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Chapter 1045: Major Transference Talisman

If Lin Xuanji could guess, Su Zimo could naturally guess as well.

The fact that he was able to break through the barrier of the Dao Inheritance Ground meant that the cultivation of the attacker had already surpassed the Conjoint Body realm!

An Ancestor realm expert!

Be it the Patriarchs or Half-Martial Ancestors, a power of that level was definitely not something that a Void Reversion could contend against.

It was no exaggeration to say that if they were not in the Dao Inheritance Ground, a single look from an Ancestor realm expert was enough to kill a Void Reversion!

Actually, Su Zimo had already felt a vague sense of uneasiness the moment Di Yin’s soul search failed.

That was the reason why he had been holding the Creation Green Lotus in his palm.

However, he knew that even the Creation Green Lotus would not be able to defend against the power of an Ancestral Realm expert!

The Grade 6 Creation Green Lotus had just matured and was comparable to a connate Dao Lord Dharmic weapon. It was far from reaching its peak!

This was akin to a connate spirit weapon used by Golden Cores in front of Su Zimo – he could crush it with ease!

The difference in strength was too great!

Right now, there was only a single chance for him to escape!

The Major Transference Talisman!

Therefore, the moment Su Zimo sensed danger approaching, he summoned the Creation Green Lotus and tore the Major Transference Talisman from his storage bag without hesitation!

He had not used the Major Transference Talisman ever since the old monk handed it to him.

According to the old monk, he could be teleported to the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley the moment he crushed the Major Transference Talisman!

Su Zimo did not know if he could make it in time.

He did not know if the power of an Ancestor realm expert would interrupt the teleportation of the Major Transference Talisman either.

More than that, he did not know if there would be any unforeseen circumstances during the process.

He only knew one thing – this was his only chance at survival!

The Major Transference Talisman shattered.

A strange power burst forth and space trembled violently!

Immediately after, a gigantic black vortex appeared behind Su Zimo. It was deep and mysterious, as though it could devour everything!

A terrifying suction force suddenly burst forth and pulled Su Zimo’s body in!

At the same time, the Creation Green Lotus that rose in reverse collided with the gigantic palm that was crushing down!


Instantly, it was as though the world had stopped.

Even the black vortex formed by the Major Transference Talisman stopped spinning!

Every cultivator in the Dao Inheritance Ground looked up at the skies with widened mouths and eyes filled with shock.

In their eyes, the only things left in the world were the Creation Green Lotus that brimmed with life and rose against the tides and a gigantic palm!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Immediately after, right in front of countless gazes, the thick green lotus stem broke apart inch by inch under the suppression of the gigantic palm and its glow dissipated!

The Creation Green Lotus seemed to be letting out a sorrowful cry!

Its gigantic lotus leaves were torn apart by the terrifying power as well!

Lotus petals fell one after another in a tragic manner.

This supreme treasure stole the creation of Heaven and Earth had just risen and revealed its sharpness when it was mercilessly suppressed by a gigantic palm and crippled!

The cultivators looked at this scene and remained silent for a long time.

Everything seemed to indicate something.

The fate of that monster incarnate seemed to be the same as the unyielding Creation Green Lotus that rose against the tides.

The Creation Green Lotus was already suppressed.

How could that person escape?

The shattered lotus stem, leaves and barren lotus platform were all sucked into the black vortex behind Su Zimo!

With the momentary obstruction of the Creation Green Lotus, Su Zimo managed to tear the Major Transference Talisman and entered the deep, dark teleportation tunnel.

The crisis seemed to have passed.

However, the owner of that palm would not allow it at all!

“Trying to flee?”

A cold and sinister voice sounded from the firmaments!


The gigantic palm descended suddenly, as though it had broken through the restrictions of space. Instantly, it reached into the pitch-black vortex and grabbed towards Su Zimo who had escaped far away!

That was the power and methods of an Ancestor realm expert!

Even if he released the Major Transference Talisman first, it was impossible for him to escape from an Ancestor realm expert!

Su Zimo who was in the teleportation tunnel was faced with the impending calamity once more before he even had time to grieve for the destruction of the Creation Green Lotus!

Everything happened too quickly!

From the moment he tore the Major Transference Talisman and was dragged inside to the pursuit of the gigantic palm, everything happened in the blink of an eye!

Without time to think, Su Zimo could only raise his right hand instinctively to defend himself.


Two palms collided!

A terrifying force struck the Divine Phoenix Bone.


A clear phoenix cry sounded from the teleportation tunnel, piercing through metal and cracking rocks with an endless might!

Immediately after, an extremely scorching aura burst forth from Su Zimo’s right hand, as though it could incinerate all living beings and destroy them!

His right hand had already disappeared completely and was replaced by a gigantic and malevolent claw. It was scarlet and burned with a world-shaking divine flame!

The power of the Divine Phoenix Bone was completely activated, revealing its true form – the divine phoenix’s claw!

The divine phoenix’s claw descended with divine flames surging on it. It was filled with a godly aura as it collided with the gigantic palm of the Ancestor realm expert!


Su Zimo shuddered as though he was struck by lightning!

Although the Divine Phoenix Bone was undamaged against the power of an Ancestor realm expert, it could not defend against the remnant power of the latter as everything surged into his body through the Divine Phoenix Bone!

After all, Su Zimo’s bones were not divine phoenix bones.

A single surge of remnant power into his body was absolutely devastating for his flesh!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

His bones were all shattered and every single one of them was the size of a fingernail. Not a single one of them was intact and his flesh was ruptured – he was almost completely smashed!

His powerful body that had been cultivated for more than a hundred years was completely crippled by the remnant power of an Ancestor realm expert!

His entire body was devoid of life.

Furthermore, that was under the premise that the divine phoenix bone already blocked more than half of the power of the Ancestor realm expert.

If not for the divine phoenix bone, Su Zimo’s body and spirit would have been destroyed instantly and his body would have been crushed into dust by the gigantic palm!

However, this collision caused Su Zimo’s figure to sink swiftly into the depths of the black vortex, disappearing into the darkness.

The gigantic palm reached in once more to scoop but did not manage to grab anything.

The Ancestor realm expert harrumphed coldly.

The gigantic palm withdrew from the black vortex and retreated from the Dao Inheritance Ground.

It was only at this moment that the terrifying might in the void dissipated slowly.

After a long period of silence, the entire Dao Inheritance Ground burst into a clamor!

“Heavens! Desolate Martial established his Dao and killed titular disciples, attracting the attack of an Ancestor realm expert!”

“I wonder if that was a Mahayana Patriarch or Half-Martial Ancestor?”

“He’s definitely a Half-Martial Ancestor. Mahayana Patriarchs have broad horizons and are dedicated to pursuing the great Dao. Why would they get involved over such a small matter?”

“An Ancestor realm expert actually lowered his dignity despicably in order to kill a Void Reversion Dao Being!”

“Desolate Martial will no longer exist after today!”

Some people lamented, some sighed, some gloated and some were devastated.

Demoness Ji burst into tears and sobbed silently.

Lin Xuanji stood there in a daze, seemingly unable to recover from the shock of that scene.

After a moment, he said, “Fellow Daoist Pure Maiden, Brother Su is not dead yet. There might be a chance for things to change.”

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