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"There you are Fuchen." Li Jinxiu spoke.

"Sorry everyone, I am late." Li Fuchen faced Li Tianshi and the group with a kungfu greeting.


Li Yunhai gave a hmph and casted a look at Li Fuchen.

"It is good enough that you came." Li Tianshi gave a slight nod.

=Guan Clan Camp=

"So this is Li Fuchen? He doesn’t look like much." Guan Yilong judged.

Guan Hong spoked, "Wait for me to test him. I don’t believe that after he was promoted to the inner sect, he could still improve at such drastic speeds."

"It would be good to test him out."

Guan Yilong didn’t think Guan Hong could be a match for Li Fuchen, but someone had to test it.

Beside Guan Yilong, Guan Xue's eyes shone with brilliance.

"Is this kid really that good?"

The clansmen of the Yang and Shen Tu Clan didn’t believe the talents of Li Fuchen and were all skeptical.

Guan Yao and Li Shanhe's fight was exciting, but from the eyes of Li Fuchen, he knew that Li Shanhe’s sword skills were weaker than Guan Yao's. Within a hundred exchanges, Li Shanhe would lose.

As expected, on the 95th exchange, Guan Yao disarmed Li Shanhe’s black iron sword and kicked the pathetic Li Shanhe.

Li Shanhe's face got flushed red, "Guan Yao, I will kill you!"

Finishing his statement, he stood up and rushed at Guan Yao.


Guan Yao swept his leg at Li Shanhe's face and sent his flying horizontally, as it ended with him fainting.

"What a shameful sight." Guan Yao spoke with disdain.

Seeing the situation, the faces of the Li clansmen were all ashamed, especially Li Tianshi's.

Everytime there was a 3 clan's fight, the Li Clan would always be the losing clan and the laughing stock.

As the leader of the Li Clan’s younger generation, Li Tianshi had always carried this burden in his heart.

"Li Fuchen, I, Guan Hong shall challenge your skills." Guan Hong stepped forward, drew his sword and pointed at Li Fuchen.

Hearing the challenge, everyone had their eyes on Li Fuchen, wanting to see what Li Fuchen was made of.

"Why? Is there no one else in the Guan Clan?" Li Fuchen swept his gaze at the Guan Clan's camp.

Guan Yilong frowned and spoke coldly, "Isn’t it too early to be so insolent?"

"Li Fuchen, shut your brash mouth and take my blade."

Guan Hong got agitated, even if he didn’t have the certainty to attain victory against Li Fuchen, he didn’t want to be looked down upon by others.

As he darted at Li Fuchen with speed, Guan Hong executed the Soaring Dragon Sword Style at Li Fuchen.

Both of them were the same second level of Origin Realm, but in the view of Li Fuchen, Guan Hong was too weak.

So weak that it couldn’t gain the interest of Li Fuchen.

Seeing the impending black iron sword, Li Fuchen didn’t even move an inch and wasn’t intending to dodge at all.

Seeing as such, a flash of glee was in the eyes of Guan Hong. It would be great if Li Fuchen were to lose to him due to complacency.


The black iron sword instantly pierced Li Fuchen's body.

Guan Hong was first pleased then shocked

This blade in actual fact, didn’t even have the feeling of piercing any object.

But he saw his sword piercing through Li Fuchen’s body.

Could he be hallucinating?

Of course Guan Hong wasn’t hallucinating. It was at that precise moment that Li Fuchen took a side step to avoid the blade.

It was just that Li Fuchen’s speed was too fast and didn’t even produce any sound, which caused the afterimage to look so realistic. The afterimage actually overlapped with Li Fuchen’s real body.

Seeing the opening that Guan Hong allowed, Li Fuchen sent a palm at his chest.


Blood sprayed out frantically as Guan Hong’s feet left the ground and fell back.

"Such brilliant body control."

Li Tianshi, Guan Yilong, and Yang Ao all narrowed their eyes.

With their eyes, it was obvious to them that Li Fuchen took a half step within an instant, which caused Guan Hong to perceive a vision.

"It seems he cultivated a mystic class, low-tier light body technique."

Guan Yilong didn’t hold any expectations for Guan Hong, thus when he lost, he wasn’t surprised at all.

The only surprise to him was that Li Fuchen’s light body technique wasn’t at a low rank.

"Li Fuchen, let me try your skills "

Stretching her hand to catch Guan Hong, Guan Yan couldn’t take it anymore. Her body flashed and appeared in the middle of the fight ring.

"Hoo, it’s the Cloud Goose Technique."

Li Fuchen only took one look to recognise Guan Yan's light body technique.

Guan Yan was 23 years of age this year, at the third level of the Origin Realm. Her talents were on a much higher level than Guan Hong's.

Since entering the Cang Lan Sect eight years ago, she had much involvement with light body techniques. Which helped her achieve sub-completion stage on the Cloud Goose Technique and that was already consider rather competent.

This was also why she dared to challenge Li Fuchen.

What’s more, after seeing Li Fuchen display his quick moves, it roused her fighting spirit.

"You, aren’t my match." Li Fuchen shook his head.

"That may not be the case. The gap between the second level and third level of the Origin Realm is bigger than you think."

Guan Yan was relatively confident. She who was at the third level of the Origin Realm had once defeated a fifth level of the Origin Realm pugilist of the outside world.

"Give your best shot!"

Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered to debate with the opposition and asked for actions instead.

A slight sonic boom could be heard in the air, as Guan Yan's body turned blurr and reappeared behind Li Fuchen.

The Cloud Goose Technique, a mystic class, low-tier light body technique. Once at full completion rank, one could move like a goose, reducing significant air resistance, increasing one's speed drastically.


Drawing her black iron sword, Guan Yan thrusted at the back of Li Fuchen.


Guan Yan's thrust struck air. The startled Guan Yan, she quickly retreated to put a distance in between.

Li Fuchen turned back and gave a light smile, "Your sword is too slow."


Guan Yan didn’t look pleased. The sword in her right hand swayed, then three rays of sword light shined and entrapped Li Fuchen.

Yellow class peak-tier sword art – Tri-part Sword Style.

It was at the trance stage as well.

It is one stage higher than Guan Hong’s Soaring Dragon Sword Style which was at the perfection stage.

"Your sword skills aren’t bad, but your body control skills are too slow."

Li Fuchen only took a single step but flashed behind Guan Yan in the next moment. He then slammed a palm strike.

Just like Guan Hong, Guan Yan spat a mouthful of blood and fell out of the ring pathetically.


Many of the spectators took in a large cold breath.

Li Fuchen’s light body technique was too overwhelming, even Guan Yan couldn’t react in time.

"Great!" Li Tianshi and Li Jinxiu shouted praises.

Li Yunhai and Li Shanhe shamed the Li Clan after losing to the Guan Clan. But now they have won back two rounds. Looking at the performance by Li Fuchen, it seems he hadn’t gone all out yet.

What’s more, Li Fuchen had yet to draw his sword yet.

Now, it was the Guan Clan's turn to look displeased.

Guan Mei looked with wide eyes. She couldn’t believe that Li Fuchen actually won against Guan Hong and Guan Yan.

Back when Li Fuchen’s news got distributed in Yunwu City, she was skeptical about it. After coming to the Cang Lan Sect, she got to know that Li Fuchen obtained the outer sect no.1 disciple title but didn’t get a chance to witness it with her own eyes.

Now that she witnessed the real thing, she admitted that Li Fuchen was much stronger than she imagined.

For a moment, it left a bad premonition in her heart.

At the same time, she felt an unusual sense of a threat. Her woman's intuition told her that Li Fuchen may affect the expansion of the Guan Clan in the future.

Li Yunhai too felt the bad premonition. His inner heart had a moment of despair and felt that the heavens were unfair.

Why wasn’t he the one with all the fame, why was he still an outer sect odd job disciple and had no status.

"This Li Fuchen is quite capable. It seems the Li Clan finally got some twist of fate."

The bystanding Shen Tu Clan started some gossip and jokes. Their tone had a trace of arrogance within.

"Li Fuchen, we have yet to spar before. Let us fight today!"

Guan Xue's face was filled with battle intent.

Looking deeply into Guan Xue’s eyes, Li Fuchen nodded, "Sure."

Indeed he had never fought against Guan Xue. It didn’t matter whether he ever desired for it before. But it had been a regret of his.

Only after defeating Guan Xue would this regret be erased.

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