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"You think too highly of yourselves."

Letting out a cold laugh, Li Fuchen's eyes shine of a vicious glow.

The sword was a ruthless tool.

It was made and created for killing.

If a sword cannot kill, then it would lose all meaning.

Li Fuchen's sword was undoubtedly worthy of being a ruthless tool. Everytime he slashed, at least two would die under his sword. The blood had started to flow into a river in the cavern hall.

"Run, run for your lives!"

The remnants of the bandits ran in fear of death. They wished that their birth parents gifted them a few more pairs of feet to run faster, as they scurried out of the cavern hall.

Pfff pfff pfff…

With kicks at lightning speed, Li Fuchen launched the weapons on floor with his feet, penetrating each bandits' body.

Without any effort, all the bandits that rushed in were exterminated.

Looking around at the corpses covered ground, Li Fuchen didn't have a hint of guilt.

These people weren't handicapped and weren't weak cultivators. Had they lived their lives properly, they would have been able to do well. It was their mistake for going down the path of a bandit.

What is a bandit? They killed innocents, they violated both male and females. Those naked women were most probably caught and were meant for their pleasure.

If they don't deserve to die, who did?

"All of you look for a piece of clothing, search for the bandit's wealth. I will give you each a portion."

Li Fuchen found a dozen of shivering naked women in a cavern room and instructed them.

"Young hero, we have other sisters that are locked in other prison cells." A woman gathered her courage to voice out.

Li Fuchen said, "Take me there."

The bandits inside of the prison room were still unclear of the havoc going on outside. They demanded for a name when they saw Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen couldn't be bothered to explain and proceeded to kill them all without any mercy.

The bandits had abducted plenty of women. A total of 40 over women couldn't help but cry after being rescued by Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen sighed, thinking how pitiful these women were. Even if they were to return to where they came from, they would most likely be ostracised.

It would be a miracle if they were to still pure after the abduction.

Li Fuchen gave a speech, "Do not cry. I understand you may feel unfair and the future isn't bright either. But it is what it is, crying cannot solve anything. Now let's shift all the wealth of these bandits back to the city, I will then give you each a portion. With the new wealth, I believe you will be able to live a better life."

Convinced by Li Fuchen, everyone got busy searching for the riches of these bandits.

150,000 gold coins.

From the lair of the Black Wind Bandit Band, they found a total of 150,000 gold coins.

It was a huge wealth and who knew how many villages and towns suffered from the larceny of the Black Wind Bandit Band.

Other than the gold coins, the bandits' weapons and 100+ demonic blood horses were worth quite a sum of wealth too.

Gathering a few carriages, Li Fuchen loaded all the gold coins and weapons onto them. Then he brought along the women and the horses back to Qinglin City.


A few days later at Qinglin City.

"A thousand gold coins per person. Take care of yourselves from now on."

Having reserved the second floor of the restaurant, Li Fuchen took out 40+ gold cards that were worth 1000 gold coins each. He then distributed one to each of the women and gave them some loose changes as well.

With the 1000 gold coins, as long as they do not squander it, it would be enough for the rest of their lives.

"Many thanks for the young hero's great kindness. I will never be able to repay this debt. I wish for my next life to serve you."

"Young hero's kindness will never be forgotten."

After each of their thankful and grateful words to Li Fuchen, it made him slightly emotional.

Parting ways with the ladies, Li Fuchen brought along his newfound wealth and returned to the Cang Lan Sect.

Along the way, Li Fuchen thought of going home every so often.

Not only did he have wealth now, he too obtained a yellow class, peak-tier cultivation technique manual.

If the Li clansmen were to cultivate the technique, the Li Clan's power able to rise to the next level within a few years.

What's more, he now had close to 200,000 gold coins. If he was able to gift them 100,000 gold coins, his parents would be able to have a better life.

Ultimately, Li Fuchen didn't go back.

Trusting that the news of him making it into the inner sect should have already reached the Li clan.

The Li Clan's founder and elders shouldn't dare to make things difficult for his parents.

Most importantly, he wishes that when he returned, he could change the entire Li Clan. But with his current ability, he is still unable to make Li Clan's founder step back.

Back at the Cang Lan Sect, Li Fuchen handed over his mission.

The mission hall's deacon was extremely surprised that Li Fuchen actually completed the mission.

But he thought it was Li Fuchen's luck, in that he coincidentally rendezvoused with the city lord at the bandit's lair.

Otherwise, how could Li Fuchen who was just at second level of the Origin Realm, possibly complete this mission?

But no matter what, as long as he came back with the head of the Black Wind Chief, it was considered mission accomplished for Li Fuchen.

As for how the mission went, it had nothing to do with him.

Handing over the mission to eliminate the Black Wind Bandit Band, Li Fuchen didn't took up any other missions.

He could sense that the Wind Shadow Steps and Meteor Sword Style was about to experience a breakthrough.

For the past month, he had solely used Wind Shadow Steps for travelling.

During the travel, he gradually grasped the method on how to reduce air resistance, how to increase his speed, and how to remain without presence.

As for the Meteor Sword Style, even though he only executed it once. But this one time allowed him to kill an enemy who was much stronger than himself.

In short, no matter the light body technique or sword art, they must all go through actual usage in order to produce results.


In the forest of the mountain peaks…

A mist-like black shadow was moving without any noise nor presence.

The black shadow was miraculously fast. Before one blink, it may seem far away, but after a single blink, it would be right in front of your eyes.

To travel at such a speed and maintaining silence. It wouldn't be exaggerating to call him a ghost.

The black shadow went from extreme speed to extreme stillness. Swaying in the wind, the black shadow stood on a thin branch that would break if a large bird stood on it.
"The fourth rank of the Wind Shadow Steps is extremely incredible."

Light body techniques were notorious for its difficulty to cultivate. But once cultivated, it provided such impressive benefits.

It wasn't outrageous to say that the usage of the light body technique during battle was on par with a cultivation technique.

If the enemy wasn't as fast as you, then they would be the only one to suffer attacks.

And if the enemy's ability was overwhelming, you could using the light body technique to escape.

Ultimately, if your light body technique was good enough, it would mean you possessed the upper hand.

To fight or not, was entirely up to you.


A few days later…


A 2 meter tall yellow class, mid-tier fine iron ore was forcefully penetrated by Li Fuchen's sword.

A few days ago, Li Fuchen wasn't able to achieve this yet.

Attack strength and speed may be related, but it wasn't entirely related at the same time.

Take for example the Clear Breeze Sword Style. It may have extreme speed, but didn't have a potent attack power.

But the Meteor Sword Style was different. It encompassed both speed and attack strength as one. It meant that the faster the speed, the higher the attack strength.

But the Meteor Sword Style could only execute 1 Meteor Fall in a short period of time, where it was incomparable to the Clear Breeze Sword Style.

"Fuchen, three days later, our Li Clan and Guan Clan are going to have a casual battle. Join us then to make up the numbers."

Today, a young lady with an exquisite almond shaped face came to Li Fuchen's courtyard.

"Jinxiu jie!"

(TL note: Using respectful terms, Sister = jie, Brother = xiong)

Li Fuchen recognized the person who came.

Li Jinxiu, 31 years of age, eighth level of the Origin Realm. Her talent was much better than Li Shanhe's who was 30 years old this year but was only at the fifth level of the Origin Realm.

"Sure, I'll be there." Li Fuchen nodded his head.

Li Jinxiu was extremely satisfied with the fame and glory Li Fuchen brought to the Li Clan. She said, "During that day, Guan Hong and Guan Yan will be left for you to be taken cared of."

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