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Chapter 1050: Five Dragon Lineages

For some reason, Su Zimo felt a sense of sadness as well.

He could tell that the ‘Yan’er’ mentioned by the red-headed ghost was definitely the person dearest to him but was unfortunately no longer around.

On the surface, the red-headed ghost looked carefree and even a little neurotic. However, deep in his heart, there was a sadness that no one could reach.

Was the red-headed ghost an evil dragon?

10,000 years ago, the red-headed ghost destroyed the Great Qian Empire, Daming Monastery and Fahua Monastery, causing a massive catastrophe and killing so many people. It could be said that he was extremely evil.

However, in Su Zimo’s eyes, the red-headed ghost was just a pitiful person.

It was hard to imagine what he had experienced back then to cause him to be so furious and murderous!

What exactly was the trigger for the catastrophe 10,000 years ago?!

Su Zimo could guess the reason why the red-headed ghost refused to stay here – it was most likely because he felt guilty or wanted to atone for his sins.

The old monk did not seem to have any hatred towards the red-headed ghost as one would have imagined.

The red-headed ghost accidentally revealed that Die Yue seemed to have helped him before.

What happened when Die Yue came here to retrieve the Saraca Flower back then?

Su Zimo was filled with questions.

“Lad, don’t worry about anything before heading to Dragon Bone Valley.”

The red-headed ghost asked, “Have you devoured a dragon egg before?”

Su Zimo knew that he could not hide this matter and nodded.

The red-headed ghost said, “This matter can both be important or negligible. Actually, the dragon egg you saw was a dead egg.”


Su Zimo froze for a moment.

The red-headed ghost explained, “The bloodline of the Dragon race is noble and powerful. It has a long lifespan and powerful combat strength. However, it’s not without weaknesses.”

“The reproduction ability of the Dragon race is extremely poor! The success rate of the Dragon race nurturing a dragon egg is very low. Even if they can produce one, the survival rate of the dragon egg is not high.”

At that point, Su Zimo nodded to himself.

If the Dragon race had the reproductive capabilities of humans, such a massive race would have occupied Tianhuang Mainland long ago.

Even if ten Human Emperors were to appear, it would be useless!

The red-headed ghost said, “The dragon eggs that can truly survive have long been carefully protected with experts of the Dragon race guarding them day and night. How can you come into contact with them?”

Su Zimo recalled carefully.

Back when he and Night Spirit crossed a sea of bones, they ascended a mountain and entered that gigantic cave. Indeed, they did not encounter any obstacles along the way.

In fact, a green divine dragon only appeared after they devoured the dragon egg completely!

“This is Long Yan. From now on, call him Uncle Yan.”

The red-headed ghost pointed at the scarlet-robed man and said to Su Zimo.

“Uncle Yan.”

Su Zimo did not hesitate and bowed towards Long Yan.

Unexpectedly, Long Yan received Su Zimo’s bow and returned it with a respectful attitude. “Greetings, young master!”

“Young master?”

Su Zimo was momentarily stunned.

That title did not sound insignificant!

The red-headed ghost had a calm expression and was not surprised at all.

“Follow Long Yan and cultivate well in Dragon Bone Valley. If you have any doubts, ask Long Yan along the way. When you’re there, you’ll be called Long Mo for the time being!”

The red-headed ghost looked deeply at Su Zimo. “I believe that in the future, you won’t just be a young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage!”

The old monk nodded as well. “Go on, the chaos in Tianhuang Mainland has already appeared and I’m afraid a calamity is about to descend! Your true body of the Dragon race might be able to survive this calamity if you cultivate in Dragon Bone Valley.”

“Master, red-headed ghost, goodbye!”

The scarlet-haired Yin Spirit bowed deeply to the old monk and red-headed ghost before turning to leave with Long Yan.

Everything that Su Zimo wanted to bring, including his tattered body, had already been put into his storage bag. The scarlet-haired Yin Spirit carried everything and followed behind Long Yan.

Before long, the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit disappeared from the Dragon Burial Valley.

Although the two Essence Spirits were getting further and further away, there was still an extremely mysterious connection between them!

In midair, Long Yan took care of Su Zimo’s scarlet-haired Yin Spirit with focus and they did not travel at a fast speed.

“How long have you been cultivating for?”

Long Yan asked.

Su Zimo replied, “More than a hundred years.”

“Your potential is rather decent,”

Long Yan praised, “However, the clan leader has even greater expectations for you! I don’t know what he sees in you, but I’ll do my best to assist you. How far you can go will depend on yourself.”

Su Zimo nodded.

“Let me brief you on the situation of the Dragon race. There are a total of five lineages in the Dragon race. They are the Horned, Blue, Hornless, Torch and Winged Dragons!”

“These five bloodlines are known as the five great dragon lineages. Their bloodlines are the purest and their combat strength is the strongest. The Horned Dragon has the metal attribute, the Blue Dragon is wood, the Hornless Dragon is water, the Illumination Dragon is fire and the Winged Dragon is earth. All five lineages specialize in different things.”

Long Yan said, “Typically speaking, the strongest among the five dragon lineages is the Blue Dragon lineage! The Blue Dragon lineage inherited the most bloodline of the sacred beast, the Azure Dragon, and is the most similar to them!”

Suddenly, Su Zimo was enlightened.

It was no wonder why he had read similar descriptions in some ancient books that the Blue Dragon was the Azure Dragon.

However, in reality, the Blue Dragon merely inherited the most of the Azure Dragon’s bloodline.

The Azure Dragon was a sacred beast!

In the vast world, including the upper world, there were only four of them!

The Blue Dragon was far inferior compared to the Azure Dragon!

Long Yan thought for a moment and continued, “Of course, apart from the five dragon lineages, there are also the mixed dragon lineage in Dragon Bone Valley. There are some dragon species with thin bloodlines such as Wyrms, Cloud Dragons, Rain Dragons, Coiling Dragons and so on.”

“The mixed dragon lineage has a low status. In Dragon Bone Valley, they only do lowly work and serve the five dragon lineages as slaves.”

Pausing for a moment, Long Yan continued, “To be fair, the bloodline of you and that wyrm can’t even be compared to the mixed dragon lineage.”

The mixed dragon bloodline only had a thin bloodline.

As for Su Zimo, his bloodline was impure.

The nature of the two was completely different.

As for Solitary Cloud, not only was his Dragon race bloodline so thin that it was almost non-existent, it was not pure and could not even be considered as a remnant of the Dragon race!

“The clan leader saved me once and I owe him a huge favor. I have no complaints even if I acknowledge you as my young master. However, the other people of the Illumination Dragon lineage will definitely not think that way!”

Long Yan said in a deep voice, “If you want to become the true young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage, you have to suppress and dominate everyone in the younger generation of the Illumination Dragon lineage!”

“The Illumination Dragon lineage has a unique title, Illumination! Now that the clan master has given up that title, it means that whoever becomes the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage will be the ‘Illumination’ of the lineage!”

Su Zimo finally understood.

The word was similar to the titular disciples of the super sects.

In every generation, there was only one dragon that could be called Illumination!

In the previous generation, it was the red-headed ghost.

Now that the red-headed ghost had given up the Illumination title, his intention was for Su Zimo to fight for and inherit it!

That was the reason why the red-headed ghost told Su Zimo to change his name to Long Mo for the time being.

If Su Zimo managed to suppress the younger generation of the Illumination Dragon lineage and become the young master, he would be the new Illumination!

The dragon, Illumination!

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