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Chapter 1110: Reduced to Ashes


Su Zimo conjured a Dharmic art and three balls of flames of different colors appeared around him!

Red, Immortal Dao Fire!

Golden, Buddhist Dao fire!

Black, Fiend Dao Fire!

Su Zimo willed.

The three balls of flames collided rapidly and turned into a tri-colored flame, forming the most terrifying Dharmic art in the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra – Samadhi Dao Fire!

Back when Extreme Fire was at the Void Reversion realm, he relied on the Samadhi Dao Fire to dominate his peers and was almost invincible.

However, the Samadhi Dao Fire was even more powerful in Su Zimo’s hands!


The expressions of the two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords that charged forward changed when they sensed the temperature of the tri-colored flame!

Initially, the two of them did not take the Dharmic art of a Void Reversion seriously.

In their minds, the Dharmic art of a Void Reversion could be easily defeated with their bodies and blood qi!

However, when the tri-colored flame was formed, both of them felt their hearts skip a beat!

It was extremely dangerous!

That flame could definitely threaten their lives!

A thin layer of sweat appeared on their faces after the Samadhi Dao fire descended.

The two of them did not dare to be careless and retracted their contempt. Immediately, they summoned their defensive Dharmic weapons. At the same time, they conjured Dharmic arts and conjured Dharmic barriers to defend themselves.

“Burn it!”

Su Zimo pointed forward with a murderous aura!

The Samadhi Dao Fire charged towards the two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords.

When he saw that the two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were using Dharmic arts and Dharmic weapons to defend as well, a ruthless glint flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes as his consciousness opened up.

Another red beam tore through the air and entered the Samadhi Dao Fire instantly.

This was the Essence Spirit Dao Fire!

Initially, Su Zimo had no intention of releasing his Essence Spirit Dao Fire.

Although the Spirit Vanquishing Whip was powerful, it had a clear toll on his Essence Spirit as well.

After releasing his Essence Spirit Dao Fire, his Essence Spirit would become considerably weaker.

However, seeing that the two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were on high alert and were using their trump cards, the Samadhi Dao Fire alone might not be able to burn them to death!

After all, there was a major cultivation realm difference between them.

That was the reason why he was determined to kill the two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords on the spot at all costs!

Although it was only a single Essence Spirit Dao fire, it was able to fuse into the Samadhi Dao Fire and form a Caturadhi Dao Fire.

This was another transformation!

Its power had more than doubled!

Back in the Dao Inheritance Ground, Su Zimo had relied on his Caturadhi Dao Fire to gain the upper hand and almost burned Di Yin to death!

The Caturadhi Dao Fire descended.

There was even a strange silence on the battlefield!

The blind old man who was initially standing far away was shocked as well. Suddenly, he turned around and the sockets on his face glared in Su Zimo’s direction!

Even he felt his heart skip a beat, let alone the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of the human race!

How was that possible?

How could a human cultivator at the Void Reversion realm release such a terrifying Dharmic art?!

When the Caturadhi Dao Fire was formed, the two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were shocked and it was too late for them to dodge.

Flames burst into the skies and engulfed both of them in the blink of an eye, forming two gigantic human-shaped fireballs!

Their Dharmic arts were instantly burned into nothingness in the face of the Caturadhi Dao Fire without creating any impact.


The two of them opened their mouths and let out a tragic cry.

But soon, the screaming stopped.

Under the gazes of the crowd, the mouths and noses of the two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords spewed flames that were terrifying!

In the blink of an eye, their flesh and blood were burned to ashes!

Back then, even Di Yin’s body could not withstand the Caturadhi Dao Fire.

Although the two of them were Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords, their physiques and bloodlines were way inferior compared to Di Yin who was at the Void Reversion realm!

Furthermore, after 10 years, Su Zimo’s cultivation had improved and the might of his Caturadhi Dao Fire had increased as well!

Not to mention their flesh and blood, even their Dao Lord Dharmic weapons were burned red by the flames of the Caturadhi Dao Fire!

In just two or three breaths, they had already begun to melt, forming a torrential red molten metal that dripped down from midair!

The only thing left in midair was the boiling molten metal.

In just three breaths, two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were burned to ashes by the flames of the Caturadhi Dao Fire and their Essence Spirits could not escape!

Even everyone from Ethereal Peak was scared out of their wits, let alone the cultivators of Dragon Tiger Sect.

That scene was way too shocking.

If that flame landed on the main peak of Ethereal Peak, all of them, including the main peak, would be reduced to ashes!

However, the battle was not over!

Wu Li, who was initially attacking Nian Qi, frowned slightly as well and heaved a sigh of relief with a hint of fear in his eyes.

Thankfully, he was not against that person.

Even with his capabilities, he could not defend against that ball of flames!

The good thing was that such Dharmic arts required a lot of Dharmic powers and took a huge toll on one’s Essence Spirit. If that person released it once, he would definitely not be able to release it a second time within a short period of time.

Just as that thought flashed through Wu Li’s mind, a warning rang in his mind and he felt his scalp tingle as though he was targeted by an extremely terrifying existence!

“Not good!”

Instantly, Wu Li’s heart felt as though it was about to explode!

At that moment, a cry sounded from the crowd.

A blurry black figure appeared behind Wu Li!

Narrowing his eyes with a cold expression, Night Spirit reached out and grabbed Wu Li’s head viciously!

Nobody could capture Night Spirit’s tracks.

By the time he appeared, he was already behind Wu Li!

At that moment, it was too late even if Wu Li wanted to dodge!

All of a sudden!

A jade pendant on Wu Li’s waist shattered and a dark green barrier of light enveloped his body!

Protection Dharmic Weapon!

The Protection Dharmic Weapon activated automatically when Wu Li was attacked.

Night Spirit’s palm landed on the barrier.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Cracks appeared on the barrier.

Sharp claws popped out from Night Spirit’s fingertips one after another. In just a brief moment, five holes appeared on the light barrier!


When he saw that, Wu Li shrieked and withdrew a white bone staff before retreating.

Night Spirit did not give him a chance to escape at all. With a cold gaze, he seized the opportunity and followed closely behind.

The Protection Dharmic Weapon had already shattered.

One more attack and he would be able to kill this witch completely!

“Killing Curse!”

Right then, a hoarse voice sounded.

Suddenly, a dark green word appeared before Night Spirit – Kill!

At that critical moment, the blind old man attacked!

It was only when he attacked that the crowd realized that he was a Dharma Characteristic expert!

The Dharma Characteristic experts of the Witch race were comparable to Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

The word ‘kill’ seemed to contain an extremely strange and terrifying power as it charged towards Night Spirit.

Night Spirit’s gaze turned cold as he stopped in his tracks. In a flash, he disappeared once more.

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