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Chapter 1120: Two Loopholes

“Long Zhu, don’t be rude,”

When he saw Long Zhong’s ugly expression and fuming with anger, Illumination Dragon Elder Four coughed gently and chided him symbolically.

Although combat strength was paramount among the Dragon race, there was a strict hierarchy.

Even if Su Zimo was the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage, he could not provoke an elder of the Dragon race like that.

Of course, the young master of the Dragon race and the five lineages had a status that was even higher than the elders!

“How lawless!”

Long Zhong took a deep breath of air and glared at Su Zimo, saying coldly, “Long Zhu, your identity and background are unknown and you have an impure bloodline. You only arrived here ten years ago. If we’re talking about outsiders, you’re more like an outsider!”

If he had said that ten years ago, it might have caused quite a stir.

However, Su Zimo had already established himself in the Dragon race within that ten years!

He was the Illumination Dragon young master and the number one of the Hidden Dragon Ranking!

Who would believe claims that he was an outsider now?

Some Illumination Dragons looked at Long Zhong’s flustered expression and pouted in disdain.

Sensing the gazes from the surroundings, Long Zhong was even more enraged as he questioned loudly, “Long Zhu, let me ask you! Even if he attacked first, why didn’t you show mercy and exercise restraint?”


Su Zimo raised his brow and asked instead, “An outsider went berserk and tried to murder me and yet, you’re asking me to exercise restraint, Elder Long Zhong?”

Chuckles sounded from the dragons.

To be fair, as long as Wu Li was the one who attacked first, Su Zimo would always have the advantage for this matter!

“Even in a fight between dragons, Essence Spirit secret skills are not allowed in the habitat, let alone between other races,”

Su Zimo continued, “Everyone knows that Essence Spirit secret skills are extremely dangerous! I don’t quite understand how I should exercise restraint in a fight between Essence Spirit secret skills. Could you teach me, Elder Long Zhong?”

“You… ”

Long Zhong narrowed his eyes and a killing intent surged within them!

“Forget it, let’s not argue for now,”

The elder of the Hornless Dragon lineage stood out to mediate the situation. “Let’s think about how we should resolve this situation first.”

“What can we do?”

Long Zhong harrumphed coldly. “As the young master of the Witch race, Wu Li has a noble bloodline and status. Now that he’s dead, the location of his death will naturally be divined by a Mighty Figure of the Witch race. Our Dragon race won’t be able to escape responsibility!”

“At that time, if the Witch race comes to question us, we’ll just hand Long Zhu over! A life for a life!”

When he heard that, Illumination Dragon Elder Four frowned and said resolutely, “No!”

The elder of the Blue Dragon lineage looked towards Long Cang who was on the ground from time to time.

Although Long Cang was not old, as the only five-clawed divine dragon of the Dragon race, his authority was not weaker than an elder of the Blue Dragon lineage!

However, from the beginning to the end, Long Cang did not express anything and merely listened with a quiet, calm expression.

Therefore, the elder of the Blue Dragon lineage did not say anything either.

The elder of the Winged Dragon lineage nodded. “That’s right. If we hand Long Zhu over, it’ll seem as though the Dragon race is afraid of the Witch race.”

“Furthermore, the young master of the Witch race was the one in the wrong for this matter,”

No matter how they looked at it, there was something fishy about this matter.

However, the elders could not figure out the crux of the matter.

“No matter what, Long Zhu attacked recklessly and killed the young master of the Witch race. We can’t let this matter rest just like that! We have to be accountable for it!”

Long Zhong refused to relent on Su Zimo.

Illumination Dragon Elder Four nodded. “That’s right, we should give him some punishment and teach him a lesson!”

“That’s right!”

Long Zhong nodded repeatedly. “He must be severely punished!”

After a brief pause, he could not help but send a voice transmission, “How about we have him hand over the Barren and Reverse Scale secret skills?”

As though he had not heard anything, Illumination Dragon Elder Four said in a deep voice, “Long Zhu, you’re reckless and sharp. Now that you’ve caused such a huge trouble, I’ll punish you to reflect on your mistakes in the lair. You’re not allowed to exit seclusion until you reach the perfected Void Reversion realm!”

When he heard that, Su Zimo was slightly stunned. However, he recovered quickly and smiled internally as he cupped his fists. “Understood!”

How was that a punishment?

For most dragons, they spent most of their time in seclusion in their lairs.

Furthermore, this action was more of a form of protection than a punishment.

The death of the young master of the Witch race would definitely cause quite a stir.

However, letting Su Zimo enter seclusion was equivalent to letting him avoid this crisis.

By the time he cultivated to the perfected Void Reversion realm and obtained the baptism of the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar, he would have entered the Dharma Characteristic realm and comprehended his innate divine powers. By then, this storm would have long been forgotten.

All the elders present exchanged glances – how could they not understand what was going on?

However, the elders had a tacit understanding and did not say anything.

Only Long Zhong’s expression darkened as he nodded repeatedly. “Great, great! This punishment sure is fair!”

After saying that, he flicked his sleeves and left without even looking at Su Zimo.

The remaining four elders dispersed as well.

Just as Su Zimo was about to turn and leave, he realized that Long Cang was watching him from afar. Long Cang had a fake smile on his face and his gaze was deep, as though he could read Su Zimo’s mind.

“Is there anything?”

Su Zimo raised his brow.

Long Cang strode over and only stopped when he stood before Su Zimo.

He was a head taller than Su Zimo!

Looking down in a condescending manner, he smirked and said softly in an inaudible voice, “Your plan is perfect, but there were two loopholes.”


Su Zimo was expressionless.

Long Cang said, “First, Wu Li was to meet me initially. However, you stopped him all of a sudden and he died right after. That’s not a coincidence.”

Su Zimo said nothing and there was no fluctuation in his eyes. He looked calm.

Long Cang did not mind Su Zimo’s lack of reaction and continued, “Second, Wu Li did attack you first. However, before he attacked, you made a move.”

Pausing for a moment, he leaned forward slightly and the smile in his eyes deepened as he whispered, “You removed your mask!”

When he heard that, Su Zimo smiled.

Indeed, Long Cang was truly formidable!

The two of them had only met for the first time and this person had already displayed shocking insight.

Although he was not present and merely listened to the narration of others, he caught two imperceptible loopholes of the matter!

Su Zimo did not comment. He raised his head slightly and met Long Cang’s gaze calmly.

Long Cang said, “At first glance, those two loopholes don’t seem like much. However, if you think about it carefully, there’s definitely more to it.”

“When you first stopped Wu Li, you wore the Scorching Moon Mask. That was why you guys were able to chat merrily. However, he released his Essence Spirit secret skill the moment you removed your mask.”

“Hmm… let me guess. You guys should have known each other to begin with and have a deep feud. At the very least, Wu Li is afraid of you.”

“Therefore, you wore a mask to meet him and lured him away. The moment you removed your mask, Wu Li thought that you wanted to kill him and was terrified. In his fluster, he released his Essence Spirit secret skill!”

“That was the worst decision he ever made! That single mistake caused him his life!”

“If he did not make a move, you wouldn’t have dared to either. However, when he did, he fell into your trap and gave you a reason to attack!”

Long Cang smiled gently and asked word by word, “Long Zhu, am I right?”

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