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Chapter 1044: Arrival of the Great Calamity

Arriving at a cave abode at the back mountain, Firmament Arrival, despite his status as the master of a sect and was at the Conjoint Body realm, did not dare to be disrespectful and bowed.

“Elder Di, weren’t you in seclusion? What happened?”


There was a deafening sound.

The door of the cave abode was shattered by a terrifying force and countless boulders smashed onto Firmament Arrival.

However, Firmament Arrival did not dare to dodge and merely bowed slightly.

A purple-robed figure walked out slowly with a burning gaze and a tremendous might emanating from his body. Even the Conjoint Body Mighty Figure, Firmament Arrival, almost could not withstand it and knelt on the ground!

This was Chaos Essence Sect’s Grand Elder, a Half-Martial Ancestor expert – Di Fan!


Di Fan’s expression was dark as he said slowly, “If I continue my seclusion, I’m afraid Chaos Essence Sect will be destroyed! Let me ask you, is Di Yin still alive?”

When he heard that, Firmament Arrival was terrified and drenched in sweat.

“Elder Di, Di Yin…”

Firmament Arrival hesitated for a moment and swallowed his saliva before saying, “He’s already dead. Su Zimo, none other than Desolate Martial who had just established his Dao, killed him in the Dao Inheritance Ground.”

Firmament Arrival hurriedly recounted the various news regarding the Dao Inheritance Ground.


Di Fan’s gaze turned cold.

Initially, he was indeed in seclusion. However, he was alarmed the moment Su Zimo searched Di Yin’s soul!

“Elder Di, please calm down.”

Firmament Arrival said hurriedly, “That lad, Desolate Martial, has the protection of Hundred Refinement Sect. We’ve already made contact with Heavenly Dipper Sect, Zephyr Thunder Palace, Malevolent Earth Sect, Formless Monastery and other sects. We’re prepared to join forces to kill our way into Hundred Refinement Sect and slaughter Desolate Martial! A blood debt must be paid with blood!”

“Why is it so troublesome to kill a Void Reversion?”

Di Fan said coldly, “How long would it take to join forces with the other sects? What if something unexpected happens during this period of time and that lad manages to escape?”

“I want him dead right now!”

Di Yin’s death triggered Di Fan’s killing intent!

Firmament Arrival smiled bitterly. “Elder Di, that lad is still in the Dao Inheritance Ground right now. That place is guarded by the wills of many ancient Mighty Figures and it’s impossible to penetrate with the power of Conjoint Body Mighty Figures. We can only wait for him to return to Tianhuang Mainland before making a move.”

“Is that so?”

Di Fan narrowed his eyes.

Firmament Arrival’s heart skipped a beat as he vaguely realized something and exclaimed, “Elder Di, are you going to…”

At the same time, Hundred Refinement Sect.


“Di Yin is dead?”

Everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect was shocked when they heard the news.

Even though Su Zimo was at the Void Reversion realm, everyone felt that it was almost impossible for him to kill Di Yin!

Between them, while victory could be determined, it would be way too difficult for them to kill one another.

Even Extreme Fire did not expect Di Yin to be killed by Su Zimo at the Dao Inheritance Ground!

Including Di Yin, eight of the titular disciples had already died in Su Zimo’s hands!

Previously, when six titular disciples died, Dao Lord White Flames, Dao Lord Scarlet Star and the others had grim expressions and were filled with worries.

Now that eight titular disciples were dead, it meant that if Hundred Refinement Sect still dared to protect Su Zimo, they would have to endure the wrath of eight super sects!

The Dao Inheritance Ground.

Su Zimo, Lin Xuanji and Demoness Ji were already prepared to leave.

“Brother Su, why are you still holding the Creation Green Lotus? Who else would dare to provoke you in this Dao Inheritance Ground?”

When Lin Xuanji saw that Su Zimo was still holding the Creation Green Lotus and swinging it around, he could not help but purse his lips and ask.

Su Zimo smiled without explaining.

He could not help but feel uneasy and could only calm down if he held the Creation Green Lotus.

Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks.

His spirit perception alerted him and an unprecedented sense of danger descended, causing his scalp to tingle and his heart to almost jump out of his chest!

His previous uneasiness was merely a hunch.

But this time round, Su Zimo could truly smell the scent of death!

It was more terrifying than any danger he had experienced before!

The skies above the Dao Inheritance Ground suddenly darkened!

At that moment, every cultivator in the Dao Inheritance Ground felt their hearts skip a beat.

An extremely terrifying might coiled in the skies, as though it was searching for something. In the blink of an eye, it locked onto its location!

This was a power that came from outside the Dao Inheritance Ground!

Demoness Ji was shocked.

“This is the Dao Inheritance Ground. How is that possible…”

Lin Xuanji’s eyes widened as though he had suddenly recalled something. He could not continue as his eyes shone with fear!

Without hesitation, Su Zimo pushed Demoness Ji and Lin Xuanji away. At the same time, he waved the Creation Green Lotus in his right hand and injected Dharmic powers into it while slapping his storage bag with his left hand.


The Creation Green Lotus rose from the ground and burst forth with a jade green glow, streaking towards the firmaments. The gigantic lotus leaves blotted out the skies and the thick stem of the lotus was like a stone pillar that connected the heavens and earth!


Suddenly, a crack appeared in the skies!

Immediately after, a gigantic palm tore through the firmaments and crushed down with a supreme might as though it wanted to destroy the world!

The entire Dao Inheritance Ground trembled and swayed!

The void around the gigantic palm collapsed inch by inch and cracks appeared!

Even this space could not withstand the impact of that power!

How terrifying was a power that even the void could not withstand?!

That gigantic palm only had a single target – Su Zimo who was on the ground!

At that moment, every cultivator in the Dao Inheritance Ground saw the gigantic palm and shuddered in shock with frightened expressions.

That power was way too terrifying!

Even Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords and Conjoint Body Mighty Figures would be destroyed both physically and in spirit by the suppression of that power, let alone Void Reversion Dao Beings!


Demoness Ji felt chills run down her spine as she looked at Su Zimo who was not far away and cried weakly.

Lin Xuanji looked at the descending palm and recalled his master’s words.

His master had once told him sternly that Su Zimo would face a calamity upon entering the Dao Inheritance Ground!

At that time, he did not take it to heart.

He thought that Su Zimo would tide through the calamity after he got through the titular disciples or Di Yin.

It was only now that he realized that the palm before them was Su Zimo’s calamity!

The power of the Conjoint Body realm could not penetrate the barrier of the Dao Inheritance Ground.

If this palm could penetrate the Dao Inheritance Ground to suppress down, there was only a single possibility!

A terrifying expert beyond the Conjoint Body realm had attacked!

When he realized that, a look of sorrow and mockery flashed through Lin Xuanji’s eyes.

The most tragic thing was that Su Zimo was already dead for sure with the attack of such a terrifying expert.

To Lin Xuanji, the irony was that in order to kill Su Zimo and suppress his growth, an expert who had surpassed the Conjoint Body realm was willing to give up his dignity and attack a Void Reversion!

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