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Chapter 1008: Dao Being Dapamkara

Right then, an unusual commotion broke out in the crowd.

“Die, fiend!”

Suddenly, a cultivator stood out and charged towards Dao Being Malevolent Earth!


“Kill the fiend!”

Figures appeared one after another, all Void Reversions. As though they had lost their minds, they charged towards Dao Being Malevolent Earth like madmen!

Su Zimo was momentarily stunned.

Were these cultivators merely upset over the injustice or did they have some personal feud with Dao Being Malevolent Earth?

A Void Reversion charged forward and his blood qi burst forth. With a flick of his wrist, his sword drew dozens of sword flowers in midair that floated towards Dao Being Malevolent Earth.


Dao Being Malevolent Earth raised his bone spear and stabbed with it in reverse, tearing through the layers of sword flowers as though they were dried weeds, creating a huge bloody hole in the man’s body!

A malevolent aura surged from the bone spear and surged into the spirit platform of the man – his Essence Spirit was destroyed right away!

Two more Void Reversions charged forward.

Dao Being Malevolent Earth waved his bone spear and stabbed the two of them through the heart with just two moves!

“A bunch of ants!”

He sneered.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

In high spirits, Dao Being Malevolent Earth charged into the crowd and killed more than ten cultivators.

More than ten corpses hung on the bone spear, dripping with blood in a frightening manner!

The battle between Su Zimo and the five titular disciples seemed like it was back and forth. However, in reality, most Void Reversions would not last more than three moves against the titular disciples!

If those cultivators charged forward, they would be courting death!

Many more cultivators charged forward as though they had lost their minds. Dao Being Malevolent Earth was not the only one targeted – Dao Being Heavenly Dipper, Dao Being Zephyr Thunder and Monk Formless were attacked as well!

The status of a titular disciple was not something that anyone with a forgiving nature could attain.

The three of them attacked decisively and corpses filled the ground beneath their feet in no time!

The crowd was in chaos and countless cultivators retreated as though they were hiding from something.

Su Zimo focused his gaze and finally noticed something.

A pink figure walked through the crowd and was releasing the bewitchment technique of Pure Maiden Sect to the Void Reversions present.

Cultivators with weak minds and unstable Dao hearts would be bewitched very quickly and charge towards Dao Being Malevolent Earth and the others like madmen.

Demoness Ji!

She did not leave at all!


Demoness Ji murmured repeatedly in a soft voice, “Go forth and kill those titular disciples! Your names will spread throughout the world and you’ll obtain countless treasures! You’ll replace them and become new titular disciples!”

Demoness Ji’s eyes, appearance, voice and physique were filled with all sorts of temptations, causing one to fall head over heels for her and be driven by her instinctively.

However, it did not take long for the remaining cultivators to react. When they saw Demoness Ji walking over, they retreated hurriedly, avoiding her like the plague.

In the end, Demoness Ji was the only one left standing on the spot with no one else around.

“Forget it.”

Su Zimo smiled. “Don’t involve anyone else. They will just be sending themselves to die if they come over.”

Demoness Ji looked at Su Zimo and shook her head. “I don’t care! Their lives have nothing to do with me. I only want you to live!”

Upon hearing that, countless cultivators hid far away and cursed!

“As expected of a demoness of the fiend sects. How inhumane!”

“If there’s a chance, I’ll definitely capture her alive and toy with her properly so that she can witness my prowess!”

The cultivators only dared to curse from afar and did not dare to advance.

Even though Demoness Ji was only at the early-stage Void Reversion realm, she was a titular disciple as well and had even entered the Human Emperor’s Palace before, receiving guidance from Fairy Ling Long!

Ordinary Void Reversions could not defend against her charms!

“Zimo, even if nobody will help you, I’ll stay with you!”

Demoness Ji walked towards Su Zimo step by step firmly with conviction. There was no hesitation or fear in her eyes!

Looking at Demoness Ji who was walking over, Su Zimo’s mind flashed with the image of the figure that shielded him beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace.

The two figures gradually fused into one.

Su Zimo sighed. “Why are you doing this?”

“That’s because you’re my tripod,” Demoness Ji came to Su Zimo’s side and smiled, as though she had reverted to her usual cheeky self of a quirky young maiden.

Su Zimo had heard Demoness Ji mention the tripod multiple times. However, even now, he did not know what it meant to be a tripod of the Pure Maiden Sect.

He only knew that a hundred years ago, this young lady was the one who shielded him without reservations beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace and did not retreat at all.

A hundred years later, this was still the same young lady that was standing shoulder to shoulder with him in the Dao Inheritance Ground and never left!

“Demoness Ji, we want that person dead for sure!”

Dao Being Malevolent Earth said coldly, “I’ve been persuading you repeatedly because you’re someone of the fiend sects. Don’t be ungrateful!”

“None of your business?”

Rolling her eyes, Demoness Ji hugged Su Zimo’s arm with one hand and whispered, “Zimo, don’t let me down. You have to escape alive!”

Su Zimo was confused by her statement that made no sense but Demoness Ji did not continue.

Not far away, a monk strode through the crowd.

At that moment, the surrounding cultivators had already retreated far away, afraid that they would be bewitched by Demoness Ji. However, the monk walked towards the battlefield on his own accord, thus looking extremely striking.

Demoness Ji did not think too much about it. When she caught sight of someone walking over from the corner of her eye, she used her bewitching voice once more. “Monk, there are fiends over there that kill without batting an eyelid. Monk, please take action and suppress them!”

“That’s why I’m here,”

The monk pressed his palms together and replied.


The monk’s voice was clear and calm; it was clear that he was not bewitched by her. When Demoness Ji heard that, she could not help but turn over.


When Su Zimo heard that voice, his heart skipped a beat and he turned around as well.

The monk was none other than Ming Zhen who had once lived with Su Zimo for 20 years at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley!

Ever since Ming Zhen joined Dapamkara Monastery in Myriad Phenomenon City, it had been more than a hundred years since they parted ways.

Ming Zhen was already at early-stage Void Reversion realm.

His comprehension of Buddhism was extremely high. Coupled with his pure heart and the backing of a super sect like Dapamkara Monastery that possessed endless resources, it was not surprising that he could reach the Void Reversion realm in a hundred years.

To think that apart from Demoness Ji, Ming Zhen had also entered the Dao Inheritance Ground!

A warm feeling flowed through Su Zimo’s heart.

He was not alone!

“You’re the little monk who joined Dapamkara Monastery a hundred years ago?”

Monk Formless frowned slightly and asked.

“My Dao title right now is Dapamkara,”

Ming Zhen replied calmly.

The Dao title, Dapamara, meant that Ming Zhen had already become a titular disciple of Dapamkara Monastery!

Dao Being Malevolent Earth frowned.

Including Demoness Ji and Ming Zhen, it meant that two titular disciples were on Su Zimo’s side!

The situation that could have been easily resolved was now slightly troublesome.

“This Su Zimo is truly not fated to die. To think that he would have two titular disciples helping him!”

“It’s useless. The two of them have just entered the Void Reversion realm. Although they are also titular disciples, they have yet to form their Dao hearts and are no match for Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the others in terms of combat strength!”

“The most they can do is to delay the inevitable outcome.”

Some cultivators were sharp and analyzed the situation clearly and logically.

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