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Chapter 872: East Unicorn’s Change

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When the sword move was executed, Li Fuchen was awakened.

“This is the top rate apex state?”

At that instant earlier, Li Fuchen felt as though he broke through the restrictions of time and space. When he executed the sword move, there were no obstructions at all.

If it was the previous Li Fuchen, he would only have the strength of a saint lord with the help of the Joint-Heaven Sword. Right now, even without using the Joint-Heaven Sword, he barely had the strength of a saint lord.

After all, Li Fuchen had both top rate apex martial art and 2nd rate apex cultivation technique, he was just lacking in cultivation.

But in reality, when reaching the saint lord’s level, cultivation would no longer be the prevailing factor. Defense, reaction speed, and combat talent would all play a part, allowing the difference in cultivation to be shrunk down.

“Impossible!” The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign roared. His qi presence transformed into a giant black snake which spiraled and rushed at Li Fuchen.


Li Fuchen wielded the Joint-Heaven Sword and slashed. A sword light traversed through time and space to forcefully slice the giant black snake.

Originally, Li Fuchen’s sword dao strength was barely at mid-level saint lord, but after comprehending the top rate apex sword move, his attack power had increased significantly. He now had the strength of a peak level saint lord, moreover, he was even stronger than regular peak level saint lords.

“Impossible!” The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign’s eyes were blood red. With a shake of the body, he turned into an even bigger black snake as he lunged at Li Fuchen.

Cling Cling Clang Clang…

Among the sparks, there were pieces of bloody scales flying all over.

But the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign was big enough and such wounds were the same as to get scratched by fingernails during a fight. It might be painful, but it wasn’t fatal.

“Do you think you really can injure me?” The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign was suppressing Li Fuchen.

“Why not?” The sword light released from Li Fuchen was getting purer and sharper.


A large wound was sliced open on the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign’s body. Blood surged out like a flood.

As the Sky World Solipsis Sword was just comprehended, it wasn’t perfected yet. But with Li Fuchen’s perception, he didn’t need much time to completely master this move.

“The sword move’s power is getting stronger.” The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign gritted his fangs and continued the all-out slaughter with Li Fuchen.

Right now, Li Fuchen was left with less than 5% of his vitality. There was still a great chance that the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign could kill him.


A segment of the giant tail was severed and the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign gasped for cold air to endure the pain.

Li Fuchen was simply too demonic. In just a short span of time, the sword move’s power had increased by at least ten times. Li Fuchen was already more powerful than the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign. With an increase of strength by ten times, Li Fuchen immediately severed the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign’s tail.

The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign couldn’t have known that the Sword Lord’s Skyline Sword Art was a very formidable top rate apex sword art.

If a regular saint lord mastered it, it would be a regular top rate apex martial art.

In other words, without relying on the Joint-Heaven Sword, Li Fuchen barely had the strength of a saint lord. Right now, Li Fuchen officially had the strength of a saint lord.


All certainty and confidence had vanished after facing Li Fuchen’s sword move. The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign knew that if he didn’t escape now, he would certainly get killed. After all, a single slash was able to sever his tail. If he received more, he wouldn’t be able to withstand it for long.

When the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign escaped, the Black Rock Beast Sovereign did the same thing too.

While escaping the Black Rock Beast Sovereign couldn’t help thinking why they were so hasty to seek trouble with Li Fuchen. Were they here to kill Li Fuchen or to help him break through?

If they didn’t come, Li Fuchen might have required a very long time to break through. The more the Black Rock Beast Sovereign thought, he felt worse. He was simply fulfilling others to disgust himself.

Li Fuchen didn’t give chase as he didn’t have enough vitality. Who knew if the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign or the Black Rock Beast Sovereign had any sacrificial attacks. If Li Fuchen forced them to their desperate straits, he might just be pulled down together. It wasn’t necessary.

But the next time they met, Li Fuchen wasn’t going to be as courteous.

“Congratulations Sword Saint Lord Li!” The Iron Cloud Saint Lord’s tone had changed a little.

Previously, the Iron Cloud Saint Lord treated Li Fuchen as a junior. But now, he had already treated Li Fuchen as a peer.

The Iron Cloud Saint Lord had roamed the universe for countless years and had seen all sorts of prodigy, but he never saw anyone with Li Fuchen’s progress speed.

WIth Li Fuchen’s progression, in just a short period of time, Li Fuchen might already be a heaven lord.

Even the weakest heaven lord would be a dictator in the star domain. If other heaven lords weren’t confident in killing you, they wouldn’t try to provoke you.

“It is just a coincidental breakthrough. I got lucky. Are your injuries okay?”

The Iron Cloud Saint Lord’s injuries were different from Li Fuchen. He suffered a severe injury and damaged his source. Li Fuchen only lost a huge amount of vitality which could be recovered easily.

“I should recover in three to five years. During this period of time, I have to trouble Sword Saint Lord Li.”

“Not a problem.” Li Fuchen nodded.

After defeating the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign and the Black Rock Beast Sovereign, Li Fuchen was simply living in complete peace.

Right now, he wasn’t worried about others looking for trouble with him, others were worried about him finding trouble with them.

It was fine to have tough defenses, but his offense was also as powerful now. Apart from heaven lords, there was no one else that was a match for Li Fuchen.

Years passed by…

Apart from the 8th move, Li Fuchen had pushed the rest of the seven sword moves from the Skyline Sword Art to top rate apex state too.

If he encountered the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign again, he would have 100 methods to kill the latter.

Boom Crack!

There were thunderbolts ravaging the borders of the East Unicorn Continent and there was a storm gathering.

An overly concentrated heaven and earth energy was flourishing from within the East Unicorn Continent.

“Is it finally upgrading to a high-class continent?” Li Fuchen walked out from a void distortion.

All this time, he had been using his spiritual awareness clone to observe the changes to the East Unicorn Continent. Therefore, he was able to rush over here immediately.

Li Fuchen didn’t know that several spiritual awareness restrictions were also alerted in the depths of the void at the borders of the East Unicorn Continent. It had attracted the attention of a group of people from far away.

Thousands Spirit City…

Inside a high-class restaurant.

“Jade Star Saint Lord, what happened?”

At the window seat of the top floor, there were two saint lords. One of them raised his brows and let out a slight exclamation. The saint lord opposite couldn’t help asking.

The Jade Star Saint Lord was a handsome middle-aged man. He stood up and said, “I have some urgent matters to attend to. I shall leave first.”

While speaking, the Jade Star Saint Lord didn’t even bother about the other party trying to make him stay and left the restaurant.

Also in Thousands Spirit City, two beast sovereigns from a large demonic beast faction had suddenly left without any warnings. It caused quite a commotion.

The Divine Leaf City which was closest to the Thousands Spirit City…

This place also had a swordsmen guild association like the Deep Blue Plane.

“It has been a long time since I returned to the Deep Blue Plane. I wonder about the development of the Swordsmen Guild.”

The Deep Blue Sword Saint Lord who had a three-inch beard raised his brows while his eyes flashed with homesick emotions.

Deeper into the pitch-black universe, there was a large ship with a fiery red beast head that was traveling at top speed. At the bow of the ship there was a muscular man standing there and he had a slight resemblance to Zhu Nanshan. But his qi presence was 100 times or even 1000 times stronger.

At this same moment, over a dozen saint lords and beast sovereigns were all rushing for the Deep Blue Plane.

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