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On the spacious grounds, Guan Xue and Li Fuchen stood 10 meters apart.

One was an unprecedented prodigy of the Guan Clan who had 4 star extraordinary bone frame.

The other was a lowly valued clansmen of the Li Clan, but relied on his exceptional perceptive sense to achieve everything that he had now.

The fight between these two has a very important meaning.

Even Guan Yilong's and Li Tianshi’s expression turned serious.

"Li Fuchen, in regards to the dissolution of the engagement, I do not regret it. My destiny is in my control. No one can manipulate my destiny." Guan Xue spoke in a calm manner.

Li Fuchen replied, "To say the truth, I have never liked you before. The things that I, Li Fuchen desire, I will obtain it with my own means. I don’t need charity from others, especially marriage."

"You have never liked me?"

Not knowing why, after hearing this statement, Guan Xue's heart felt suffocated.

She was extremely confident with her own talents and looks. Now that she knew that this youth, who she never placed within her sights, didn’t like her at the same time; even if it was anyone else, they would also feel uncomfortable.

"Since that is the case. This fight will resolve all of our grievances!" Taking a deep breath, in the eyes of Guan Xue was pure battle intent and nothing else.

"A regret, this fight is mine to win."

Li Fuchen didn’t have the intention to draw his sword and looked at Guan Xue indifferently.

With a cold glow in her eyes, Guan Xue drew her black iron sword and swiftly dashed at Li Fuchen.

Guan Xue's cultivation level may be one level lower than Guan Yan's but her overall ability was better than Guan Yan's.

Not only is her mystic class, mid-tier Jade Shadow Mystic Technique at the ninth rank, she had a mystic class, low-tier sword art, Mystic Water Sword Style which was at the sub-completion stage.

In addition, her Northwestern Cloud War Body was at the completion rank, putting her physical strength at 7000 kg.

With these three factors stacked up, it allowed her to easily defeat the average third or fourth level Origin Realm martial artists who were third grade inner sect disciples.

And Guan Yan was just a third grade inner sect disciple.

Among the crowd here, only Guan Xue and Li Fuchen were first grade inner sect disciples. The number of second grade inner sect disciples weren’t more than the fingers on a single hand.

"Mystic Water Violent Waves!"

With a swing of the sword, the air vibrated, as a water current appear in mid air, creating ripples.

Guan Xue’s sword arts was exceptionally exquisite and had no way to stop.

"Red Jade Melts Snow!"

Against the all out force of Guan Xue’s blade, Li Fuchen made his move.

With the palm strike sent out, the blazing hot palm force caused everything within a few meters to turn red. The air seemed to emit a blazing intent of red jade.


When Guan Xue’s blade met with Li Fuchen’s palm, it was like the sun melting the snow. The sword presence and sword light got quickly eroded.

"This is bad."

Guan Xue’s expression changed. Li Fuchen obviously used the Li Clan’s yellow class, high-tier palm arts, Red Jade Palm Style. But when used by Li Fuchen, the force of the Red Jade Palm Style was exceedingly overbearing.

Changing her sword stance, Guan Xue frantically altered to another sword move.

"Take my palm strike!"

Li Fuchen blasted yet another palm, the palm force was just like a burning furnace, forcing Guan Xue to retreat continuously.

"Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique tenth rank?" Li Tianshi was bewildered.

Most of the Li clansmen cultivated either the Scarlet Fire Technique or the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique. Li Tianshi who was at the eleventh rank of the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique, could feel the resemblance of Li Fuchen’s qi frequency. It was almost 80% or 90% similar to his own.

This made him feel terrified.

It was rumored that Li Fuchen had exceptional perceptive senses, but this was too much!

"I can’t let him win against Guan Xue." Guan Yilong’s face turned cold.

Guan Xue was the symbol of Guan Clan. The defeat of Guan Xue would deal a blow to the morale of the Guan clansmen. He would never allow such a thing to happen.

"Guan Yao, you shall make a move at the crucial moment. If there is an opportunity, I do not mind you giving him a serious injury." Guan Yilong whispered to Guan Yao.

He who was the leader of the Guan Clan’s camp, wasn’t suited for this task. It would be the best choice for Guan Yao to handle it.

"Worry not." Guan Yao gave a cold chuckle.

Overhearing the conversation of the two, Guan Peng too gave a cold laugh.

"Using palm arts to oppress Guan Xue. This Li Fuchen may become a thorn in the future."

The Yang clansmen weren’t worried at first, but they had now all become serious.

No matter what bone frame Li Fuchen had. Just based on his rate of growth, it was a huge threat. The Yang Clan have been in bad terms with the Li Clan for a long time. Once Li Fuchen grows too much, he may give the Yang Clan a hard time.

Even though the probability was low, or if he fails to advance to the Earth Realm, he wouldn’t be able to threaten the Yang Clan. Even with the talents of Li Fuchen, whether or not he is able to attain the Earth Realm, remains an unknown.

But whether will it come true or not, it was a possibility.

At this moment, the Yang clansmen developed a strong enmity towards Li Fuchen.

In the fight ring, Guan Xue bit her lips and was constantly retreating.

Li Fuchen who only used palm arts to suppress her, caused her to feel dazzled.

At first, she never would have thought she would cross paths with Li Fuchen again.

She never imagined that this situation would ever happen to her.

The existence of Li Fuchen subverted her faith as well as her pride.

"Defeat for you!"

Revolving the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique, Li Fuchen executed an offensive palm strike. The blazing palm force congealed and clashed with the sword of Guan Xue.

Fresh blood oozed out from the edge of the mouth while Guan Xue's black iron sword got repel. As she was about to be defeated…

"Li Fuchen, your combat ability seems good. Let me, Guan Yao give you some pointers."

At this exact moment, a shadow appeared in front of Guan Xue and sent a palm strike at Li Fuchen.



Li Tianshi and Li Jinxiu were fuming. They never would have thought that the Guan Clan would resort to such shameless and underhanded methods.

But it all happened too quickly and they weren’t able to provide reinforcement in time. They were only able to witness it happen.

A cold light flashed in the eyes of Li Fuchen, he didn’t retreat nor yielded as he matched his palm with Guan Yao's.


Like a bolt in the thunderstorm.

Fearsome qi force radiated and scraped three inches off the ground.

The two of them each stepped back 7 to 8 steps, with each step leaving a deep impression on the surface.

"How could this…" Guan Yao was startled.

He was a fifth level Origin Realm martial artist and yet he isn’t able to injure Li Fuchen.

Guan Yao wasn’t the only one who got surprised.

Li Tianshi and Li Jinxiu were also both surprised and pleased.

"Guan Yao, who asked you to interfere? Get lost." Guan Xue’s expression was filled with anger.

Hearing Guan Xue, Guan Yao's face wasn’t satisfied.

It was fine that he didn’t get to seriously injure Li Fuchen, but he got reprimanded by Guan Xue too.

Nothing was in his favour.

He was momentarily lost and didn’t know how to react.

Controlling her anger, Guan Xue took a deep breath and said to Li Fuchen, "I admit this fight to be my loss."

Finishing her statement, she immediately turned and left, ignoring all the Guan clansmen.

'From this moment, you and me will not have anymore ties.' Li Fuchen let out a breath and thought within his heart.

He wasn’t satisfied in defeating Guan Xue. What he seeked was the peak of the martial world. It didn’t matter if it was Guan Xue or Yu Wen Tian or any other prodigies. His rival was himself, and as long as he seeked out his own full potential, there would be one day when he reached the peak and look down from the nine heavens.

During this pursue of greatness, whoever dared obstruct him, he would have no mercy and eliminate them.

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