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Chapter 826: Moneybag Liu

Even though the Bitter Cliff Saint said that it wasn’t possible to leave the town after reaching the fourth layer of the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain, Li Fuchen still wanted to try.

The Bitter Cliff Saint didn’t stop Li Fuchen this time.

After walking out the eastern gate, Li Fuchen entered the fog and in a short moment, he returned back to the original place.

“As expected, the Bitter Cliff Saint didn’t lie to me on this.”

Li Fuchen’s heart sank. The Nine Illusions Hidden Domain was set up by the Nine Illusions Heaven Lord, even an absolute expert like the Bitter Cliff Saint couldn’t escape it. Therefore, it was close to impossible for Li Fuchen to leave.

“Originally, if you steal the mirror for me, you might have the chance to escape. What a pity…” The Bitter Cliff Saint’s figure vanished.

Hearing the comment, Li Fuchen didn’t show any expression of regret.

Firstly, with the Black Saint obstructing, it wasn’t possible for Li Fuchen to obtain the mirror. Unless, he never made any contact with Shangguan Yu in the past.

Secondly, this Bitter Cliff Saint wasn’t a benevolent person. If he escaped, it wouldn’t be a good thing for the Deep Blue Plane.

Thirdly, whenever Li Fuchen did something, he would do it with a clear conscience, therefore, he would never regret.

The Bitter Cliff Saint left because he believed that Li Fuchen’s consciousness wouldn’t last long in the fourth layer of the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain. It was unfortunate that he underestimated Li Fuchen.

Let alone the fourth layer of the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain, even if it was the ninth layer, it wasn’t possible for Li Fuchen’s consciousness to be seized.

This was something that Li Fuchen had utmost confidence in.

“Why don’t I talk more with Senior Black Saint?” After thinking for a moment, Li Fuchen headed for the mayor’s residence.

Mayor’s residence, mayor’s courtyard…

The Black Saint was still standing there and it seemed like he had never moved at all.

“It seems like you are the same as me as we are both unable to leave the town.” The Black Saint spoke.

Li Fuchen asked, “Senior Black Saint, do you remember the past?”

“I didn’t remember anything before, but after meeting you, I suddenly have some impressions.”

Hearing the response, Li Fuchen was in deep thoughts.

It seemed like his qi presence could make the Black Saint sober a little and regain some consciousness.

“The expert sealed here is called the Bitter Cliff Lord. Back then, I was pulled in the fourth layer of the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain by him. According to what I know, the Bitter Cliff Lord isn’t an expert of the Deep Blue Plane and is from another plane. Once he escapes, it will definitely be a disaster for the Deep Blue Plane. Therefore, with the guidance of the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain, I volunteered to be the mayor of this ordinary town. However, as time elapsed, the Bitter Cliff Lord increasingly eroded the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain. I’m afraid he will be able to control the fifth layer soon and find the second flaw of the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain.”

(TL note: A lord is just one level below heaven lord)

This time, the Black Saint had regained much more of his consciousness than before and was giving a thorough explanation.

The first flaw was the mirror and if the second flaw appeared, the Bitter Cliff Lord would certainly have a greater chance to escape. Li Fuchen nodded, “Then what can we do to stop him?”

The Black Saint said, “Back when you were in the third layer, if you left the town directly, it would cause the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain to undergo a huge transformation. It would setback the Bitter Cliff Lord significantly. Right now, you are in the fourth layer just like me and are nearly becoming a part of the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain. There are temporarily no methods for you to leave for now.”

If there was a method, the Black Saint would have left a long time ago.

“Alright then. Many thanks to Senior Black Saint for the pointers.”

Li Fuchen planned to find a method himself.

With the purple-red spirit soul, Li Fuchen felt that he surely had chances to escape.

After walking out of the mayor’s residence, Li Fuchen started to stroll around the town.

The town might be filled with dead people that didn’t have any consciousness or expressions, but the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain bestowed them with special traits and also gave them instinctive behaviors. It allowed them to converse with each other and everyone had their own residence and hobbies.

In short, apart from having no children and a strange atmosphere, this ordinary town wasn’t different from the towns in the outside world.

The only difference was Li Fuchen being the living person that didn’t fit in. Apart from the Black Saint and the Bitter Cliff Lord, he couldn’t converse normally with anyone else.

“Did you hear? Scholar Wang had a secret meeting with Moneybag Liu’s concubine and they were caught yesterday night.”

“Scholar Wang is truly debauched to touch Moneybag Liu’s woman.”

“Even so, that Scholar Wang’s martial art is rather formidable and injured many of Moneybag Liu’s guards.”

As a few dead people walked past, Li Fuchen overheard their conversation.

In fact, if Li Fuchen was willing, he could use his spirit soul power to intercept and eavesdrop on the conversation.

“I heard that Scholar Wang didn’t have the secret meeting because of the relationship. It is because of a treasure in Moneybag Wang’s vault. It is said that the treasure has unbelievable effects and could make a person abnormally intelligent. Moneybag Liu could become rich all because of the treasure.” One of the dead people spoke in an icy cold voice.

“A treasure that can make someone intelligent?” Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with radiance.

The people here were all dead people because they lost their consciousness and intelligence, making them no different from dead people.

Could this treasure restore a person’s consciousness or a part of their consciousness?

Since there weren’t any clues, Li Fuchen might as well visit Moneybag Liu’s residence.

Deep in the night, a figure jumped over the perimeter wall and entered Moneybag Liu’s courtyard.

Spreading out the spirit soul power, Li Fuchen found Moneybag Liu’s treasure vault with ease.

After making a detour over the groups of guards, Li Fuchen arrived outside the door of the treasure vault.

This door was made of stone and couldn’t be broken even if an ordinary person used a weapon.

But Li Fuchen was different. Perhaps it was due to the fact that Li Fuchen was a body refinement saint, his strength was much stronger than most dead people here. With the addition of the spirit soul power, he knew the weakest spot of the treasure vault door.


Drawing the Autumn Rain Sword, Li Fuchen slashed at a certain point and made a huge opening.

After two to three slashes, the door had been broken through, but it was still lacking a little for a person to enter.

“Who goes there!?” Two guards were patrolling and immediately discovered Li Fuchen as they charged over.

The two guards were knocked out and Li Fuchen continued to hack on the vault door.

Finally, an opening of over a meter was made and it was enough for Li Fuchen to enter.

The vault was filled with conventional items like pearls, agate, and gold. There were some calligraphies and paintings too. But on a side table, Li Fuchen saw a human-shaped sculpture and it was actually an apex cardinal artifact.

Li Fuchen picked up the human-shaped sculpture and immediately sensed an aura sweeping across his body. It erased off plenty of distracting thoughts and made his mind clear.

“I see now.” Li Fuchen was enlightened. This was obviously an apex cardinal artifact that purified the mind.

This cardinal artifact had an effect that could restrict illusion arts. If this wasn’t the Nine Illusions Hidden Domain but a regular illusion domain, it wasn’t possible to trap the owner of this cardinal artifact.

It was unfortunate that this cardinal artifact wasn’t useful for Li Fuchen to escape.

Li Fuchen’s mind was constantly clear and he didn’t need external help.

“Someone actually entered my vault.” A stalwart man entered with a big group of guards and blocked Li Fuchen’s exit.

“Moneybag Liu, it seems like you maintained your consciousness.” Li Fuchen looked at Moneybag Liu.

“I am not the only person who maintains consciousness. Aren’t you doing the same? But since you are here, don’t think of leaving.” Moneybag Liu waved his hand and ordered the guards to attack Li Fuchen.

If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t be a match for so many guards.

But Li Fuchen wasn’t just anyone.

Li Fuchen knocked out several guards effortlessly.

“Fall!” Moneybag Liu made his move.

Moneybag Liu was actually formidable. It was unknown when he wielded a saber as he launched a saber light at Li Fuchen.


Li Fuchen blocked the saber light with his sword.

Cling Cling Cling Cling Cling…

The duo crossed moves with extreme speed. In a split moment, saber and sword lights filled up the vault.


Ultimately, Li Fuchen was superior and severed Moneybag Liu’s arm.

“How is this possible?” Moneybag Liu couldn’t believe that Li Fuchen was so powerful.

“You are rather formidable. If I didn’t guess wrongly, you purposely released the information of this apex cardinal artifact to attract intentional people here. It will allow you to seize their resources.”

The chances to leave the town were very minute, but as long as there was a chance, no one would give up. Moneybag Liu was probably planning to gather a large amount of resources to break through to a higher level. Once his cultivation level was higher, he might just be able to leave the town.

Moneybag Liu didn’t reply but had a gloomy expression.

“Where is Scholar Wang?” Li Fuchen asked.

“I didn’t kill him. He maintained his consciousness because he has a kind of elixir. After seizing the elixir, he has lost his consciousness and became a ‘dead person’ of the town.” Moneybag Liu answered.

Li Fuchen said, “I can choose not to take anything of yours, but the condition is for you to tell me one useful piece of information. Don’t try to fool me as I will return at any time.”

Moneybag Liu thought for a moment and said, “Apart from Scholar Wang and you, I know another person who maintained consciousness. But that person is too fearsome and I didn’t provoke that individual.”

After stating the location and looks of the person, Li Fuchen turned and was going to leave. “Good, I hope you didn’t lie to me.”

The Nine Illusions Hidden Domain was truly dreadful. Even with astonishing talent, once trapped inside, it was basically impossible to escape. Those who could maintain consciousness were people with heaven-defying fate. After all, all the dead people here were saints and some were even high-level saints.

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