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Chapter 824: Illusion Domain Town

Translator: jinzeffect

Of course, the mid-level saint must not have any apex martial art or any apex weapon or cardinal artifact, otherwise, Li Fuchen’s law field wouldn’t be able to resist. Even if the God of Hand was formidable, it had to reach a higher stage first. If Li Fuchen could achieve the fifth stage, Hand of Sun, he might be able to resist the attacks from regular apex martial arts and apex weapons.

With a flip of hand, the star gemstone appeared in Li Fuchen’s hand but it was much dimmer than before.

“This Zhu Hairong is truly lucky and can even find the star gemstone.”

The star gemstones would generally be scattered in the universe and only a few of them would descend on the Deep Blue Plane. Therefore, one would need heaven-defying luck to obtain one of them.

It was a pity that a short span of heaven-defying luck was useless. True luck would be consistently around.

After keeping the star gemstone, Li Fuchen returned to the plaza in front of the palace. When he broke through earlier, this place was already turned into ruins. The only thing left standing was the dilapidated palace.

Li Fuchen’s instinct told him that the palace wasn’t simple.

After taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen opened the palace gates.


As the radiance was revealed within the crevice of the gates, Li Fuchen was sucked in.

When he reappeared again, he was now in an ordinary town. This town wasn’t the giant size town in the Saint Spirit Continent. It was more like the ordinary town for regular residents in the East Unicorn Continent.

The town was very lively and everyone was busy working. The strange thing was that the town didn’t have any children. There were only adults and elderlies.

On the streets with an unending crowd, Li Fuchen was particularly eye-striking.

The people here were too busy and he was the exception.

“illusion domain, or?” Li Fuchen frowned.

“Hey brother, may I know where this is?” Li Fuchen obstructed a person to ask.

The person didn’t have any intention to talk with Li Fuchen and stood still with the head lowered like a statue.

Immediately after, Li Fuchen noticed something strong about the town.

Everyone in the town was like walking corpses. Even if they had a conversation, they had emotionless expressions.

All of a sudden, Li Fuchen’s eyes contracted.

Among the crowd, he saw the four saints that had already died. They were either pedestrians, stall owners, or performing artists.

“Could it be that everyone here is dead? Or are these the souls left behind by the dead?”

Even if Li Fuchen was fearless, he felt his scalp going numb.

Everything here was simply unimaginable.

“Are you a living person?” The person that Li Fuchen obstructed earlier had raised his head. The lifeless eyes didn’t have any expressions.

“What are you?” Li Fuchen didn’t answer and asked in return.

“Are you a living person?” The person continued to ask.

“…” Li Fuchen felt that something wasn’t right.

“Are you a living person?” The person was still asking.

“Don’t talk to these dead people, otherwise, you will fall deeper into the illusion domain!” A voice was transmitted into Li Fuchen’s ear.

Li Fuchen turned to look and saw a long-faced man. He was a shopkeeper in a nearby restaurant and his lips were moving slightly.

“You are?” Li Fuchen transmitted a message back.

“Like you, I am a living person trapped in this place.” The other party replied.

“What exactly is this place?” Li Fuchen asked.

“I have already told you earlier that this is an illusion domain. But we are still at the first layer of the illusion domain. If we fall into the second layer of the illusion domain, it is unknown if we can maintain our consciousness.” The long-faced man explained.

“Who set up this illusion domain?”

“It is an extremely incredible existence. I wonder if you heard of the name, Nine Illusions Heaven Lord.”

“Nine Illusions Heaven Lord?” Li Fuchen was astonished.

This was actually an illusion domain set up by a heaven lord. From the sound of the title, the heaven lord was probably an illusion dao heaven lord.

An illusion domain set up by an illusion dao heaven lord was hard to escape even for a heaven lord.

It was unknown what era this Nine Illusions Heaven Lord was from.

The Deep Blue Plane had quite a number of heaven lords, but they were all legendary existences. Like the Curse Heaven Lord, Immortal Heaven Lord, and the Li Clan’s ancestor, Sword Lord.

They were all existences that ruled supreme in the universe, however, it was hard to say if there was any heaven lord in this era.

Of course, even if there was a heaven lord, it was normal for people like Li Fuchen to not know.

After all, a heaven lord had reached the pinnacle of saints. They pursued the realm of the gods and such existences wouldn’t waste time appearing in the mortal world.

“This illusion domain is filled with dead people? Only the two of us are living people?” Li Fuchen asked again.

“I am not sure how many living people are there. I only know that we are the only two living people on the first layer of the illusion domain.”

“How many layers are there in the illusion domain?”

“The Nine Illusions Heaven Lord’s strongest illusion domain has a total of nine layers. Of course, this illusion domain might not have nine layers. But it should have at least five layers. If I didn’t warn you earlier, you would be dragged into the second layer by that dead person, or even deeper.”

“Why did the Nine Illusions Heaven Lord set up this illusion domain? Is the array outside the illusion domain and the entire Black Whirlpool Island created by the Nine Illusions Heaven Lord?”

“The array outside the illusion domain is called the Spirit Sacrifice Array. Any martial artists that entered the array would have their true spirits sacrificed. It isn’t as simple as the true spirit getting extinguished by the solitude qi. As for the Black Whirlpool Island, it is actually bait to attract experts. The dead people in this illusion domain were once saints. But now, they are all dead. It isn’t accurate to call them dead, as they still have bodies and remaining thoughts. The Nine Illusions Heaven Lord’s illusion domain is extraordinarily terrifying. It is a blur of life and death. Even if you die, your thoughts will still be in the illusion domain. You will have no control and no escape.”

“Do you have a method to leave this illusion domain?”

Hearing the explanation from the long-faced man, Li Fuchen knew that the four dead saints on the outside were only left with their thoughts in this place.

“No one dares to say there is a method to escape from the Nine Illusions Heaven Lord’s illusion domain. It is fortunate that we are only at the first layer of the illusion domain. There is still hope on the first layer. Come in and let’s discuss in the private room. If things dragged on, we would attract the attention of these dead people.”

“Sure.” Li Fuchen went towards the restaurant.

On the third floor of the restaurant, the duo sat in a private room. The long-faced man poured a cup of wine for Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen didn’t drink.

“Don’t worry, this wine is from my storage bag.” The long-faced man started to drink himself.

“I wonder what your title is?” Li Fuchen asked.

“Call me Bitter Cliff.” The long-faced man let out a sigh.

“Bitter Cliff Saint, why are you the shopkeeper of this restaurant?” Li Fuchen was rather curious.

The Bitter Cliff Saint said, “After a period of time, you too will become a member of this town. As for your identity, it will be up to the arrangement of the illusion domain’s willpower. In short, if you wish to leave this illusion domain, you can only rely on yourself. I have been restricted to this restaurant and cannot move around at all.”

“Please continue.”

“Head to the mayor’s residence. Inside the mayor’s room, there is a mirror, as long as you are illuminated by the mirror, you can leave this illusion domain. However, that mirror is damaged, and I just happen to have the remaining part. Bring the mirror over and we will be able to leave this illusion domain.”

“Is it that simple?” Li Fuchen asked.

“It isn’t that easy to sneak into the mayor’s residence. Along the way, you must not be discovered. Once you are discovered, you will be locked in the prison. The prison is at least the third layer of the illusion domain.”

“What if I don’t get grabbed?”

“A living person cannot win against the dead people. They have already fused with the illusion domain and they are the manifestation of the illusion domain’s law.”

Li Fuchen left the restaurant and headed for the mayor’s residence that was in the center of the town.

The mayor’s residence was guarded tightly and there was a sentry within 10 steps.

However, it only looked tightly guarded. All of the guards didn’t have consciousness and were just patrolling around like wooden puppets.

In Li Fuchen’s opinion, as long as he didn’t enter their active area, he wouldn’t be discovered.

Without any mishaps, Li Fuchen arrived at the courtyard where the mayor resided.

In the courtyard, there was a black-clothed middle-aged man standing there.

It was unknown if it was a misconception, Li Fuchen felt that the black-clothed man had some resemblance to Shangguan Yu and the Black Emperor. It wasn’t only in looks, but also in aura.

“You have a familiar qi presence.” The black-clothed man suddenly spoke.

Li Fuchen was surprised, “Are you not a dead person?”

“Dead person?”

The black-clothed man laughed, “That’s right, I don’t know if I am dead yet. I am just living through everyday like a muddlehead.”

“I wonder what your title is?” Li Fuchen asked subconsciously.

“My title?” It seems to be Black Saint!” The black-clothed man thought for a moment before giving a reply.

“Senior Black Saint, can you tell me what you know?”

If Li Fuchen didn’t guess wrongly, this Black Saint should be the Shangguan Clan’s ancestor. But he was now the mayor of this illusion domain’s town and he didn’t even know if he was dead yet.

“I don’t know much. I only know that the last person that came to steal the mirror has been imprisoned by me. If you wish to steal the mirror too, I advise you not to do so.” The Black Saint shook his head.

Li Fuchen let out a bitter smile. If the Shangguan Clan’s qi presence didn’t latch onto him, he might not be discovered by the Black Saint. It was a pity that everything had been destined.

“Senior Black Saint, I wonder how I can leave this place?” Li Fuchen decided to try his luck.

“It is very simple, you can just walk out of this town.”

“Then why don’t Senior Black Saint leave?”

“I am the mayor of this town, how can I leave just like that?”

“Since that is the case, I bid Senior Black Saint farewell.”

Li Fuchen didn’t continue asking. He had a feeling that everything was too bizarre. He wanted to attempt walking out of the town. If he could, he didn’t need to bother about everything else. After all, everything here was far beyond his capability.

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