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Chapter 827: Fearsome Earless Middle-Aged Man

In an alley at the southwest part of the town, there was a constant clanking sound.

A customer visited a blacksmith.

“Same thing, an iron pick and an iron shovel.”

The person speaking had ordinary looks, medium-sized body and was lacking his right ear. His eyes emitted a solitary silence and it was a kind of vacant look that was similar to the vacant eyes of the dead people here. A small difference could only be found with careful observation.

“Your iron pick and iron shovel.”

The blacksmith’s staff handed an iron pick and iron shovel to the earless man.

After leaving the blacksmith, the earless man headed back to his own residence.

“This person is indeed fearsome.”

When using his spirit soul power to observe, Li Fuchen was silently shocked. He had a vague feeling that the earless man was much more terrifying than the Black Saint. In fact, the earless man might not be inferior to the Bitter Cliff Lord.

Of course, this could also be Li Fuchen’s misperception.

However, Li Fuchen didn’t think his spirit soul power would be wrong.

The earless man’s residence looked like a shabby courtyard. Li Fuchen didn’t enter recklessly and was using his spirit soul power to observe the earless man’s every action.

It was fortunate Li Fuchen had the spirit soul power, otherwise, he couldn’t even spy on the earless man.

Let alone in the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain, even in the outside world, it wasn’t possible to spy on the earless man. Before you even started spying, the earless man would have spotted you.

Only Li Fuchen who had the purple-red spirit soul power could spy on the earless man without fear.

“Mm!?” Li Fuchen encountered a small obstacle within a room of the shabby courtyard.

The small obstacle wasn’t worth mentioning to the spirit soul power, but Li Fuchen was still shocked.

He could feel that the small obstacle was a restriction set up by the earless man.

The earless man was actually able to set up a restriction in the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain and make use of a portion of his extraordinary power.

Li Fuchen reckoned that the earless man was guarding against the Bitter Cliff Lord. After all, the Bitter Cliff Lord had control of the first four layers. If he was willing, he could find out everything that was happening in the town. This restriction was to mask the truth and reveal a facade to the Bitter Cliff Lord. If Li Fuchen didn’t have the purple-red spirit soul power, he would have been tricked too.

The spirit soul power broke through the restriction and Li Fuchen saw an entrance to the underground basement. Once he was inside the basement, he saw a secret hole.

This secret hole was obviously dug by the earless man.

Entering the secret hole, Li Fuchen found the earless man at extreme depths and he was digging.

When the iron pick was swung down, a large and hard rock fell off. With a swing of the hand, the rock was kept into the storage bag.

“Could this secret hole lead outside the town? But the outside of the town is filled with fog. Is there any significance even if he could dig his way out?” Li Fuchen didn’t understand what the earless man was thinking.

“No, since the earless man is doing this, he must have his reason. Perhaps, this secret hole doesn’t lead out of the town. It leads to the third layer of the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain.”

Li Fuchen’s perception was heaven-defying, therefore, his mind was also heaven-defying. He immediately thought of the greatest possibility.

“It should be leading to the third layer of the illusion domain.” Li Fuchen felt it was more credible as he continued to analyze.

Firstly, the earless man wouldn’t do something that didn’t have any benefit.

Secondly, the earless man was simply too powerful and could actually set up a restriction within the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain.

Thirdly, the earless man’s digging tools were bought from the blacksmith. The blacksmith was part of the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain’s law. Therefore, the iron pick and shovel definitely contained a trace of the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain’s law too.


After a night, the iron pick and shovel broke into pieces.

The next morning, the earless man went to buy a new set of iron pick and shovel.

Li Fuchen didn’t want to alert the earless man, therefore, he had been observing silently.

Inside the restaurant, the Bitter Cliff Lord was also observing Li Fuchen.

“It has been so many days and he hasn’t lost his consciousness yet. It seems like he must have some artifact or elixir to maintain his consciousness. I have underestimated him. It doesn’t matter, let me see what trick he is up to.”

The Bitter Cliff Lord couldn’t drag Li Fuchen to the fifth layer of the illusion domain. His authority was limited to the first four layers.

Unknowingly, half a month passed by. The earless man finally dug a secret hole that led outside the town.

Through this secret hole, Li Fuchen was already able to see the fog outside the town.

“This is the moment.”

Seeing the earless man vanishing into the fog, Li Fuchen headed straight for the shabby courtyard, into the basement and dove into the secret hole.

Soon enough, Li Fuchen arrived outside the secret hole.

Looking at the thick fog, Li Fuchen said to himself, “I hope I guessed it correctly.”

While thinking in his mind, Li Fuchen entered the fog.

Once again, he reappeared in the town and was back in the basement of the earless man’s courtyard.

The earless man wasn’t around and Li Fuchen decided to test his conjecture as he ran for the nearest western gate.

“Not good!” Inside the restaurant, the Bitter Cliff Lord’s expression was very unpleasant. His figure suddenly vanished.

“Bitter Cliff Lord, where are you going?” In the void a figure obstructed the Bitter Cliff Lord.

“Black Saint, don’t you dare.” The Bitter Cliff Lord’s eyes flashed with anger.

“This time, I will not allow you to succeed.”

The Black Saint who had regained a portion of his consciousness couldn’t believe that Li Fuchen actually returned to the third layer of the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain. He didn’t know how Li Fuchen did it, but it wasn’t important. It was more important to stop the Bitter Cliff Lord.

Looking at the bright and clear scenery outside the western gate, Li Fuchen knew that he had returned to the third layer.

“You are rather good and actually followed me back to the third layer.” The earless man emerged behind Li Fuchen.

He didn’t know that Li Fuchen was spying on him, but he immediately knew when Li Fuchen appeared in his courtyard.

“Senior, Li Fuchen is truly rude.” Li Fuchen cupped his fist to apologize.

Of course, Li Fuchen wasn’t feeling apprehensive. He might be far from being a match for the earless man in the outside world, but inside the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain, Li Fuchen didn’t fear anyone else apart from the Bitter Cliff Lord.

“It doesn’t matter, I didn’t lose anything either.” Sweeping a glance at the town, the earless man said, “Apart from the ninth layer of this illusion domain, I have seen everything else. The Nine Illusions Heaven Lord is formidable indeed. I am inferior to him and wasted ten years here. It is time for me to leave.”

While speaking, the earless man walked out of the western gate.

“What? He walked out from the eighth layer of the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain?” Li Fuchen was stunned.

It was already so difficult for him to escape from the fourth layer. To be honest, he escaped because of the earless man. However, the earless man reached the third layer from the eighth layer alone. Such strength was simply dreadful.

“Not good.”

As the earless man left, Li Fuchen realized there was a surge of fog outside the western gate.

With extreme speed, Li Fuchen rushed out of the western gate and detoured around the fog before passing through a layer of invisible barrier.

“Has he left?” The Black Saint’s consciousness was slowly fading as he fought with the Bitter Cliff Saint. But at the same moment, his strength increased significantly and he immediately suppressed the Bitter Cliff Lord.

When Li Fuchen appeared again, he saw a mountain and it was a black mountain.

On the top of the mountain, there was a huge tree. On the branches, there were ten fruits that looked just like whirlpools.

“Black Whirlpool Fruit!” Words escaped from Li Fuchen’s mouth.

The Nine Illusions Hidden Domain actually teleported Li Fuchen to the vicinity of the Black Whirlpool Fruit. It was truly a surprise.

Li Fuchen wasn’t the only person in the vicinity of the black mountain. The earless man and several saints and beast overlords were here too. There was a saber dao saint who was extremely powerful. Of course, it was still incomparable with the earless man.

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