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Chapter 823: Body Refinement Saint

Translator: jinzeffect

“I don’t accept this!” Before death, Zhu Hairong’s heart was filled with regret and vengeance.

As a saint from the Zhu Clan, his martial dao future was limitless bright. No one would expect him to perish on the rumored Black Whirlpool Island. At this moment, he was particularly regretful that he provoked Li Fuchen. If he didn’t provoke Li Fuchen, he might not have been trapped by this array.

Apart from regret, there was more vengeance.

He cursed for Li Fuchen to die a horrible death.


As the radiance was extinguished in Zhu Hairong’s eyes, his body fell.

After keeping the storage bag, Li Fuchen didn’t have a trace of regret.

It was unknown if the Blood Guide Arrow could return to the Zhu Clan, it didn’t matter even if the Blood Guide Arrow returned. With Li Fuchen’s current strength, he was no longer afraid of Zhu Hairong who was a fully equipped mid-level saint. It was just a matter of time before he wasn’t afraid of the entire Zhu Clan.

Zhu Hairong’s wealth was astonishing. Li Fuchen believed that his wealth was already substantial as he obtained the storage bags from four saints already and one of them was suspected to be a high-level saint.

But as compared to Zhu Hairong, Li Fuchen was truly pale in comparison as he didn’t even have 30% of Zhu Hairong’s wealth.

“There is actually a star gemstone!”

Li Fuchen was rather knowledgeable and instantly noticed an abstruse gemstone emitting resplendent starlight inside Zhu Hairong’s storage bag.

Looking at this gemstone, Li Fuchen felt as though was looking at a star falling and extinguishing.

The star gemstone was a gemstone formed when a star collapsed and exploded. It contained extremely pure star energy.

This gemstone wasn’t useful to most and didn’t have any direct usage, but to Li Fuchen, this gemstone was simply tailored for him.

By comprehending the star gemstone, Li Fuchen might be able to push his Hand of God to reach the stage of the Hand of Sun.

Taking out the star gemstone, Li Fuchen released a qi force into the gemstone.

In an instant, Li Fuchen’s consciousness arrived in a massive universe. In front of him was a star that was emitting illusory colors. It might be in his consciousness, but Li Fuchen was still able to feel a powerful star energy enveloping him.

(TL note: I have decided to change stars to star for terms like star bone frame, star dao, etc.)

“It is the same as being in the universe and starry sky. I can observe the circulation of stars in close distance and comprehend the star law.” Li Fuchen was shocked.

The star law was hard to comprehend not only because it was profound and abstruse, it was mainly due to the stars being too far from the Deep Blue Plane. It was impossible to comprehend the star law if one couldn’t even see the real stars.

In general situations, only prodigies who possessed star bone frame could comprehend the star law, at least for those below the saints.

However, it wasn’t that easy to reach the Hand of Sun.

Li Fuchen realized that he had yet to reach the pinnacle of the Hand of Moon. Previously, his Hand of Moon was only at the middle state and there were still the late state and pinnacle state.

While comprehending the star law, Li Fuchen was also absorbing the star energy inside the star gemstone.

The energy was extremely pure and was actually several times purer than the spirit qi in the peak-grade spirit stone. It was a pity that the star energy could only be used to transmute into qi power for the Hand of Moon. It couldn’t be transmuted into sword energy, otherwise, this star gemstone would be enough for Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation to break through to the Soul Merge Realm and allow him to become a saint.

Pinnacle of initial state of body refinement half-saint…

Middle state of body refinement half-saint… latter state of body refinement half-saint…

Be it the qi cultivation or body refinement, Li Fuchen didn’t have any bottlenecks. As long as he had enough resources, he could continue making progress. Furthermore, the star energy in the star gemstone was too pure. In comparison, it was the Hand of Moon’s qi power that had impurities. Apart from that, since Li Fuchen cultivated the Hand of God, his body refinement aptitude had transformed multiple times. His body limits had already reached the saint level and was unlike before where his body limits were always his restrictions.


There was a subtle crack sound within his body as Li Fuchen’s body refinement reached the pinnacle of body refinement half-saint. He was just one step away from becoming a body refinement saint.

Visible to the eye, Li Fuchen’s skin was shaking and was shaking thousands of times within a blink of the eye. During the shakes, Li Fuchen’s skin was getting more exquisite and more terrifying. There was a layer of radiance flickering on his skin.

This was only the surface, within Li Fuchen’s body, every inch of flesh and bone was glowing. His meridians which were flowing with primary extreme sword energy had been forced to return to the dantian.

“Mm? I can’t break through.”

There was obviously plenty of star energy left in the star gemstone, but Li Fuchen’s body refinement was stuck at the pinnacle of body refinement half-saint.

“Is the Hand of Moon not proficient enough?”

Li Fuchen stopped absorbing the star energy and continued to comprehend the star law.

Pinnacle of middle state of Hand of Moon… latter state of Hand of Moon.

The comprehension of the star law was much harder than to increase the body refinement level. It was fortunate that Li Fuchen had great perception and was able to force the Hand of Moon to the latter state within a short period of time.

Once the Hand of Moon reached the latter state, the body refinement which was stuck had suddenly broken through.

Bang Boom!

There was a thick thunderbolt that burst out from Li Fuchen’s body.

Immediately after, there was a second thunderbolt and the third thunderbolt…

Countless thick thunderbolts burst out and turned the plaza into ruins.

The thunderbolts weren’t ordinary thunderbolts. The vitality field had reached horrifying levels and produced thunder fields.

When opening his eyes, there was a burst of thunderbolts too. At this moment, a casual release of qi presence would produce countless thunderbolts, unless Li Fuchen sealed his qi presence.

Small spots of silver radiance gathered on Li Fuchen’s body.

A short moment later, the thunderbolts dissipated and Li Fuchen was enveloped by silver radiance.

If anyone was here, they could see a silver full moon enveloping a figure.

With a thought, Li Fuchen rose up into the sky.


There was a silver flash and Li Fuchen suddenly vanished. When he reappeared, he was at the horizon and his speed was so fast like he shuttled through the void.

In front of a mountain, Li Fuchen produced a suction force with his hand. The mountain was pulled off the ground and it collapsed quickly, turning into a black shiny metal sphere.


The ground collapsed and the metal sphere sank deep into the ground while a horrific qi wave spread out in all directions.

“I never expected that I would reach the sub-completion level of Soul Merge Realm for my body refinement on the Black Whirlpool Island.” Li Fuchen was lamenting.

With the body refinement at the sub-completion level of Soul Merge Realm, he was now an official body refinement saint. In terms of strength, Li Fuchen wasn’t clear what level he was at. But his defense would be superior even if he stood still for a mid-level saint to attack him.

He didn’t just reach the Soul Merge Realm for body refinement, he still had the Star Immortal Body and it was significantly tougher now.

In fact, Li Fuchen was doubtful if a regular mid-level saint could break the law field on the surface of his body.

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