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Chapter 1010: Stone Statue

In the end, he was defeated!

An indignant feeling surged into Su Zimo’s heart.

In reality, he did not know that Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and Dao Being Zephyr Thunder were even more shocked!

Even though the three of them titular disciples joined forces and released their Essence Spirit secret skills, they could not kill a Nascent Soul directly!

They truly could not imagine how far this person would grow if they allowed him to continue with his cultivation!

The battles on the other two sides were gradually becoming clearer.

Neither Dao Being Malevolent Earth nor Demoness Ji could do anything to one another.

Demoness Ji’s methods could not pose a threat to Dao Being Malevolent Earth.

On the other hand, Dao Being Malevolent Earth could not hurt her thanks to her Heaven Fiend Dance!

Even if both parties fought for a day and night, they would probably be in a stalemate.

The fight between Ming Zhen and Monk Formless was nearing its end.

Ming Zhen’s Buddhist Dharmic arts were profound and he had read countless secret Buddhist texts at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley. Coupled with his pure and innocent heart, he had a solid foundation.

However, he was still too young.

Void Reversion had a lifespan of 5,000 years and he was only a hundred years old!

In terms of experience, knowledge and comprehension of life, he was far inferior compared to the Monk Formless who was already 3,000 years old!

Most importantly, his Dao heart had yet to be established and he was forced to retreat in defeat against Monk Formless who possessed a Dao heart!

Su Zimo struggled to stand up. His Essence Spirit felt a tearing pain and his body swayed uncontrollably!

It was extremely difficult to fully recover from such wounds on the Essence Spirit.

If he could not recover completely, even if he managed to escape, his future cultivation would most likely stop at the Nascent Soul realm.

A resolute look flashed through Demoness Ji’s eyes as she looked at Su Zimo who was not far away.

She had long made up her mind on this matter!

Dodging Dao Being Malevolent Earth’s bone spear, she withdrew and retreated from the battlefield.

Dao Being Malevolent Earth was also frustrated by Demoness Ji’s actions and did not give chase when he saw her retreat from the battlefield.

Demoness Ji extended her arms and raised her head slightly. Closing her legs, her entire body floated up slowly.

She had a pious expression as she chanted obscure words, looking at Su Zimo with deep emotions without blinking.

A mysterious power appeared beside her!

Immediately after, something seemed to be spilling out of Demoness Ji’s body endlessly, converging into a milky white light that surged into Su Zimo’s body through the top of his head!

Apart from the injuries to his Essence Spirit, Su Zimo’s internal and external injuries seemed to be healing gradually.

Furthermore, the most frightening thing was that Su Zimo’s aura was rising continuously, turning increasingly terrifying as he charged towards the Void Reversion realm!

On the contrary, as Su Zimo’s aura rose, Demoness Ji’s aura weakened continuously.

The light in her eyes dimmed gradually as well.

“This is…”

Dao Being Malevolent Earth frowned and murmured softly, as though he recalled something.


Right then, Dao Being Hidden Death’s figure appeared. Gritting his teeth, he said, “It’s a secret sacrifice technique of Pure Maiden Sect! Hurry and stop her!”

Dao Being Hidden Death and Dao Being Malevolent Earth attacked at the same time, charging towards Demoness Ji who was in midair.

Right then, something weird happened!

The fairy stone statue that was erected on the empty space on the ground suddenly burst forth with a brilliant light that shot into the skies.

A legacy phenomenon had appeared!

Nobody expected that someone would trigger a legacy phenomenon at this juncture.

But who was it?

Right now, the only two women in the battlefield were female cultivators of the fiend sects – how could they get involved with this stone statue of a fairy?

The eyes of the fairy stone statue shone with two mysterious glows that shrouded Demoness Ji.

Demoness Ji!

The Pure Maiden of the fiend sects had obtained the inheritance recognition of the fairy stone statue!

When they saw that, all the cultivators widened their eyes in confusion.

This fairy stone statue was extremely famous.

She had stood in the Dao Inheritance Ground for countless years and no one knew her background. She did not leave any words or information about her inheritance either.

Over the years, countless female cultivators from the immortal sects had tried to obtain the recognition of the stone statue but to no avail.

To think that the successor of the fairy stone statue would be chosen today!

“We were all wrong.”

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper suddenly said.

Since time immemorial, every cultivator who saw this stone statue would think that it was someone from an immortal sect when they saw its ethereal appearance.

However, in reality, she was not a fairy but a demoness!

Unknowingly, the demoness stone statue had bewitched the eyes and minds of countless cultivators as it stood there for so many years and nobody had realized it!

This was the true brilliance of Pure Maiden Sect’s charm!

The attacks of Dao Being Hidden Death and Dao Being Malevolent Earth collided against the light emitted by the demoness stone statue and were repelled.

With the legacy activated, no one could hurt Demoness Ji anymore!

However, at that moment, Demoness Ji’s aura was extremely weak.

There was a connection between her and Su Zimo. While Su Zimo was getting stronger, he seemed to have absorbed all of Demoness Ji’s essence, Dharmic powers and Essence Spirit!

Su Zimo wanted to cut it off but there was no reaction.

Once that connection was established, only Demoness Ji could sever it herself!

Before long, Demoness Ji’s aura was so weak that she seemed like a mortal!

As for Su Zimo’s aura, it was extremely berserk and had already broken through the boundaries of the Nascent Soul realm!

Of course, this was not a true breakthrough.

He had only obtained the power of another cultivator for a short period of time. The only way he could possibly break through to the Void Reversion realm would be if he could cultivate immediately and absorb all the power in his body!

Demoness Ji looked at Su Zimo and felt her eyelids turning heavy as well as deep exhaustion.

She was still trying her best to smile as she whispered to him, “Remember my words. You must escape alive!”

It was only now that Su Zimo understood the meaning behind Demoness Ji’s words before the battle.

So, she had already made the decision to sacrifice herself at that time!

What exactly was a sacrifice?

What did it have to do with a tripod?

Up till now, Su Zimo still did not understand and had countless doubts.

However, he knew that this was not the time to consider such things. He had to escape with Ming Zhen with the help of the sudden increase in strength!

Demoness Ji’s figure had already vanished.

If she could obtain the recognition of the demoness stone statue, Demoness Ji would not be in danger for the time being and no one would be able to hurt her.

While everyone was stunned, Su Zimo’s figure flashed and he charged towards Ming Zhen.


With a gentle breeze, he arrived before Ming Zhen.

It was too fast!

Although it was not the true power of a Void Reversion, it was enough to change the entire situation!


Monk Formless hollered and strode forward, wanting to stop Su Zimo.


Su Zimo gripped the Creation Green Lotus in reverse and smashed it towards Monk Formless!

Monk Formless held the wooden fish and blocked upwards!


If it was before, even if Su Zimo was at his peak condition, this single exchange would at most force Monk Formless a half step back and numb the latter’s arms.

But now, Monk Formless was sent flying by Su Zimo’s Creation Green Lotus and fell to the ground. By the time he got up, his face was already pale!

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