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Chapter 873: East Unicorn’s Secret

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In the universe, there was a star light speeding through. Its speed was more than a few hundred times the speed of light. Space-time seemed to be non-existent in the face of the star light.


Without any pause, the star light entered the Deep Blue Plane and arrived above the vast ocean.

“Over 100,000 years passed by in the blink of the eye. Things still seem the same, but the people have changed!”

While enjoying the sea wind, the Jade Star Saint Lord recalled fondly about his earlier days. He once roamed the Deep Blue Plane and those days felt like they were still vivid in his mind.

“I wonder if those old friends are still around?”

With a sway, the Jade Star Saint Lord broke through the void and immediately arrived at the vicinity of the East Unicorn Continent.

“From the looks of it, it will only awaken completely after half a year.”

The secrets concealed in the East Unicorn Continent was something that even the Jade Star Saint Lord wanted to know.

But the Jade Star Saint Lord didn’t dare to barge in forcefully.

According to what he knew, not even heaven lords could barge into the East Unicorn Continent. He didn’t want to risk his life.

In any case, half a year would pass by quickly and it wouldn’t be too late to visit the East Unicorn Continent by then.

“Jade Star Saint Lord.”

A giant ship with a fiery red beast head appeared in the vicinity of the East Unicorn Continent out of nowhere. At the bow of the ship, a muscular man was squinting his eyes and staring at the Jade Star Saint Lord.

“It’s the Heaven Fire Saint, no, I should call you the Heaven Fire Saint Lord now.”

Heaven Fire Saint Lord, Zhu Sanqiu, the Zhu Clan’s no.1 ancestor.

The Jade Star Saint Lord was immediately able to see that Zhu Sanqiu was already a saint lord based on the qi presence.

Originally, when Zhu Sanqiu was a peak level saint, he was already comparable to some saint lords by relying on weapons and cardinal artifacts. Now that he was a saint lord, his combat strength would be at least a peak level saint lord.

“As compared to the Jade Star Saint Lord, I am still far inferior.”

Zhu Sanqiu didn’t dare to look down on the Jade Star Saint Lord. In fact, for over 100,000 years in the Deep Blue Plane, no one dared to look down on the Jade Star Saint Lord.

Among saint lords, there would be immense strength differences.

Those who possessed top rate apex martial art and 2nd rate apex cultivation technique would be regular saint lords. Their strengths would fluctuate between low level saint lords and high level saint lords.

Those who possessed top rate apex martial art and 1st rate apex cultivation technique would be true peak level saint lords.

The Jade Star Saint Lord was a saint lord that possessed top rate apex martial art and 1st rate apex cultivation technique. His strength was immeasurable.

Over 100,000 years ago, when the battle between humans and demonic beasts was at its climax, the Jade Star Saint Lord was once the vice alliance leader of the human race alliance.

The Jade Star Saint Lord laughed, “The past is already over. With the Fire God Ax, there are only a few that are stronger than you in the Deep Blue Plane.”

The Zhu Clan’s supreme rate weapon, the Fire God Ax was superior even among the supreme rate weapons.

Not even the Jade Star Saint Lord would want to receive an attack from the Fire God Ax.

The two had a short conversation before leaving.

For the next few months, saint lords and beast sovereigns would return. The false peace between the humans and demonic beasts had also become sensitive with the returns of the saint lords and beast sovereigns.

“It seems like these saint lords and beast sovereigns know something about the East Unicorn Continent.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t a fool. The East Unicorn Continent had just upgraded into a high-class continent, but these saint lords and beast sovereigns had all returned. It was obviously impossible for it to be unrelated to the East Unicorn Continent.

Of course, Li Fuchen wasn’t worried at all even if there were so many saint lords and beast sovereigns on the Deep Blue Plane now.

The current him was already different from before.

Apart from heaven lords, there were only a few who could handle him.

The thing Li Fuchen was more curious about was why the Zhu Clan’s no.1 ancestor didn’t come to look for him after returning for so many days. Li Fuchen didn’t believe that the Zhu Clan’s no.1 ancestor was afraid. Li Fuchen might have the Joint-Heaven Sword, but the Zhu Clan had the Fire God Ax. Apart from that, the Zhu Clan’s no.1 ancestor had a top rate apex cardinal artifact. In terms of foundation, the Zhu Clan was far superior to Li Fuchen.

The only explanation would be that Zhu Sanqiu wasn’t confident in killing Li Fuchen, therefore, he wasn’t going to act rashly.

“Elder Li, the Guildmaster is back and is at the headquarters.” The elder token echoed with the voice of the Mystic Deep Sword Saint.

“The Guildmaster huh?” Li Fuchen didn’t expect for the guildmaster to return as well.

In the Swordsmen Guild headquarters’ conference hall…

The Phenomenon Sword Saint and Mystic Deep Sword Saint were there too. Apart from them, there was a middle-aged man with a three-inch beard.

It was obvious that the Swordsmen Guildmaster was none other than the Deep Blue Sword Saint.

No, to be accurate, it was the Deep Blue Sword Saint Lord. His qi presence was not inferior to the Black Rock Beast Sovereign. It was almost at the same level as a high level saint lord.

“Elder Li, this is the first time we meet.” The Deep Blue Sword Saint Lord let out a smile.

“Greetings to the Guildmaster.” Li Fuchen cupped his fist.

It didn’t matter if Li Fuchen’s strength was beyond the Deep Blue Sword Saint Lord or not. As an elder of the Swordsmen Guild, he had to show respect when greeting the guildmaster.

The Deep Blue Sword Saint Lord shook his hand and let out a bitter smile, “Originally, I didn’t believe that Elder Li is less than 100 years old. I am convinced now.”

At the level of a saint lord, one would be able to see the estimated age of an individual by their vitality aura. Li Fuchen’s vitality aura was too young and was just like the rising sun which was full of youth.

To become a saint lord at such a young age and not just a normal saint lord, the Deep Blue Sword Saint felt that it was truly unbelievable.

The Deep Blue Sword Saint had visited several universe cities before, but he had never seen a heaven-defying prodigy like Li Fuchen. Not even the god race had such a fearsome prodigy.

It was easy to imagine that Li Fuchen would definitely become a heaven lord in the future. After all, with Li Fuchen’s talent and fate, even the boundless universe and countless universe cities would be shrouded by Li Fuchen.

Of course, that was still far away. If Li Fuchen wanted to grow until that extent, he would need to continue surviving.

“Elder Li, you are so young. It is a good thing and also a bad thing. Remember, if you meet the god race, you must conceal your vitality aura.”

The vitality aura could be concealed but only for a short period of time. It wasn’t possible to conceal it for a long time as it would be to violate the universe law.

“God race?”

This was Li Fuchen’s first time hearing about the god race. But his intuition told him that the god race was probably more terrifying than the demon race.

The Deep Blue Sword Saint nodded, “The god race is publicly recognized as the no.1 race in the universe. All members of the race are prodigies. It is fortunate they have a small number of members and low birth rate. Otherwise, the entire universe will probably be ruled by the god race.”

It was indeed a terrifying race. Li Fuchen couldn’t imagine the concept of having prodigies in the entire race. If the humans were all prodigies, saints would be like weed and would be everywhere. Let alone the Deep Blue Plane, not even the universe could fit so many saints. There would be a deficit in spirit qi and even space-time might collapse.

It was fortunate that the god race had a small number of members and it was possibly the reason why the universe allowed the god race to exist.

“Guildmaster, are all of you back for the East Unicorn Continent.” Li Fuchen went straight to the point and asked.

“That’s right. The East Unicorn Continent contains a secret. Since ancient times, everyone wanted to know what the secret is. But apart from a few heaven lords, no one truly understood the East Unicorn Continent. This is a good chance.”

While speaking, the Deep Blue Saint Lord suddenly said, “You have to be careful of the Zhu Clan’s no.1 ancestor, Zhu Sanqiu. Since he hasn’t looked for you yet, it means he is plotting something that would be a certain kill.”

“I shall wait for him.” Li Fuchen nodded.

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