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Chapter 871: Sky World Solipsis Sword

Translator: jinzeffect

“Li Fuchen, be careful, this beast has the strength of a peak-tier beast sovereign.”

The Iron Cloud Saint Lord was naturally able to see that Li Fuchen had a great progression in strength. However, Li Fuchen was still lacking as compared to the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign. The Iron Cloud Saint Lord wished that Li Fuchen could resist the attack of the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign.

“Peak-tier beast sovereign huh?” Li Fuchen’s expression turned stern.

“Since you are here, then die together!”

The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign was very confident. Originally, he wanted to kill them one after the other, as it was the easiest and safest method. However, the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign had seen all sorts of crises. He once fought with an other-race peak level saint lord for a month and slowly exhausted the enemy to death. His confidence came from such experience.

His qi presence transformed into a giant snake and clashed with Li Fuchen. Shortly after, Li Fuchen was smashed by the giant snake and his body cracked.

A peak-tier beast sovereign was truly formidable. Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength was only close to high level saint lord, therefore, he was still one level weaker.

“Die die die!”

The giant black snake produced nine heads that smashed frenziedly at Li Fuchen.

Bang Bang Bang…

Li Fuchen’s body was filled with cracks and blood splattered everywhere.

“Such tough defenses?” The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign had an awful expression.

He was a peak-tier beast sovereign but was only able to lightly injure a mid-level saint lord. No one would believe it if it was made known.


The Iron Cloud Saint Lord and the Black Rock Beast Sovereign had gasped for cold air. They didn’t dare to believe their eyes.

It was especially so for the Black Rock Beast Sovereign as his eyes were bulging out.

Before this battle, he had a great battle with Li Fuchen and back then, Li Fuchen’s defense wasn’t even 10% of the current Li Fuchen.

“The situation is much better than I expected. According to the other party’s attack power, I can persist for at least half a month.” Li Fuchen had a relaxed expression.

He had underestimated his current defenses. Right now, the Black Rock Beast Sovereign would only be able to barely break his defenses. Only a peak level saint lord-class enemy would be able to truly injure him.

“Heaven Snake Devour!”

The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign was enraged. The giant black snake engulfed Li Fuchen and wanted to digest Li Fuchen.


There was a flash of sword light and Li Fuchen penetrated through the abdomen of the giant blacksnake.

With the supreme rate artifact sword, Joint-Heaven Sword, Li Fuchen had the strength to fight against a peak-tier beast sovereign.

“Damn it, Heaven Snake Boundary.”

The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign planned to use the boundary and slowly exhaust Li Fuchen to death.


A large opening was sliced in the boundary and Li Fuchen emerged again.

With a formidable spirit soul, it wasn’t possible for the boundary to trap him.


The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign’s face was so gloomy.

“Sword Qi Origin Return!”

It wasn’t Li Fuchen’s style to remain on the receiving end of attacks. With a flash of sword light, he slashed at the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign.

This sword move might only be a first rate apex state, but it still had the potential of a supreme rate sword dao. Some of the sword dao essence had already reached top rate apex state.

The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign spent all his efforts to barely capture the trajectory of the sword move.

“I don’t believe that I cannot kill you.” The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign continued the frenzied attacks.

He might not know of Li Fuchen’s vitality, but it didn’t matter. Even if this battle had to drag for a month or months, he was determined to kill Li Fuchen.

Boom Boom Boom…

Due to the rampage from the giant black snake, Li Fuchen basically couldn’t fight back. Even if he released an occasional sword move, it would be detected and easily countered by the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign.

On the other side, the Black Rock Beast Sovereign and the Iron Cloud Saint Lord started a great battle too.

The Black Rock Beast Sovereign still had the majority of his combat power and with tough defenses, he didn’t really fear the Iron Cloud Saint Lord’s Flame Essence Wheel. Moreover, the Iron Cloud Saint Lord had serious injuries and had a damaged source. He wasn’t as proficient in handling the Flame Essence Wheel now.

Therefore, the Iron Cloud Saint Lord and the Black Rock Beast Sovereign were evenly matched and they couldn’t do much for a long period of time.

Unknowingly, three days and nights had passed by. Nearly 20% of Li Fuchen’s vitality had been taken off.

“It seems like I have overestimated you.” The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign sneered.

According to the changes in Li Fuchen’s vitality aura, the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign could estimate Li Fuchen’s vitality.

“Your vitality has been reduced too.” Li Fuchen said.

“In three days and nights, you have only slashed me 49 times. How much vitality do you think you have taken off with 49 slashes?” The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign let out a disdainful smile.

“It is still very early, let the battle continue.”

Li Fuchen naturally knew that if this situation carried on, he would sink further in disadvantage.

However, this was the kind of time where he must forget his fear. Once he was afraid, there would be no chance to turn the tables.

“Sky Earth Roam!”

“Sky Light Flying Sword!”

“Sky Wind Godspeed Slash!”

“Sky Thunder Illusion Destruction Sword!”

“Sky Fire Sun Crack Sword!”

“Sky Man Desire Slash!”

“Sky Phase Roaming Dragon Thrust!”

Li Fuchen didn’t Sword Qi Origin Return anymore. Sword Qi Origin Return couldn’t reduce much of the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign’s vitality and it was unknown if Li Fuchen’s attack would land. Right now, Li Fuchen’s only hope was to comprehend the 8th move of the Skyline Sword Art. Once he comprehended it, his combat strength would increase by ten times or a few dozen times.

There were streaks of sword lights. Sometimes it would be a streaming waterfall, at times it would be an illusory wind. Sometimes it would be a destruction thunderbolt, at times it would be an exploding radiance…

As time elapsed, Li Fuchen’s Skyline Sword Art was enhanced significantly. A sword aura was slowly gathering.

“Thinking to break through? In your dreams!”

The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign realized Li Fuchen’s plan and was instantly enraged. His attacks were growing more aggressive.

Bang Bang Bang…

Li Fuchen was like a torn sack that would be blasted in all directions.

Ten days later…

Li Fuchen was only left with 15% of his vitality. He realized that when facing the same attacks, his vitality would be exhausted much more quickly as his vitality dropped. Therefore, the situations were harsher than he expected.

“In another two days, I will be able to kill him.” The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign licked his lips while his eyes were filled with ruthless radiance.

“Skyline Sword emphasized on becoming carefree. To a certain extent, being carefree also meant extreme solipsism.”

As the sword aura gathered, it was constantly sparking Li Fuchen’s sword dao inspiration.

Li Fuchen could vaguely see a sword light that pierced through matter, space, and everything…

One day later, Li Fuchen’s vitality was left with only 5%.

With a large deficit in vitality, Li Fuchen had a sense of extreme crisis from his spirit soul to his body.

This extreme crisis had a clash with the carefree Skyline Sword Art. The two components produced an inspiration.

Subconsciously, Li Fuchen swung his sword.

This was a sword of hope, a sword of carefree, and also a sword of solipsism.

When the sword was brandished, it felt as though a ray of light appeared in darkness.

“This is?”

The Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign’s eyes widened. But when he wanted to block against this sword move, he was already too late.


The sword light pierced through the Heaven Snake Beast Sovereign’s body and exited through the back.

Skyline Sword Art 8th move… Sky World Solipsis Sword.

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