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Chapter 1102: Heretical Doctrine

There was no need for words between siblings.

It was a great relief and joy to see that the other party was fine.

Su Zimo had many things to say since he had not met Xiaoning and Night Spirit for a long time.

However, there were still some troublesome matters that he had yet to settle.

Xiaoning glanced sideways in the direction of the Emperor of Great Xia and said in a deep voice, “Brother, don’t listen to his nonsense. Those symptoms weren’t caused by poison at all!”

When he heard that, the Emperor of Great Xia’s expression did not change and he forced himself to remain calm. However, a layer of cold sweat appeared on his forehead and he looked guilty.

The green-robed young man hidden in the crowd watched coldly with an expressionless face.

Back then, Su Zimo had already determined that it did not seem like a simple case of poisoning. However, he knew nothing about the symptoms and had no solution. That was the reason why he wanted to compromise.

Even though he was strong, he was helpless against such a situation.

“Sister, have you seen such a situation before?”

Ji Yaoxue could not help but ask.


Xiaoning nodded. “Those symptoms are caused by the Black Blood Gu!”


Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

“There are many types of Gu and they are all poisonous bugs that are nurtured through secret techniques over many years. They are a powerful life form to begin with!”

Xiaoning pointed to Dao Being Flying Wolf’s corpse and said, “That cultivator was implanted with the Silver Silkworm Gu beforehand.”

“With the help of the Silver Silkworm Gu, his body will become stronger and his defense will increase. His speed and strength will also increase.”

Su Zimo’s eyes revealed a look of realization.

It was no wonder why Dao Being Flying Wolf’s combat strength increased after the silver threads appeared on his body!

If the Gu worm itself was a living being and fused with Dao Being Flying Wolf, the increase in strength would make sense.

“This Dragon Tiger Sect cultivator was poisoned by the Golden Silkworm Gu. It’s even more powerful and rarer than the Silver Silkworm Gu. In the cultivation world, there’s a type of cultivator who uses the Golden Silkworm Gu to cultivate and they are called Gu Masters!”

Xiaoning’s eyes revealed a hint of sadness. “Although the combat strength of these cultivators increased greatly after receiving the help of the Gu worm, their lives are in the hands of the Gu Masters who planted the Gu for them!”

“A Gu Master can kill them with a single thought using the Gu worms in their bodies!”

There were poisonous insects hidden in their bodies!

Such methods sounded sinister and frightening. Just the thought of it made one shudder.

“Gu Master,”

Su Zimo muttered softly.

He was not the only one. All the cultivators present looked confused as well – it was clear that they had never heard of such a strange poisonous insect or Gu Master.

Xiaoning said, “Right now, Gu Masters hardly appear. Even so, there’s a sect where this technique is passed down.”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he blurted, “One of the five heretical doctrines, the Gu Sect!”

“That’s right.”

Xiaoning nodded.

The five heretical doctrines included Tomb Sect, Poison Sect, Puppet Sect, Corpse Refinement Cult and Gu Sect.

The other four were relatively active and Su Zimo had interacted with them ever since he started cultivating.

However, the successor of Gu Sect was the only one who had never appeared.

Xiaoning continued, “Furthermore, the Gu in these people’s bodies is an ancient poisonous insect that has been extinct for many years, the Black Blood Gu!”

“The Black Blood Gu is extremely ferocious. Even cultivators who have not formed a core would not be able to defend against it, let alone mortals!”

When he heard that, the Emperor of Great Xia’s face turned incomparably pale.

“Normally speaking, without the control of a Gu Master, the Gu worms would not harm anyone.”

Little Gaze looked at the Emperor of Great Xia and the others and said coldly, “In other words, there’s a Gu Master among the twenty odd cultivators! That’s why the citizens of the capital of Great Zhou were poisoned by the Black Blood Gu!”

After not seeing her for more than a hundred years, Xiaoning was no longer as weak as before and there was a hint of authority in her eyes!

It was only then that Su Zimo noticed that Xiaoning had already entered the Void Reversion realm!

For cultivators of unorthodox groups such as Elixir Yang Sect, because elixir refinement required time and energy, their cultivation speed would definitely not be fast.

To think that Xiaoning would have broken through the norm.

The reason why Su Zimo was able to get to his current cultivation realm was due to all the opportunities he had obtained throughout the years.

If so, Xiaoning must have had quite an amazing journey all these years as well!

She was at the Void Reversion realm and exposed the lie of the Emperor of Great Xia.

Under her gaze, the Emperor of Great Xia could not withstand the pressure and knelt down with a thud!

“N-no, it’s not me!”

The voice of the Emperor of Great Xia was trembling with fear as he said with difficulty, “It’s…”

Just as the Emperor of Great Xia knelt down, a strange scarlet line of blood appeared on his face!

However, he did not notice it.

Su Zimo focused his gaze and was about to move when he heard a thud!

A crisp sound echoed in the mind of the Emperor of Great Xia.

It was the sound of his Essence Spirit shattering!

Instantly, his gaze turned sluggish and the lifeforce in his body disappeared. He sprawled on the ground with widened eyes – he was dead!

Su Zimo’s expression darkened.

Xiaoning was right. There was a Gu Master hiding among the cultivators and he had even killed the Emperor of Great Xia using the Gu worm technique right under his nose!

The Emperor of Great Xia was merely a puppet.

Right from the beginning, Su Zimo did not sense any signs of any cultivators attacking.

To be able to hide from his senses, this Gu Master was truly capable!

Su Zimo’s gaze swept across the twenty odd Void Reversions before him one after another, but he did not notice anything unusual.


Su Zimo nodded. “If you don’t come out, I’ll kill all of you one by one. Let’s see how long you can hide for!”

The expressions of Emperor of Great Shang and the others changed.

They knew that Su Zimo was someone decisive to kill. Since he said that, he would definitely be able to do it.

However, all of them were poisoned by Gu worms. If they ratted the green-robed young man out, they would die immediately and end up the same as the Emperor of Great Xia.

“Su Zimo, it’s useless even if you kill us and that Gu Master.”

The Emperor of Great Shang laughed bitterly. “As long as he refuses to save us, the tens of millions of citizens of Great Zhou will have to die with him!”

“That’s right, only by releasing us can you save the tens of millions of citizens!” The Emperor of Great You mustered his courage and said.

“Everything in this world has its counter,”

Xiaoning sneered, “Although the Black Blood Gu is domineering, it’s not like there’s no way to break it! Level 5 elixirs and Seven Treasures Blood Transformation Pills are the greatest nemesis of the Black Blood Gu!”

The others did not react when they heard that. However, the green-robed young man’s pupils constricted slightly.

Although they were called the seven treasures, they were only the most common spirit materials. While the refinement process was relatively complicated, they were fatal to the Black Blood Gu!

The rescue process was relatively simple as well. As long as the Seven Treasures Blood Transformation Pill was dissolved in water, a single drop of water would be enough to kill the Black Blood Gu within a living being’s body!

Normally speaking, with the extinction of the Black Blood Gu, the recipe for the Seven Treasures Blood Transformation Pill was long lost as well.

The green-robed young man had not expected that there would be an Elixir Refinement Master who knew about the Seven Treasures Blood Transformation Pill in this dynasty that was not considered as a prosperous cultivation civilization!

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