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Chapter 1009: Damaged Essence Spirit

Su Zimo straightened his body slowly as the flames of war reignited in his eyes!

At that moment, he would not leave even if Demoness Ji and Ming Zhen were to leave.

Right now, there was only a single way to resolve the situation.

He had to kill his way out!

Sensing Su Zimo’s fighting spirit, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper smiled gently and remarked leisurely, “Interesting. To think that you haven’t given up.”

“Leave this little monk to me.”

Monk Formless said indifferently, “I can conveniently discuss Buddhism with him as well.”

Dao Being Malevolent Earth said coldly, “I’ll take care of Demoness Ji. The three of you kill Su Zimo as soon as possible. Don’t forget to share the treasures with me.”

A sword appeared in Demoness Ji’s hands.

A green lantern suddenly flew out from Ming Zhen’s glabella.

A tiny flame burned on the green lantern. It was the size of a pinky and flickered, as though it could extinguish at any moment!

When he saw the green lantern, there was a clear hint of fear in the depths of Monk Formless’s eyes.


Monk Formless struck his wooden fish first.

Ming Zhen’s expression was unchanged as he spoke in Sanskrit.

He had once cultivated the Daming True Sutra at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley and the sound of the wooden fish did not affect him much!

“Formless Dharmic Seal!”

Monk Formless conjured hand seals and released a gigantic Dharmic seal that smashed towards Ming Zhen.

Su Zimo had seen Void Reversion monks of Formless Monastery release this Dharmic Seal before. However, its power was worlds apart from what Monk Formless could release!

Ming Zhen was fearless as he gripped the green lantern and conjured hand seals, exhaling gently at the flames on the lantern.


The flames on the green lantern intensified and burned towards the Formless Dharmic Seal, turning it into nothingness in no time!

Although Ming Zhen was only at the early-stage Void Reversion realm, he was not disadvantaged against Monk Formless at all!

On the other side, Demoness Ji and Dao Being Malevolent Earth were already exchanging blows.

Dao Being Malevolent Earth’s power was even stronger.

However, Demoness Ji relied on the Heaven Fiend Dance that she learned from Fairy Ling Long in the Human Emperor’s Palace and her nimble movement technique so that Dao Being Malevolent Earth could not injure her at all!

Back in Myriad Phenomenon City, even the Rakshasa race was troubled by this Heaven Fiend Dance.

It would be difficult to determine the victor in a short period of time in a fight between two titular disciples of the fiend sects.

Su Zimo was going to face Dao Being Zephyr Thunder and Dao Being Heavenly Dipper alone along with Dao Being Hidden Death who was hiding in the dark!

“Let’s fight!”

His eyes shone brightly as he strode forward.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Su Zimo held the Creation Green Lotus in his left hand and clashed against Dao Being Heavenly Dipper’s saber and Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s Zephyr Thunder Hammer without being disadvantaged!

His right hand gripped the long sword that he snatched from Dao Being Hidden Death. Using the sword like a saber, he condensed multiple saber intents!

Countercurrent, Vortex, Raging Tides and Ripple.

Ghost Howl, Blood Flow, Hell, White Bones, Phantom and Corpse…

The two saber intents, Sea Calming Saber and Asura Saber, burst forth and collided continuously. In the end, they seemed like they were about to fuse!

The saber intent became thicker, more condensed and ferocious!

Against the two great titular disciples, Su Zimo released all his potential and channeled the Scarlet Flame Revolving Lantern to protect his body. He was like an immortal king descending upon the world and fought with increasing ferocity!

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and Dao Being Zephyr Thunder were secretly alarmed.

Their combined strength was definitely superior to Su Zimo’s.

Furthermore, Su Zimo was already injured.

However, Su Zimo’s saber intent was getting stronger and his will was getting more condensed – there was a high chance that he would break through during the battle!

As for their attacks, even if they managed to pass through Su Zimo’s saber intent, they would be negated by the Scarlet Flame Revolving Lantern around him.

Dao Being Hidden Death did not appear the entire time.

There were two possibilities.

First, he had already left.

That would be extremely unlikely because he was injured by Su Zimo. Given the vengeful nature of the Hidden Death Sect assassin, there was no way he would leave.

Second, Dao Being Hidden Death had no chance to attack!

The current situation gave the surrounding cultivators the illusion that Su Zimo was suppressing the two titular disciples!

A look of impatience finally appeared in Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s eyes.

They did not want to continue dragging things.

“Su Zimo, let me tell you the biggest difference between the Nascent Soul and Void Reversion realm!”

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper spoke slowly and his glabella flickered. A terrifying spirit consciousness burst forth, condensing into a star in midair that charged towards Su Zimo!

It was an Essence Spirit secret skill!

Up till this point of the battle, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper had finally summoned his Essence Spirit secret skill.

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder followed without hesitation as well.

“Soulshaker Art!”

A thick spirit consciousness condensed into a spirit consciousness hammer in midair and smashed towards Su Zimo!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

Essence Spirit secret skills were unlike clashes between Dharmic arts or saber intents.

Be it a clash of Dharmic arts or a battle of saber intents, even if power surged into his body, he could rely on his strong physique and terrifying regeneration capabilities to continue.

However, it was different for Essence Spirit fights!

If he was careless, his physical body and Essence Spirit would both be destroyed!

Su Zimo activated the Mingwang Prayer Beads immediately.


The Mingwang Prayer Beads shone brightly and emanated an invisible barrier of light. It shone with golden runes and was filled with a Buddhist light that was sacred and flawless.

The star crashed into the barrier.

There was a slight pause.

The barrier shattered!

The star vanished as well!


The spirit consciousness hammer rushed into Su Zimo’s consciousness and pummeled down violently on his Essence Spirit!

45 Creation Green Lotus seeds transformed into rays of green light that struck the spirit consciousness hammer continuously.

Cling! Clang!

There was a deafening and crisp sound.

The glow on the 45 Creation Green Lotus seeds had already dissipated before the spirit consciousness hammer gradually dispersed.

Su Zimo heaved a sigh of relief.

Although the entire process seemed short, it was extremely dangerous!

If he could not defend against the two Essence Spirit secret skills, he would be killed instantly!

No matter how strong his physical body was, it was useless!

Right then, a warning flashed in Su Zimo’s mind!

“Not good!”

His expression changed starkly.

At the final moment, he had forgotten about someone!

Dao Being Hidden Death!

A spirit consciousness dagger entered Su Zimo’s consciousness and stabbed towards his Essence Spirit!

At that moment, the 45 Creation Green Lotus seeds had just collided with the spirit consciousness hammer and were no longer glowing – there was no way they could defend against that spirit consciousness dagger!

It was a fatal killing move!

Against the spirit consciousness dagger, Su Zimo’s black-haired Essence Spirit was like a three-year-old child who could not resist at all!

In a flash, the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit rushed out from a corner of his consciousness.

The Dao Inheritance Ground restricted his bloodline and demon spirit consciousness.

However, the actions of his scarlet-haired Yin Spirit within his consciousness could not be sensed.

The scarlet-haired Yin Spirit collided with the black-haired Essence Spirit and the two Essence Spirits fused completely, transforming into an existence that was half human and half dragon and covered in scales!

The spirit consciousness dagger struck the new Essence Spirit!


It dissipated and a large portion of the dragon scales on the new Essence Spirit’s body were sliced off by the dagger. The tremendous force separated the two Essence Spirits!

Even though the two Essence Spirits were fused, no matter how strong they were, they only had a layer of dragon scales for protection – there was no way they could defend against the Essence Spirit secret skill of a titular disciple!


Su Zimo spat out a mouthful of blood. Although his two Essence Spirits did not die, they were still severely injured and his entire body withered rapidly!

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