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With Guan Xue gone, Guan Yao didn't have anyone holding him back anymore.

"Li Fuchen, Xue mei has a gracious heart and admitted her loss. But I don't." Guan Yao was dead set on dealing a serious injury to Li Fuchen. It would be best if he could break Li Fuchen's fighting spirit, pushing him into a depressed state and let him rot into an useless individual.

"Guan Yao, if you want a fight, let me have the honors."

Li Jinxiu stood out.

"Li Jinxiu, you are an eighth level Origin Realm martial artist, aren't you ashamed for challenging Guan Yao?" An eighth level Origin Realm expert from the Guan Clan interrupted.

Li Tianshi stood beside Li Jinxiu and spoke in a deep voice, "Guan Yao is a fifth level Origin Realm martial artist, isn't he ashamed for challenging Fuchen?"

Guan Yilong snorted, "It matters not. We the Guan Clan are stronger, so we set the rules. You the Li Clan can only comply."

"Li Tianshi, Guan Yilong is right. Your Li Clan's glory days are over. Admit your fate! I believe Guan Yao will have his own limits and not wreck this child."

Yang Ao realised that this 3 Clans fight had already turned into a 2 Clans fight. The Yang Clan didn't have to step in but he was still satisfied with the show.

During every fight, it would always be either the Guan Clan or the Yang Clan that ridiculed the Li Clan for their pleasure.

"Yang Ao, you…!"

Li Tianshi was furious.

"Tianshi ge, since he wants to fight, I shall accompany him. You guys need not interfere."

Li Fuchen was agitated as well. The current him was still unable to sweep off both the Guan Clan and the Yang Clan. But it was still possible for him to win against anyone from the Guan Clan who was below the fifth level of the Origin Realm.

In addition, he, Li Fuchen had never been a saint.

If the Guan Clan and Yang Clan are so arrogant. In the distant future, he would let their clans know that price of arrogance.

With his perception, he believe that once he breaks through to the fourth level of the Origin Realm, he would be able to defeat the leaders of the Guan and Yang camp.

"Fuchen, you do know that Guan Yao is at the fifth level of the Origin Realm." Li Tianshi reminded.

Li Fuchen replied, "I know my limits."

"Alright then! Jinxiu, lets back off." Li Tianshi spoke to Li Jinxiu.

Li Jinxiu reluctantly nodded and backed off to where she and Li Tianshi originally stood. She appeared to be worried for Li Fuchen's safety.

"I didn't hear wrongly right?! This kid actually accepted Guan Yao's challenge?" The Yang clansmen were first shocked and laughing, as though they heard the funniest joke in the world.

A second level of the Origin Realm martial artist against a fifth level of the Origin Realm martial artist. A difference of three levels.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say this situation was like having a second level Qi Realm martial artist trying to defeat a seventh level Qi Realm martial artist. The difficulty wasn't what one could imagine.

"Foolish." The word came out from the mouth of Yang Kai who had achieved the peak stage of the ninth level of the Qi Realm.

"Foolish indeed." Yang Zhan and Yang Lie mocked.

=Under the Pavilion=

The Shen Tu clansmen were all waiting for Li Fuchen to turn into a joke.

As compared to the previous 3 clans fight, this year's fight was extremely entertaining. It was worth coming all the way to observe

"Ignorant child. I wonder how did you survive until today. Perhaps the heavens are blind and allowed you to deceive your way here." Guan Yao smirked and slightly revealed his white teeth.

"You may try it yourself." Li Fuchen placed his hand on the handle of the black iron sword.

Against a fifth level Origin Realm inner sect disciple. He could not fight unarmed anymore.

"Lay down on the floor kid."

Guan Yao was average in both bone frame and perception. But he had over 10+ years of experience since he entered the Cang Lan Sect.

These 10+ years was enough for him to achieve the ninth rank of the Jade Shadow Mystic Technique. As he revolved the Jade Shadow Mystic Technique to its limit, the sword was extended by a 4 feet qi blade. He then slashed at Li Fuchen.

With his eleventh rank Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique revolving, Li Fuchen welcomed the slash with his own.

As the two swords clashed, the ground was showered with scars and dents which was caused by the qi force from the two's black iron swords.

'Slightly stronger than the masked man.' Li Fuchen made an instant judgement of Guan Yao's ability.

The masked man cultivated in a peak-tier yellow class technique. Thus, even if he reached the highest rank, it would at best be equivalent to the seventh rank of the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique.

As for Guan Yao, his Jade Shadow Mystic Technique was probably at ninth rank, two ranks higher than the masked man's.

But the masked man's cultivation level was slightly higher than Guan Yao's.

Which was why the masked man and Guan Yao have about the same qi strength.

Guan Yao's physical strength was much superior than the masked man, hence his overall ability was a notch higher.

'Pity that I am not longer who I was before.'

Had it been during that time, Li Fuchen would have never been able to go head on against Guan Yao. He would have to rely on his exceptional physical defenses and Wind Shadow Steps to deal with Guan Yao.

But the current Li Fuchen had already broken through to the eleventh rank of Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique. His Wind Shadow Steps and Meteor Sword Style were at completion stage. His overall ability was now at a whole new level.

Clang clang clang…

The two constantly attacked at one another. Sparks flew and were complemented with waves of qi explosions.

'He actually can withstand my full strength.'

Guan Yao was in disbelief and pushed his qi to the extremes in order to maintain the length of the qi blade and slash at Li Fuchen frenziedly.

He wanted to make use of the advantage of having

a long reach to defeat Li Fuchen.

Who knew Li Fuchen was full of combat experience and didn't allow him to utilize the length advantage. Li Fuchen either closed in and attacked with force, if not he would put a distance to dodge the slashes. Li Fuchen executed his sword skills in perfection to negate the advantage of the qi blade.

"Cloud Break Beheading!"

After a dozen rounds, Guan Yao caught hold of an opportunity and suddenly slash at Li Fuchen. His qi blade became just like a whip and snapped at Li Fuchen.


The qi blade pass through Li Fuchen's body.

But it was just an afterimage.

Now that the Wind Shadow Steps is at completion rank, Li Fuchen's agility was at the extremity. He easier routed to the side of Guan Yao.

"Meteor Fall."

In mid air, Li Fuchen executed the ultimate sword move.

A stream of light flashes by and Guan Yao's qi defense got broken. The black iron sword pierced into his shoulder.

Activating his arm strength, he lifted up Guan Yao.

"You have lost!"

Landing on his feet Li Fuchen lifted his opponent high up in the air and spoke coldly.

Guan Yao's body convulsed in pain, coupled with the indescribable shame and ridicule.

Lifted by someone using a sword, how much more shameful could it get.

"Is Li Fuchen still human?"

Li Tianshi and Li Jinxiu looked with mouth agape.

Exceeding three levels to defeat Guan Yao. It was something they didn't dare to imagine.

Guan Yao wasn't just any ordinary pugilist who didn't have a good technique or martial arts manual. As an inner sect Origin Realm disciple, Guan Yao's resources was much more ample than a regular pugilist.


Guan Yilong for once had a change in expression as his lips twitched.

The Guan clansmen behind him were all staring at each other blankly. Some are rubbing their eyes to confirm whether are they having hallucinations.

"If the chance arises, this person needs to be eliminated."

Yang Ao said this very words while trying his best to restrain himself.

With Li Fuchen around, the Yang Clan would be in danger. If Li Fuchen continued growing at this pace. Once he reached the Earth Shattering Realm, Yang Ao was afraid that even the Yunwu City lord Shen Tu Jianhe cannot oppress Li Fuchen.

"In your views, do you think the Shen Tu Clan should benefit by ourselves or compete on fair grounds with another strong clan?" Shen Tu Jianming stood up and spoke.

"It is natural that the former is better for our Shen Tu Clan."

The Shen Tu clansmen all shared the same opinion.

"Find a chance and wreck him." Shen Tu Jianming spoke with an indifferent expression.

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