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"Clear Breeze Flow."

Li Fuchen dared not be complacent against so many hidden weapons. He utilized the Clear Breeze Sword Style which had the fastest sword speed and deflected every hidden weapon.

At the moment when Li Fuchen was deflecting the hidden weapons, the masked man once again came near to give an emotionless cleave with his sabre.


The solid cavern wall was given a gigantic scar by the sabre, just like cutting tofu.

"Stone Penetration Drip."

Stepping on the cavern wall, Li Fuchen made a somersault in mid air and came behind the masked man. He then executed a thrust move of the Dripping Sword Style that was similar to Meteor Fall.

This thrust was swift like never before.

Visible to the naked eye, on the tip of the black iron sword was an extremely condensed sword light.


The masked man was quick to react, he suddenly turned around to cleave at the black iron sword.

As the sabre and sword clashed, a ripple of air current dispersed.

Li Fuchen who was still in mid air, floated away like a swallow under the forces of the sabre.

"Brat, die!"

The Black Wind Chief was waiting for the perfect moment to kill Li Fuchen.

Seeing that Li Fuchen was in mid air and he was right behind him, the Black Wind Chief knew this was the perfect moment.

Jumping from a kneeling position, the Black Wind Chief was just like a giant locust, bursting into the air. The focused sabre force hacked right on the approaching Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen gave a cold snort. How could he not know that the Black Wind Chief had been waiting for the suitable moment to strike.

It wasn't enough to hide from his consciousness.

"The hell gates were closed, but you chose to come."

Even though Li Fuchen was still in mid air and had no means to gather energy. He was still able to twist his body to gather enough energy.

Twisting his waist, Li Fuchen turned from facing the back to front facing the Black Wind Chief. Using the soaring stance, he executed the most dominating sword move of the Soaring Dragon Sword Style.

Soaring Dragon in the Sky.

The fearsome sword presence caused the Black Wind Chief to see a dragon from the nine heavens soaring in the air. The indescribable dominance shook his soul and spirit.

Who was able to withstand the force of a soaring dragon? No one.


With his sabre force crushed, the Black Wind Chief gave a pathetic scream and was launched by Li Fuchen's sword right into the pool. It was unknown whether he was dead or alive.

Splash splash…

Gently stepping on the surface of the pool, Li Fuchen arrived at the other end of the pool.

"Worthy of the status as a Cang Lan inner sect disciple. With your cultivation and ability, you should be an elite amongst the inner sect."

Li Fuchen could sense from the calm voice of the masked man, a strong murderous intent and self confidence.


From bottom to up, the masked man lifted his sabre up.

With this single blade, the water from within the pool got was guided into waves, gushing at Li Fuchen.
Mystic class, low-tier sabre art - Hundred Repetition Waves!

Li Fuchen didn't have any time to dodge as the area of attack for the Hundred Repetition Waves was too massive. Everything within a ten meter radius was in its area of attack.

Since he couldn't dodge it, Li Fuchen could only go head strong.

"Wildfire Spark!"

Grasping the black iron sword with both hands, Li Fuchen slash with all his strength.


It was as though a sword light ignited the plains, leading to a violent firestorm.

But the masked man wa superior than Li Fuchen and in the face of absolute ability, no matter how competent the sword skills, it wasn't enough to compensate for the difference.

The waves extinguished the blaze and rammed onto Li Fuchen.


Li Fuchen was totally drenched while being sinked into the cavern wall.

"Impossible, no damage at all?"

Just when the masked man was about to deal the fatal blow, he saw Li Fuchen suddenly jumping out of the wall. The masked man's eyes were filled with disbelief.

"Sorry to disappoint you."

Activating his qi, Li Fuchen evaporated the moisture from his body.

As long as he didn't receive an attack without defending, it would be hard to make him suffer any damage. It was due to his abnormally high physical defenses.

Rumble rumble…

The two were locked in an intense exchange.

There were a few of the Black Wind bandits who came in and were slayed by Li Fuchen's blade before even having the chance to utter a word.

The innocent naked women all scurried out of the cavern hall.

Within the cavern hall, were scars, pits, and cracks everywhere.

Both the masked man and Li Fuchen weren't ordinary Origin Realm martial artists. Under the full force of their attacks, nothing around them could be kept unharmed.

During the fight, Li Fuchen tried upteem times to execute the signature move of the Dripping Sword Style, but was neutralised by the masked man easily.

Of course, Li Fuchen didn't give up.

"Stone Penetrating Drip."

Li Fuchen once again executed the Stone Penetrating Drip.

The masked man spoke agitatedly, "You really think I cannot deal with you?"

After a long fight, he roughly grasped the combat sequences of Li Fuchen. He only felt threat from the Tri-part Sword Style and couldn't care less for the other martial arts.

With his sabre presence increasing, the attack strategy of the masked man changed. From 70/30 attack/defense to 90/10.

He presumed that 10% defense was more than enough.

He needed his sabre to land a clean strike on Li Fuchen, without doing so, it would be difficult for him to deal any form of damage to Li Fuchen.

With the sabre force like a waterfall, the masked man's sabre weaved around as his defenses drop.

"This is the moment!" A flash of cold light shone in Li Fuchen's eyes.

"Meteor Fall!"

Aiming at the weaker spot of the masked man, Li Fuchen's sword was fast like lightning and flew sharply.

Streaming, the blade was like a descending comet, suddenly accelerating. The light and speed at this moment was not something that you can stop.

"Not good." The masked man tried his best to defend but it was in vain.


The black iron sword skimmed past the long sabre, piercing through the qi armor of the masked man and into his chest.

"Get lost!"

Fear flashed in the eyes of the masked man as he clenched his right fist and punched at Li Fuchen's face.

A pity this punch was nothing but bluff. After being struck by Meteor Fall, the qi of the masked man was dispersed. Being able to gather 20% or 30% of his qi was considered quite an achievement.

Tilting his head, Li Fuchen simply avoided the punch.

At this moment, Li Fuchen swiftly withdrew his sword and with a twist of his wrist, the sword appeared to be a venomous snake and slashed across the masked man's throat. Massive amounts of blood sprayed all over the floor.


The long sabre landed in the ground.

The masked man held his throat with one hand and point at Li Fuchen with the other, struggling to say something.

Finally, the masked man's qi and life energy ran out, collapsing on the ground.

"What a close call. Had I not cultivated the Interception Form, I would have died at least a dozen times."

A fight between martial artists was extremely ruthless. It wasn't as though if one's ability exceeded another, it meant that the stronger one would win.

Cultivation of both the martial and body, allowed Li Fuchen to have more second chances. But the masked man's life ended miserably in comparison.

He was obviously stronger in terms of ability, but ended up as the ultimate loser.

Lifting off the mask, the face presented to Li Fuchen was an ordinary pale face with eyes wide opened.

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen looked sideways at the pool and unknowingly, the Black Wind Chief was dead too.

It was probably when the masked man executed the Hundred Repetition Waves technique, that he coincidentally killed the Black Wind Chief.

"Kill! Revenge for the Chief!"

Outside of the cavern hall, dozens of bandits rushed in. The one who led the bandits was the skinny man who kidnapped Li Fuchen.

Seeing that they had the numbers advantage, the skinny man drew his weapon and led the attack on Li Fuchen.

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