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Chapter 1105: The Rainfall of Heaven

With the death of the green-robed young man, the faces of the Emperor of Great Shang and the others were ashen as though they had lost their parents.

They were all implanted with Gu worms and now that the green-robed young man was dead, they would not live for long either!

They had seen cultivators who were tortured to death by Gu worms with their own eyes.

It was truly excruciating!

They did not even have the chance to escape with their Essence Spirits!

“D-Dao Being Desolate Martial, please show mercy and save us as well,”

The emperors of Great Shang and Great You pleaded with bitter, pitiful expressions.

Dignity meant nothing as long as they could survive.

Su Zimo turned slightly and looked at Xiaoning.

He was helpless against Gu worms as well.

Pondering for a moment, Xiaoning said, “I can save you guys as well. However, all of you have to make a vow to be loyal and serve the current Empress of Great Zhou!”

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up when he heard that.

The reason why he did not kill more than 200 Nascent Souls and the remaining Void Reversions was because he wanted to keep them as Ji Yaoxue’s helpers!

Su Zimo and Xiaoning exchanged glances and smiled.

Although they had not seen each other for a hundred years, the siblings were still telepathic.

Although Ji Yaoxue did not say anything, her heart was filled with warmth.


All the cultivators agreed without hesitation.

They closed in and swore a Dao oath of lifetime loyalty to Ji Yaoxue in front of everyone. If they reneged on it, they would die on the spot!

The three dynasties had almost sent out all of their forces to arrive here.

But now, half of their forces had died here and the other half had submitted to Ji Yaoxue.

This meant that Ji Yaoxue could devour the other three dynasties and establish a new empire with this power!


Ji Yaoxue’s heart skipped a beat as she suddenly recalled something with a grim expression. “Something might have happened to Ethereal Peak!”

“He’s back,”

Su Zimo’s gaze was cold as he said in a deep voice, “The calamity of the Gu worms as well as the attack on Great Zhou is him taking revenge!”


Ji Yaoxue was stunned.

Su Zimo replied, “The former Palace Lord of Blood Crow Palace.”

Ji Yaoxue opened her mouth slightly in realization.

She knew about the battle at Ethereal Peak as well.

If the Asura Yan Beichen had not arrived, Ethereal Peak might have been destroyed!

It was also after that battle when the old immortal crane entered the Dharma Characteristic realm that the Patriarch of Great Zhou decided to befriend Ethereal Peak and go against everyone’s wishes to let Ji Yaoxue take over the position of the empress.

Su Zimo said, “Back then, the Palace Lord’s body was destroyed by Brother Yan but his Essence Spirit escaped far away. To think that he would make a comeback so quickly.”

At the side, with the help of Xiaoning’s elixir, the Gu worms in the body of the Emperor of Great Shang had already been expelled and burned to ashes.

The Emperor of Great Shang was eager to curry favor and hurried over. He pointed to the green-robed young man’s corpse and said, “His master is an elder of Gu Sect. His Dao title is Lone Soul.”

“The Gu worm calamity of the North Region this time round was done by Dao Being Lone Soul! Right, I heard that Dao Being Lone Soul knows the cultivation techniques of the Witch race and has already led his men to attack Ethereal Peak!”

The title Dao Being Lone Soul meant that the Palace Lord was still at the Void Reversion realm after more than a hundred years!

Of course, for Void Reversions, more than a hundred years passed in the blink of an eye and it was normal for their cultivation to not improve at all.

An existence like Su Zimo was extremely rare after all!

Furthermore, the Palace Lord only had his Essence Spirit left. If he were to assimilate a Gu Master whose body had a low compatibility rate with his Essence Spirit, it would be difficult for his cultivation to advance in the future!

Su Zimo frowned and asked, “Apart from him, who else is attacking Ethereal Peak?”

“Most of them are cultivators of Dragon Tiger Sect,”

By then, the Emperor of Great You had already gotten rid of the threat of the Gu worm as well. He hurried over and said, “I heard that Dragon Tiger Sect sent out five Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords and hundreds of Void Reversions!”

As one of the Ten Upper Sects of the North Region, Dragon Tiger Sect was extremely powerful. Although it was far inferior to super sects such as the nine immortal sects, it was not something that Ethereal Peak could contend against!

Su Zimo’s expression was cold and killing intent surged in his eyes.

There was something else strange about this!

He shifted his gaze and asked coldly, “Given Dao Being Lone Soul’s cultivation, identity and status, it’s unlikely for him to be able to mobilize Dragon Tiger Sect, right?”

Gu Sect was one of the five heretical doctrines.

However, it had been a long time since a successor appeared and they were ranked last among the five heretical doctrines.

As a Void Reversion Gu Master, how could Dao Being Lone Soul manage to mobilize Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of Dragon Tiger Sect?

“That… I’m not sure,”

With an embarrassed expression, the Emperor of Great You said, “However, it seems like there’s an even nobler existence supporting Dao Being Lone Soul!”

Suddenly, the Emperor of Great Shang said, “That person’s eyes are dark green and extremely strange! I merely exchanged glances with him and felt as though my soul was about to disperse!”

“Dark green eyes?”

Su Zimo’s heart stirred.

Night Spirit walked over and said softly, “It’s someone from the Witch race.”

The Primordial Nine Races!

It was no wonder why Dao Being Lone Soul could get Dragon Tiger Sect to help.

It was no wonder why Dragon Tiger Sect was fearless and dared to take part in the fight between the four dynasties.

It turned out that they had the backing of the Witch race of the Primordial Nine Races!

“Am I going to meet with the Primordial Nine Races again so soon?”

Su Zimo’s tone was cold!

At the mention of the Witch race, killing intent flashed through the depths of Night Spirit’s eyes as well!

“I’ve got to get to Ethereal Peak.”

Su Zimo informed Ji Yaoxue.

The Emperor of Great Shang and the others had already submitted to Ji Yaoxue so she was safe. Right now, Ethereal Peak was the most important!

“I’ll be fine. Hurry and go on. Be careful,”

Ji Yaoxue nodded.

Just as Su Zimo was about to move, he frowned and asked Xiaoning, “What about the Black Blood Gu on the tens of millions of citizens in the capital of Great Zhou?”

“There’s nothing much I can do either,”

Xiaoning shook her head. “We can only dissolve the Seven Treasures Blood Transformation Pill into water and distribute the spirit water as much as possible.”

This was an extremely massive project!

It was almost impossible for tens of millions of citizens to be able to drink the spirit water of the Seven Treasures Blood Transformation Pill!

Furthermore, the longer things dragged on, the more citizens would die because of the Black Blood Gu!

At that moment, Su Zimo leaped into the air and looked down. He could see that citizens were beginning to die in the capital and it was quite chaotic!

He pondered for a moment before saying, “Give me a Seven Treasures Blood Transformation Pill.”

Xiaoning handed a pill over.

With a wave of his hand, Su Zimo gathered Dharmic powers and absorbed the waters of Jishui River that surrounded the capital endlessly, infusing the Seven Treasure Blood Transformation Pill within.

Su Zimo waved his sleeves and scattered the river water in the skies, forming a torrential downpour that enveloped the entire capital!

In various parts of the capital, some people who were poisoned by Gu worms started to recover when they came into contact with the rainwater.

Some people who were on the brink of death showed signs of revival!

Gradually, countless citizens rushed out of their homes and drank the rain with excited expressions.

“It’s the rain of heaven! The heavens have blessed us with rain!”

“The heavens have eyes and sent down such an immortal rain to bless our Great Zhou and ensure our safety!”

Countless citizens knelt and cried loudly.

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