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Chapter 851: Surge of Wealth

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There was still time before the auction, as such, Li Fuchen strolled around Thousands Spirit City first.

There were quite a number of humans in the Thousands Spirit City, since there were so many humans, it was natural to have many swordsmen too.

In a rather big shop selling miscellaneous goods, Li Fuchen found a book called Analysis of Sword Patterns.

Just by looking at the introduction, Li Fuchen knew that the sword pattern in the book had already reached its apex state. It was definitely going to be a great help for his comprehension of the Joint-Heaven Sword pattern.

Subsequently, Li Fuchen found three other books in other shops called Sword Craft, Way of Sword Weaponry, and Heaven Sword.

The three books had direct or indirect connections with sword patterns. As long as there was a connection, Li Fuchen would buy all of them.

“It should be enough.” Li Fuchen returned to the inn.

In just a few days, Li Fuchen read all of the books. With his current perception, he would instantly understand information that wasn’t too profound.

But by reading this seemingly shallow information, it expanded Li Fuchen’s sword pattern knowledge extensively.

A martial artist’s perception was actually more important than foundation.

Previously, Li Fuchen’s sword pattern foundation was lacking a little, therefore, he couldn’t comprehend the last parts of the Joint-Heaven Sword pattern.

“Since it is effective, I shall buy more!”

The Sword Spirit mentioned that sword patterns were extremely important to swordsmen and it wasn’t just to unseal the Joint-Heaven Sword.

As such, Li Fuchen planned to build a solid sword pattern foundation.

The Thousands Spirit City was enormous, Li Fuchen reckoned that he wouldn’t be able to stroll through the entire city even after a few years.

After spending a week, Li Fuchen found over a hundred sword pattern books. In fact, there were a few that weren’t related to sword patterns, but Li Fuchen felt that as long as it wasn’t totally unrelated, it would still expand his sword pattern knowledge.

This time, Li Fuchen spent half a month reading all the sword pattern books. Of course, his so-called reading was to completely understand them.

“It should be fine now.”

As compared to one month prior, Li Fuchen felt his sword pattern foundation and knowledge had been increased by several times. With better train of thoughts, the increase in efficiency would be significant.

Li Fuchen started to comprehend the sealed sword pattern inside the Joint-Heaven Sword again.

Three days later, the comprehension progress was at 96%.

One week later, it was now at 97%.

Two weeks later, 98%…

Right at this moment, the auction was about to begin.

He was able to continue, but he had no choice but to stop for now.

Li Fuchen didn’t want to miss out on the morning star-class auction.

Moreover, he had already commissioned the auction house to sell the Bright Fruit and Shadow Fruit in the auction. He definitely had to see it.

Above the Thousands Spirit City, there was a sun revolving around the city, allowing the Thousands Spirit City to have a day and night cycle.

In the morning, dazzling sunshine covered Thousands Spirit City and there were innumerable figures gathering towards the auction.

Different from low-class auctions, only saints were able to participate in morning star-class auctions. The saints couldn’t even bring along anyone else.

It might be the case, but if a saint lord insisted on bringing a friend along, not many would dare to stop them. There were some descendants and disciples of powerful factions that could enter too.

This world was a place where the weak obeyed the rules, while the strong stood above the rules.

The auction hall which could fit hundreds of thousands of people had been filled up quickly.

Due to the business relationship with the auction house, Li Fuchen had been arranged to have a VIP private room.

Three sides of the private room were made of transparent crystal. One could see outside from inside, but the outside couldn’t see through to the inside.

Seeing through the transparent crystal, Li Fuchen saw that the entire auction hall was filled with saints. The esteemed and respected saints in the Deep Blue Plane were just ordinary people here. Apart from that, there were the private rooms and they were either rich or noble, if not they would be experts. There were a few top-notch private rooms that were emitting abnormally terrifying qi presence. If Li Fuchen didn’t guess wrongly, the people inside were on the same levels as saint lords.

“It seems like even the Thousands Spirit City doesn’t have that many saint lord-class experts.”

There were too few heaven lord-class individuals. For a plane to produce over ten heaven lords over history, it was already remarkable. Since the start of history, the Deep Blue Plane had only produced less than 10 heaven lords. As of now, those heaven lords had yet to appear and it was unknown if they were still alive. Perhaps, they had already died of old age or perished in battles. As such, when those heaven lords were missing, saint lords were the ones that were causing the changes. Many of the huge events were normally due to saint lords.

Soon enough, the auction began…

The morning star-class auction was truly incredible. The first auction item was rather useful to saints and the prices were all rather high.

Second item, third item…

During the auction, there were many 1st rate apex weapons and armors that appeared.

Li Fuchen held back his impulse to bid. His strength was increasing too quickly, 1st rate apex equipment would only be useful for a short period of time. But they would be useless afterwards and it would be a waste of money.

After all, a 1st rate apex armor wasn’t able to block the attack from a saint lord. With Li Fuchen’s current defense, even without a 1st rate apex armor, there were only a few peak level saints that could break his defense.

Only top rate apex equipment would be useful to him.

It was a pity that 1st rate apex equipment would be beyond his affordability as those were targets for saint lords.

After enduring for a long time, Li Fuchen bought a 1st rate apex artifact sword, New Shift Sword.

It might not be very useful, but it was rather good as a disguise.

Once the Joint-Heaven Sword was unsealed, it would be a supreme rate artifact sword. Supreme rate weapons were rare even in the star domain. It was hard to know if any top-notch saint lord or heaven lord might target Li Fuchen.

As such, unless it was absolutely crucial, Li Fuchen would never expose the Joint-Heaven Sword.

Li Fuchen’s Bright Fruit and Shadow Fruit were arranged for the latter part of the auction. After all, they were items that would start bidding at 10,000 peak-grade spirit stones. Only a few individuals were able to afford them, like those peak level saints and saint lords.

As expected, the Bright Fruit and Shadow Fruit caused commotions as soon as they appeared. Those commotions were even unexpected by the auction house.

Ultimately, the Bright Fruit and Shadow Fruit were sold off at 28,000 peak-grade spirit stones and 35,000 peak-grade spirit stones respectively.

“It is fortunate that I didn’t make any private deals.”

If Li Fuchen made a private deal, he would lose at least 20,000 peak-grade spirit stones.

When Li Fuchen sold off all the other resources previously, he only obtained 16,000 peak-grade spirit stones.

After the auction of the Bright Fruit and Shadow Fruit, it was the auction of apex artifacts.

Li Fuchen was very tempted by the apex artifacts, but these apex artifacts had a starting price of 50,000 peak-grade spirit stones. Even if Li Fuchen wanted to buy them, he couldn’t afford them.

The last auction item was a top rate apex cardinal artifact. According to the introduction, it was a superior top rate apex cardinal artifact. The auction price reached a shocking 500,000 peak-grade spirit stones.

With the end of the auction, Li Fuchen now had 60,000 peak-grade spirit stones. The New Shift Sword only cost him over 3000 peak-grade spirit stones.

With 60,000 peak-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen was already considered very wealthy. Even saint lords might not have that many peak-grade spirit stones.

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