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Chapter 874: Gathering of Saint Lords

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Saint Yang Continent, Jade Star Mountain. It was where the Jade Star Saint Lord was temporarily residing.

It might be a temporary residence, but the Jade Star Saint Lord wasn’t an ordinary person. Even the most ordinary mountain would become extraordinary under his arrangements. Let alone the fact that Jade Star Mountain was already a marvel mountain and had an exceptionally graceful environment.

On this day, saint lords were arriving at Jade Star Mountain.

They were here because they were invited by the Jade Star Saint Lord.

As the previous vice-leader of the human alliance, the Jade Star Saint Lord was someone with a huge reputation. If any saint lord didn’t attend, it would be to disrespect him.

“Jade Star Saint Lord, after so many years, you are still as elegant!”

In the void, there were petals dancing around. A fairy-like person walked out from the void and arrived at Jade Star Mountain.

“Welcome, Jasper Flower Saint Lordess!” The Jade Star Saint Lord gave a warm welcome.

The Jasper Flower Saint Lord had ordinary strength and was merely a mid level saint lord. But her background was very strong, as she was one of the Hundred Flower Guardians under the Myriad Flower Lady. The Myriad Flower Lady was also the city lordess of a universe city, Myriad Flower City. Therefore, no one dared to offend the Jasper Flower Saint Lord.

“That prodigy Sword Saint Lord, Li Fuchen isn’t here yet?”

The Jasper Flower Saint Lordess was very curious about Li Fuchen. In fact, all the saint lords were very curious about Li Fuchen. After all, such a prodigy would be top-class even in the entire star domain.

“He should be here soon.”

The Jade Star Saint Lord laughed. He naturally invited Li Fuchen and Li Fuchen had already accepted. The Jade Star Saint Lord believed that a person like Li Fuchen wouldn’t go back on his words.

“Jade Star Saint Lord, Jasper Flower Saint Lordess, it has been many years since we met. I have truly missed everyone.” There was a void distortion as the Iron Cloud Saint Lord appeared.

“Iron Cloud Saint Lord, you are the greatest contributor to our human race this time. Come, let me offer you a toast.”

The Jade Star Saint Lord knew clearly about the recent events on the Deep Blue Plane. With a wave of the hand, a cup of exquisite wine arrived in front of the Iron Cloud Saint Lord. The Jade Star Saint Lord took the initiative to finish his cup of wine first.

“It is my honor to accept a toast from the Jade Star Saint Lord.” The Iron Cloud Saint Lord laughed heartily and drank his wine too.

The Jade Star Mountain had a scenery of a paradise and fragrance of exquisite wine was weaving around.

“He is here.”

The Jade Star Saint Lord looked towards the void and saw a ripple. Two figures walked out from inside.

One of them was the Deep Blue Sword Saint Lord, the other was none other than Li Fuchen.

At this moment, there were six saint lords on the Jade Star Mountain, including the Jade Star Saint Lord. Apart from the Iron Cloud Saint Lord who already knew Li Fuchen, the other saint lords were all looking and observing Li Fuchen.

“So young!” The Jasper Flower Saint Lord exclaimed.

She already knew that Li Fuchen was very young, but to hear and to see him personally was still different. She was truly shocked when witnessing it in real life.

“Deep Blue Sword Saint Lord, Sword Saint Lord, this way!” The Jade Star Saint Lord smiled as he gave the welcome.

“Greetings to the Jade Star Saint Lord.” Li Fuchen nodded and landed on the Jade Star Mountain.

After some simple introductions, Li Fuchen found out the identities of all the saint lords.

The fairy-like woman was called Jasper Flower Saint Lordess and had an astonishing background. She was one of the Hundred Flower Guardians. Li Fuchen had visited the Thousands Spirit City, therefore, he knew clearly about the capability of the Myriad Flower Lady. It could be said that the Myriad Flower Lady was one of the few individuals who could dominate the entire star domain. She was even more formidable and experienced than the Thousands Spirit Heaven Lord.

At the corner, there was a skinny middle-aged man with a negligible presence. He was the Shadow Saint Lord and he was specialized in assassination. At the same time, he was also the Sky Thrust Union Leader.

The handsome youth who was surrounded by beauties was Heaven Mend Saint Lord. He was the pavilion lord of the Heaven Mend Pavilion which was one of the top ten factions in the Deep Blue Plane. He might look young, but he was actually not younger than the Jade Star Saint Lord.

The last saint lord was a burly man with a wide chest and triangle-shaped eyes. He was called the Poison Blade Saint Lord and he was the Black Blood Cult Master. The Black Blood Cult was also one of the top ten factions in the Deep Blue Plane.

Judging by qi presence, the Jasper Flower Saint Lordess and the Shadow Saint Lord had the weakest qi presence. They were around mid-level saint lords, while the Heaven Mend Saint Lord was a high-level saint lord. As for the Poison Blade Saint Lord, he was just slightly inferior to the Jade Star Saint Lord and should be a peak level saint lord.

“I have heard of the fame of the Sword Saint Lord during the recent days. I wonder if I can seek some advice.” The Poison Blade Saint Lord stood up and grinned as he said.

“Elder Li, he is probably testing your strength. The Heaven Fire Saint Lord, Zhu Sanqiu must have given him some benefits.” The Deep Blue Sword Saint Lord warned Li Fuchen.

“I know.” Li Fuchen stood up and said, “Since the Poison Blade Saint Lord is interested, I shall accept the request.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t worried if his strength was exposed. His greatest reliance wasn’t strength but the Star Immortal Body. Of course, the Poison Blade Saint Lord might not be able to test Li Fuchen’s limits, but it might be fun for Li Fuchen to have a spar.

“Please keep within the limits and don’t harm the harmony.” The Jade Star Saint Lord didn’t have any intention to stop them.

It was understandable that all the saint lords present wanted to understand Li Fuchen’s strength, including the Jade Star Saint Lord.


With a shift, the duo arrived in the skies above the Jade Star Mountain.

“Sword Saint Lord, be careful.”

The Poison Blade Saint Lord had a black blade in his hands. The black blade was giving off a colorful luster that made the scalp numb. It was obviously filled with lethal poison.

“Poison Shadow!”

Cleaving with the black blade, a black crack was split open in the void. A shadow-like black blade light appeared in front of Li Fuchen out of nowhere.

Tss Tss Tss…

The black blade light contained domineering poison and it caused Li Fuchen’s sword energy protection to emit hissing sounds. A layer was instantly eroded.

The Jade Star Saint Lord thought to himself, “The Poison Blade Saint Lord’s poison technique is truly domineering. When fighting against him, there is a need to beware of his blade art and also the corrosion from the poison. It isn’t that easy to escape unscathed.”

Seeing the situation, Li Fuchen retreated with haste and during the retreat, he unsheathed the Joint-Heaven Sword to scatter the blade light.

“Supreme rate artifact sword, interesting!” The Poison Blade Saint Lord’s eyes lit up and revealed traces of greed.

The Poison Blade Saint Lord believed that without the supreme rate artifact sword, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be a match for him. If he could obtain Li Fuchen’s supreme rate artifact sword, he could go to the highest classed auction to exchange for a poison-type supreme rate weapon. His strength would then increase by several times.

“Poison Rain!”

The black blade light was like a rainstorm and assaulted Li Fuchen from all directions.

“Sky Fire Sun Crack Sword.”

There was a burst of light as Li Fuchen executed the 5th move of the Skyline Sword Art.

Cling Cling Clang Clang!

In just an instant, the duo had clashed countless times. Their figures were appearing everywhere and in various layers of the void. It was truly confusing to the eyes.

“Poison Dragon!”

The black blade light formed a poison dragon as an attack. From time to time, there would be poison fluid-like blade lights which would spray out, making it very hard to defend.

“Sky Phase Roaming Dragon Thrust.”

When facing the Poison Blade Saint Lord’s finishing move, Li Fuchen executed a sword move that looked like a roaming dragon-like translucent sword light.

Bang Boom!

The poison fluid splattered everywhere while sword qi overflowed. The Poison Blade Saint Lord couldn’t help taking dozens of steps back. His body had some minor sword swords.


With a burst of ominous light in the eyes, the Poison Blade Saint Lord executed his kill move with rage.

“Sky World Solipsis Sword.”

A carefree sword intent gathered on Li Fuchen’s body and was preparing to launch.

“Enough, stop here!”

The Jade Star Saint Lord opened his arms and two bundles of starry qi force separated the Poison Blade Saint Lord and Li Fuchen. The qi force made the duo feel that space-time had been frozen. Of course, they could forcefully dispel it, but it would be to disrespect the Jade Star Saint Lord.

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