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Chapter 1001: Without Hesitation

Su Zimo wanted to reach the Three Tribulations Domain as soon as possible and sprinted without stopping.

About two hours later, a gigantic frost region appeared on the distant horizon, connecting the heavens and the earth. Cold winds howled sharply within!

A large number of cultivators lingered around the frost region.

Every cultivator looked at the region in shock!

Some of them had hesitant expressions, some of them stopped in their tracks and some of them had already mustered their courage to charge in!

However, the moment the person took half a step in, he let out a tragic cry and retreated. His thigh that took the step in was filled with injuries.

However, the scariest thing was that the injuries had already frozen and not a single drop of blood flowed out!

That person’s leg was covered in frost and was frozen stiff!

In the crowd, a cultivator sneered and pursed his lips. “Hmph, you’re overestimating yourself. Do you really think that the Extreme North Yin Wind is something that everybody can endure?”

“Fellow Daoist, may I ask what’s the background of the Extreme North Yin Wind?” A cultivator beside him asked.

The person glanced at the cultivator beside him and cleared his throat before saying slowly, “There are many unknown places in Tianhuang Mainland! Legend has it that the Extreme North is one of them. Bone-piercing cold winds have been blowing in that place for 10,000 years and there are glaciers and snowy mountains everywhere. Even Conjoint Body Mighty Figures wouldn’t dare to venture deep into that place!”

“The Extreme North Yin Wind is only the outermost wind of the Extreme North Region. Even so, it’s shockingly powerful! You saw it for yourself just now. If that person had walked half a meter further, he would have died within!”

“That’s scary!”

The cultivator who asked the question felt his mouth cramp up and shuddered.

“The Red Lotus Karma Flame of the second stage is even more terrifying! It’s triggered by a cultivator’s own greed, anger and obsession and ignites from within their bodies, burning their flesh, bones, essence qi, Dharmic powers and even their Essence Spirits! It’s so painful that they would wish they were dead!”

“Throughout history, there have been countless paragons who died in the Red Lotus Karma Flame!”

“I heard that no one has been able to pass through the Three Tribulations Domain since ancient times!”

“What? Nobody?”

“According to the seniors of my sect, there are indeed people who can survive the tribulations of wind and fire. However, none of them can survive the lightning tribulation of the third stage!”

“I heard that the final lightning tribulation is also known as the Dao Heart Lightning Tribulation. If one’s Dao heart is unstable, a single lightning tribulation can crush them into pieces!”

Standing not far away, Su Zimo listened to the discussions of the surrounding cultivators and gained a better understanding of the Three Tribulations Domain.

He took a deep breath and headed towards the Three Tribulations Domain.

“Have you heard? The titular disciple of Glass Palace, Dao Being Glass, fought against Su Zimo and died.”

“To think that Su Zimo would be able to kill a titular disciple despite being suppressed so badly. He’s truly the number one monster incarnate in history!”

“It’s useless. That person won’t live for long.”

“I heard that the titular disciples of Zephyr Thunder Palace, Formless Monastery and Heavenly Dipper Sect are already prepared to join forces to kill him!”

“What’s the use of that? Su Zimo isn’t a fool. If he knows that they’re joining forces, he can just avoid them.”

“Fufu, you don’t know about that, do you?”

The cultivator laughed. “The titular disciple of Pure Maiden Sect has already entered the Dao Inheritance Ground. She’s close friends with Su Zimo and wanted to help him. However, she was captured by those three titular disciples who are waiting for him to walk right into their trap!”

Su Zimo had just arrived at the borders of the Three Tribulations Domain and could not help but stop in his tracks when he heard the discussions.

“The titular disciple of Pure Maiden Sect who is a close friend of mine. Could it be…”

Su Zimo frowned.

He was already doomed for coming to the Dao Inheritance Ground to accept the challenge.

At this moment, anyone who dared to stand out and help him would definitely be in danger of dying!

No matter how he thought about it, Demoness Ji was truly someone who would do something as foolish as that!

The discussions continued.

“The titular disciple of Pure Maiden Sect. You mean the demoness of the fiend sects?”

“That’s her! I heard that the three titular disciples only gave Su Zimo half a day. If they don’t see him after half a day, they’ll kill Dao Being Pure Maiden!”

“If I were Su Zimo, I definitely wouldn’t go. Wouldn’t that be equivalent to sending myself to my death?”

The moment he said that, a figure flashed before him. In the blink of an eye, someone had arrived beside him!

“What’s the surname of the Dao Being Pure Maiden that you guys mentioned?” Su Zimo asked.

The cultivator focused his gaze and saw that the person was dressed in green robes. His eyes were clear and he was handsome. Although he was only at the Nascent Soul realm, his tone was impolite.

That person sneered and rolled his eyes, pursing his lips. “Who do you think you are? Why should I tell you?”

All of a sudden!

The person felt his body lighten as Su Zimo grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up!

Su Zimo’s gaze was cold as he said frostily, “Let me ask you again, what’s the surname of Dao Being Pure Maiden? If you don’t tell me, I’ll crush your throat!”

“Ee.. ”

The person’s throat was gripped and he could not exert any strength at all. His face flushed red as he glared at Su Zimo fiercely with a ferocious glint in his eyes. However, he gritted his teeth and remained silent!

“This person looks familiar, he seems to be…”

“Su Zimo!”

“It’s Su Zimo!”

Suddenly, an exclamation sounded from the crowd.

Many cultivators had witnessed the two battles in the Dao Inheritance Ground and naturally recognized Su Zimo.

Initially, the cultivator wanted to launch a spirit consciousness attack to kill this person. However, he was scared out of his wits when he heard the words ‘Su Zimo’!

“I’ll… speak!”

The person tried his best to open his mouth and a few words popped out from the depths of his throat. “I heard… her surname is Ji.”

Su Zimo continued asking, “Where are they?”

The person straightened his arm and pointed in a direction.

Su Zimo tossed the person onto the ground and sped in that direction in a flash.

There was no hesitation at all within Su Zimo when he heard that Demoness Ji was in danger.

Even though he knew that the three titular disciples were waiting for him and it was a doomed trip, he had to do it!

In reality, the wisest, safest and most advantageous decision for Su Zimo right now was to challenge the Three Tribulations Domain.

However, he knew nothing about the Three Tribulations Domain whereas Demoness Ji would die half a day later.

Demoness Ji was also a titular disciple.

There was a chance that Dao Being Zephyr Thunder and the others would be wary of killing her because of that fact.

However, Su Zimo did not dare to take the gamble!

Even if there was a mountain of blades, a sea of flames, the gates of hell and the Yellow Springs Road in front of him, he had to charge forward head-on!

For his sake, Demoness Ji risked tremendous danger to enter the Dao Inheritance Ground.

No matter what, he had to ensure her safety without hesitation!

If Su Zimo was afraid and did not dare to advance for the sake of his Dao, he would not be Su Zimo anymore!

“Hurry, follow him!”

“There’s definitely going to be an unparalleled battle. This time round, there’s going to be an end to all the grudges!”

Many cultivators howled excitedly and followed behind Su Zimo, sprinting in his direction.

“Su Zimo’s has gone over!”

“In order to save the Pure Maiden of the fiend sects, Su Zimo is going to fight against three titular disciples!”

As news spread one after another, more and more cultivators gathered over in a massive manner.

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