, the lifeforce in that divine spring had been completely absorbed by the Green Lotus True Body with nothing left behind!

The changes that these life essences brought to the Green Lotus True Body were obvious.

Su Zimo suddenly opened his eyes and his gaze intensified. It was as though two rays of light were shooting out before they quickly retracted.

He slowly got up.

His glabella opened as a green lotus platform slowly appeared.

On the lotus platform, there was a flower bud stained with dew. It was emerald green and crystalline, blooming slowly with immense lifeforce emitted!

One lotus petal after another bloomed as light spread out and immortal aura rose.

An Essence Soul was sitting there, his black hair dancing.

On this lotus platform were six circles and 54 lotus petals!

Although the Creation Green Lotus that once pierced Heaven and Earth and shone with life had been destroyed, this Grade 6 Creation Lotus Platform had regained its vitality and recovered!

After he lost the Creation Green Lotus, Su Zimo did not have a Destiny Dharmic Weapon.

Now that the Creation Lotus Platform had been reborn, there was no need to refine it. There was an extremely intimate connection between the two of them to begin with.

This was his Destiny Dharmic Weapon!

Delighted, Su Zimo retracted the Grade 6 Creation Lotus Platform.

What truly delighted him wasn’t the rebirth of the Creation Lotus Platform.

It was because he saw a possibility through this opportunity!

The possibility of the Creation Green Lotus being reborn!

Under normal circumstances, there was no way a Grade 6 Creation Green Lotus that was destroyed by a Half-Martial Ancestor and had its stem and leaves forged into a body could recover.

But now, the Creation Lotus Platform had been reborn.

At the same time, this body was formed using the lotus stem and leaves.

In other words, if there was enough lifeforce to constantly nourish this body, the lotus stem and leaves could be reborn as well!

This Green Lotus True Body was in fact another form of rebirth for the Creation Green Lotus!

Of course, this was only Su Zimo’s guess.

To verify this guess, one needed to have a spring source and a flowing primordial divine spring that constantly nourished the Green Lotus True Body to succeed!

As for the Creation Green Lotus, once it was reborn using the Green Lotus True Body…

It would mean that Su Zimo would become a humanoid Creation Green Lotus that could constantly raise its grade!

Grade 7 and 8…

Or even Grade 9!

At that time, who could threaten this Green Lotus True Body?!

At the thought of this, Su Zimo’s heart burned.

Of course, reaching this step was just too difficult.

Firstly, this was only his guess.

Secondly, the primordial divine spring was too difficult to find. It was almost extinct!

Even if there was, it would definitely be guarded by a huge faction, like the primordial divine spring in the Dragon Bone Valley.

Su Zimo even considered the possibility of attempting a swap deception with his Dragon True Body.

He would have the Green Lotus True Body infiltrate the Dragon Bone Valley and enter the primordial divine spring.

But that was almost impossible.

Notwithstanding the fact that there was no way his Dragon True Body could leave the Dragon Bone Valley…

The sea of bones in the outer perimeter of the Dragon Bone Valley alone made it impossible for the Green Lotus True Body to pass!

There were many experts in the Dragon race.

The moment his Green Lotus True Body entered, he would be recognized instantly since there was an immensely great difference in bloodline. When that happened, it would be self-defeating.

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