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ER – Chapter 828: Heaven Ruin Lord


With a flicker, the earless man arrived above the Black Whirlpool Tree. With a swing of his hand, over ten Black Whirlpool Fruits were harvested and only two were left behind. The rest had entered his storage bag.

“I am not that greedy. I shall leave two of the Black Whirlpool Fruits for all of you.” The earless man looked around and said indifferently.

In response, a high-tier beast overlord was enraged. Only leaving two Black Whirlpool Fruits for them? Did the earless man think they were beggars?

“Leave the Black Whirlpool Fruits or die.”

The high-tier beast overlord reverted back to its original form and it was a giant buffalo with a pair of wings.


There was a resounding voice as the high-tier beast overlord activated its innate ability and a unique sound wave was blasted at the earless man.

Bang Bang Bang…

Apart from the saber dao saint, the sound wave caused the other saints and beast overlords to fly off while vomiting blood. The sound wave wasn’t even targeted at them, if it was, they might have already exploded from the sound wave.

“That is quite the temper.”

With a wave of the hand, the earless man materialized a palm to block the sound wave. The palm then pushed forward against the sound wave.


The ground trembled and there was a giant palm print on the ground. One could vaguely see a pool of blood in the middle of the palm print.

“Does anyone else have an opinion?” The earless man looked at everyone.

“Heaven Ruin Lord, you must be joking. Even if you take all the Black Whirlpool Fruits, we wouldn’t dare to have any opinions.” The saber dao saint bowed and said.

“Heaven Ruin Lord?” Everyone was startled before they were terrified.

The earless man was actually the Saint Yin Continent’s Heaven Ruin Lord.

The so-called low-level saints, mid-level saints, and high-level saints, were just descriptions of cultivation levels.

Low-level saints referred to the 1st level until the 3rd level of Soul Merge Realm. Mid-level saints would be from 4th level to 6th level Soul Merge Realm. Those from 7th level to 9th level of Soul Merge Realm would be high-level saints.

Peak level saints, lords, heaven lords, and half-gods, were the description of strength level.

Lords were superior to peak level saints, but inferior to heaven lords.

In this era where heaven lords were nowhere to be seen, peak level saints were already considered dictators. Lords were the rulers among the saints, therefore they were given such a title.

The Deep Blue Plane had a total of nine high-class continents, but the number of lords could be counted with one hand. On average, there would be less than one lord on each high-class continent.

Furthermore, these lords were already missing a long time ago. For over a thousand years, there wasn’t any mention of a lord appearing. No one would expect to encounter the legendary Heaven Ruin Lord on the Black Whirlpool Island.

“It is fortunate that my strength isn’t strong enough, otherwise, I would be dead by now.”

Everyone was silently rejoicing.

The high-tier beast overlord killed by the Heaven Ruin Lord was called the Thunder Voice Beast Overlord.

There were times when a stronger individual would die faster, unless one was absolutely powerful and there was no one else stronger.

“You are rather knowledgeable. I am interested to know your title.” The Heaven Ruin Lord sized up the saber dao saint.

“I am the Flying Cloud Saber Saint, Fei Yun.”

This person was the same Flying Cloud Saber Saint that fought with Zhu Hairong previously.

“If I didn’t guess wrongly, you should be from the Sacred Saber Sect right? It has been a long time since I met the old ghost, Extreme Yin Saber Saint. Give my regards to him.” While speaking, the Heaven Ruin Lord vanished.


Once the Heaven Ruin Lord left, the Flying Cloud Saber Saint let out a breath.

The Heaven Ruin Lord gave off too much pressure. That person was neither good or evil, and always did things based on his feelings. The Flying Cloud Saber Saint was certain that if he provoked the Heaven Ruin Lord, his outcome would be similar to the Thunder Voice Beast Overlord. Even the sect patriarch, Extreme Yin Saber Saint wouldn’t be able to save him.

“The Black Whirlpool Fruit is mine!”

Once the Heaven Ruin Lord left, all the beast overlords and saints eyed on the Black Whirlpool Fruit and rushed over.


There was a burst of saber light, all of the beast overlords and saints that rushed over were either slashed apart or totally severed. There was fresh blood that sprayed everywhere.

However, only one low-tier beast overlord and one low-level saint died. The rest of the beast overlords and saints were only severely injured. After all, at their level, all of their bloodlines contained a trace of immortality and were extremely hard to kill. The Flying Cloud Saber Saint was able to kill one low-tier beast overlord and one low-level saint because it was too powerful and was significantly stronger than most high-level saints. Of course, it was mainly because he had more targets, otherwise, he was confident he could kill a mid-level saint in a single saber slash.

If there was only one Black Whirlpool Fruit, Li Fuchen would need to consider if he wanted to snatch one, after all, the Flying Cloud Saber Saint was too powerful.

But since there were two, Li Fuchen had to snatch one no matter what.

With a flash of sword light, Li Fuchen skimmed towards the Black Whirlpool Tree.

“You don’t know what death is.” The Flying Cloud Saber Saint’s expression turned cold. There was a burst of saber light and he instantly caught up to Li Fuchen.


The void felt as though it was slashed open like a cloth and Li Fuchen was sent flying.


The Flying Cloud Saber Saint was shocked. His saber move didn’t manage to slash open Li Fuchen’s body.


After grabbing one of the Black Whirlpool Fruits, Li Fuchen escaped towards the horizon with lightning speed.

“Such craftiness.” The Flying Cloud Saber Saint frowned.

There was still one more Black Whirlpool Fruit on the tree, the Flying Cloud Saber Saint wasn’t going to give up this Black Whirlpool Fruit to chase after Li Fuchen.

“The Flying Cloud Saber Saint is too powerful, chase after that kid!”

Even if they couldn’t afford to provoke the Flying Cloud Saber Saint, they could still afford to provoke Li Fuchen.

“This is the Black Whirlpool Fruit?”

While gripping on the Black Whirlpool Fruit, Li Fuchen felt he was holding a bundle of cotton. It felt as though it couldn’t withstand any force and it was emitting a faint fragrance that entered his nose. It made Li Fuchen’s thought process hastened.

“As expected.” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up.

Just a faint fragrance was enough to hasten his thought process. It was unimaginable what kind of effects it would have if he consumed it.

After keeping the Black Whirlpool Fruit, Li Fuchen turned around and saw five figures chasing him. There were three beast overlords and two saints.

Li Fuchen revealed a sneer and further increased his speed.

He wasn’t afraid of the five of them.

To be honest, with his current strength and defense, the five of them might not even break his defense. He was only worried that the Flying Cloud Saber Saint might catch up.

Earlier on, he was unharmed by the Flying Cloud Saber Saint not only because of his tough defense, but it was mainly because of the apex armor he was wearing that dispelled most of the force.

After becoming a body refinement saint, Li Fuchen’s traveling speed was too fast. As the Hand of Moon’s qi power pervaded, the void distorted. Li Fuchen’s entire body looked as though he was shrinking and with each movement, he would leave the five figures further behind.

After two hours, the five figures were a few hundred miles behind him and they couldn’t detect him with their spiritual awareness anymore.

“Now that I obtained the Black Whirlpool Fruit, it is time to leave.” Standing on a tall mountain, Li Fuchen let out a forceful breath.

He was still weak now. It seemed like he could roam the world, but it was only in the eyes of regular people. The real world was much more treacherous than he imagined. He nearly fell in the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain and would be trapped inside forever. If he waited to come out, he would be a few centuries or a few millenniums later. It was something that he didn’t want.

“With the Black Whirlpool Fruit, it shouldn’t be a problem to push the Primary Extreme Sword Technique to the apex state. Even if there is a problem, I can just return to read through some sword dao manuals to make up the deficit.”

Li Fuchen’s figure vanished as he flew to the outer borders of the Black Whirlpool Island.

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