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Chapter 875: Star Fate

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“I, the Poison Blade Saint Lord, has witnessed your strength.” The Poison Blade Saint Lord smirked and didn’t continue.

“You are not bad either. Let’s spar again when we have the chance.”

Li Fuchen knew that he must not be too ‘cowardly’ when dealing with vicious people. On the contrary, he must show that he was more ferocious. Only then, they wouldn’t feel that he was a pushover.

“Definitely.” The Poison Blade Saint Lord’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.

Once the Poison Blade Saint Lord and Li Fuchen settled down, the Jade Star Saint Lord spoke, “I have invited everyone for a gathering because of two matters. The first matter is my personal wish. I hope that everyone can unite to fight against the demonic beasts. As for personal feuds, please do that after leaving the Deep Blue Plane. The second matter is related to the East Unicorn Continent. In about a month, the East Unicorn Continent will be completely awakened. According to what I know, the East Unicorn Continent has a space-time passage connected to other star domains. Everyone can explore it, but do not bring back any other race experts to the Deep Blue Plane.”

This time, the number of beast sovereigns that returned were much more than the human saint lords. Among them, the strongest beast sovereign was the Sky Patrol Beast Sovereign. With the body of a high-tier tyrant beast, the Sky Patrol Wolf, his strength was comparable with the Jade Star Saint Lord. Furthermore, he had already lived for close to a million years.

Because of the Sky Patrol Beast Sovereign around, the Jade Star Saint Lord wished for everyone to unite. Otherwise, he couldn’t be bothered about personal feuds among the saint lords.

As for the matter at the East Unicorn Continent, it was even more important. The space-time passage to other star domains could be an opportunity or danger. If one was careless, it might bring calamity to the Deep Blue Plane.

The gathering continued for three days and nights before ending.

During these three days and nights, Li Fuchen found out that the Deep Blue Plane was situated into the Crosswise River Star Domain. Its size was roughly tens of thousands of light years. There were 11 universe cities and hundreds of planes. But in the universe, there were plenty of star domains that were much bigger than the Crosswise River Star Domain. Some of the bigger star domains were as big as a million light years.

Within the star domain, the Crosswise River Primogenitor’s faction was the strongest, followed by the Myriad Flower Lady, and other heaven lords.

The Deep Blue Plane was once in glory too. The Immortal Heaven Lord and Curse Heaven Lord were both terrifying individuals that were unparalleled in the Crosswise River Star Domain. The Zhu Clan’s half god ancestor even made the Crosswise River Primogenitor apprehensive. But as these ancient figures vanished without a trace, the Deep Blue Plane became non-existent in the Crosswise River Star Domain.

In the vicinity of the Fire God Mountain…

The Poison Blade Saint Lord appeared. He was meeting with the Zhu Clan’s no.1 ancestor, the Heaven Fire Saint Lord, Zhu Sanqiu.

“His strength is comparable to mine. Of course, if it is a fight to the death, I have 70% confidence to kill him.” The Poison Blade Saint Lord was rather apprehensive of Li Fuchen. He had great confidence in killing Li Fuchen, but Li Fucnen’s resistance before death was enough to severely injure his source.

“I have underestimated him.” Zhu Sanqiu’s eyes flashed with cold light.

The stronger Li Fuchen was, the greater the price Zhu Sanqiu had to pay. However, no matter what price it was, he must kill Li Fuchen.

Zhu Sanqiu had a subtle intuition that Li Fuchen’s existence would affect the Zhu Clan’s future.

It was something that Zhu Sanqiu couldn’t tolerate.

After returning to the Saint Spirit Continent, Li Fuchen continued to comprehend the Skyline Sword Art.

The Skyline Sword Art had a total of nine moves and once Li Fuchen comprehended the 9th move of the Skyline Sword Art, he would then be able to chase after the sword dao level that was close to the Sword Lord.

Once Li Fuchen comprehended the 9th move, his sword dao power would reach a terrifying level.

However, it wasn’t so easy to comprehend the 9th move. Li Fuchen could see the shadows of the first eight moves within the 9th move. It was obvious that the 9th move was a fusion of all the quintessence from the first eight moves. Therefore, only a fated opportunity would allow the practitioner to comprehend the 9th move.

Unknowingly, a month passed by and the thunderstorm anomaly around the vicinity of the East Unicorn Continent had completely dispersed. A massive qi aura burst into the sky.

“My bone frame?”

At this moment, there were many individuals inside the East Unicorn Continent that felt their bone frames being upgraded for no reason. People with ordinary bone frames would be upgraded to 1-star bone frames, 1-star bone frames would be upgraded to 2-star bone frames. There were some whose bone frames were upgraded multiple times. It was a truly mystical feeling. During normal times, they would need to use the bone frame stone to check on their bone frame’s star grade.

“Haha, my bone frame has been upgraded to a 7-star bone frame. It is even better than the pinnacle generation of prodigies from a few dozen years ago.”

On a peak, a youth was laughing towards the sky and was full of mettle.

Various factions in the East Unicorn Continent had treated Li Fuchen’s generation as the pinnacle generation. They were people like the Three King Stars, Six Young Masters, Four Fairies, and the legendary prodigy, Li Fuchen. Once those people left the East Unicorn Continent, there were people that lamented if there would be so many pinnacle prodigies that would appear again in the East Unicorn Continent. The reality was indeed so as the future prodigies that appeared later one would be significantly weaker than Li Fuchen’s generation, be it in quality or quantity.

But today, everything was going to change.

Many of the prodigies with 4-star and 5-star bone frames had upgraded to 6-star bone frames. As for those 6-star bone frames, they were upgraded to 7-star bone frames, just like the youth on the mountain peak.

Li Fuchen’s generation might be formidable, but the strongest was only a 6-star bone frame, there wasn’t a single 7-star bone frame.

It was normal to have bone frame upgrades for the people in the East Unicorn Continent, but it was a little far-fetched as Li Fuchen who was far away on the Saint Spirit Continent had also been upgraded.

Li Fuchen’s bone frame might already be an apex 9-star bone frame, but it was upgraded with all sorts of herbs and elixirs, therefore, it wasn’t that pure and natural. Right now, there was a mystical energy that entered the body and immediately purified the bone frame. There was a faint feeling that a trace of extremely pure sword dao energy was brewing within.

Li Fuchen knew that his bone frame was gradually developing towards a sword dao bone frame.

When his Primary Extreme Sword Technique reached 2nd rate apex state, his bone frame was already slowly changing attributes. With the assistance from the mystical energy now, things were twice as easy.

“Could it be that I have an invisible connection with the East Unicorn Continent?” Li Fuchen was guessing.

“Or should it be said that residents from the East Unicorn Continent all have a connection to the continent?”

Li Fuchen thought about Yan Qingwu, the Evil Monarch and the others.

“That’s right! Star fate!” All of a sudden, Li Fuchen thought of a crucial factor.

The East Unicorn Continent’s Mt. Star Fate gathered the qi fate of the entire East Unicorn Continent.

Originally, the East Unicorn Continent was just an ordinary low-class continent and the star fate from Mt. Star Fate was nothing much. Li Fuchen didn’t even pay any attention to it.

But from the current information, the East Unicorn Continent contained an unfathomable ancient mystery. It was obviously more mysterious and stronger than any high-class continents. Therefore, it meant that the star fate from Mt. Star Fate wasn’t ordinary either.

In Li Fuchen’s opinion, anyone who once entered the Stars Ranking of Mt. Star Fate would have a huge amount of star fate in their bodies.

As for Li Fuchen who was once 1st rank on the Stars Ranking, the amount of star fate he possessed had already condensed a true dragon imprint. There was no one else that had more star fate than him, therefore, even after his bone frame was at the apex 9-star, he still received a reward from the East Unicorn Continent.

“Perhaps, anyone who is born and raised on the East Unicorn Continent will have a trace of star fate in their bloodline…” Li Fuchen thought silently.

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