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Chapter 822: Killing Zhu Hairong

Translator: jinzeffect

“It seems like I need more peak-grade spirit stones than others when cultivating.”

Li Fuchen gradually detected something wrong. To reach the initial state of half-saint from peak state of 9th level Law Phase Realm would need around 10 peak-grade spirit stones. To reach the middle state of half-saint would need another dozen peak-grade spirit stones. It meant that he would need another 20 more peak-grade spirit stones to reach the later state of half-saint. It was seemingly too costly.

Li Fuchen reckoned that it should be due to the Primary Extreme Sword Technique.

The Primary Extreme Sword Technique and Primary Extreme Sword Art were of the same origin and had the potential of a supreme rate sword dao. Therefore, when Li Fuchen cultivated, it would need at least a few times or even ten times more peak-grade spirit stones. As Li Fuchen progressed further, it would be even more exaggerated. However, the strength increase should also be exaggerated.

“With my current cultivation, I should be able to use apex cardinal artifacts.”

Apart from the 20 peak-grade spirit stones in the third corpse’s storage bag, there were still three apex cardinal artifacts. There was a blue chain bracelet, a green feather, and a yellow talisman.

After refining them, Li Fuchen found out the names of the three cardinal artifacts.

The blue chain bracelet was called Water Screen Eden and it was a 3rd rate apex cardinal artifact. After activating it, it would produce a water barrier for protection.

The green feather was called Wind of Soar and was also a 3rd rate apex cardinal artifact. Activating it would increase the user’s speed.

As for the yellow talisman, it was a 2nd rate apex cardinal artifact called the Gravity Talisman and could produce a gravity boundary.

“With these three cardinal artifacts, my overall strength has increased by a few times.” Li Fuchen had a delighted expression.

His defense might be tough, but it wasn’t indestructible. The Water Screen Eden added another layer of defense for him and could save his life at crucial moments.

The Wind of Soar increased the speed greatly and it was useful when trying to pursue the enemy or when trying to escape.

As for the Gravity Talisman, it could be used to restrict the enemy’s strength and speed, making it very valuable.

“Let’s see how much speed can the Wind of Soar increase.”

After activating the Wind of Soar, Li Fuchen turned into a sword light and flashed out.

As compared to before, the sword light was obviously lighter and more illusory, making it hard to fathom.

“The speed has been increased by three times!” When the sword light stopped, Li Fuchen’s eyes were very bright.

Speed wasn’t strength, it was even harder to increase than strength. To increase the speed by three times was as difficult as to increase the strength by ten times.

In a flash, another three days went by.

Li Fuchen found the fourth corpse.

The corpse’s storage bag didn’t have any peak-grade spirit stone nor any apex cardinal artifact, however, there was an unrated apex artifact sword, the Autumn Rain Sword.

As long as sword energy was poured into the sword, it would burst out with autumn rain sword qi. It had shocking power and was a few times stronger than the current Joint-Heaven Sword.

As time passed by, Li Fuchen didn’t give up on finding a path out.

Inside the array, there were many fated opportunities. With Li Fuchen’s capability, he could resist the solitude qi for a very long time. However, he still planned to find the Black Whirlpool Fruit and he wasn’t planning to die of old age in the array. Therefore, it was important for him to find a path out.

From far away, Li Fuchen saw a rather dilapidated palace. This was the first time he encountered a building since he arrived at the Black Whirlpool Island.

Arriving at the plaza outside the palace, Li Fuchen stopped moving and looked to the right.

There was a flash of flame and a familiar figure entered Li Fuchen’s eyes.

“It is truly worth it to search high and low for you. This time, I will not allow you to escape.” Zhu Hairong’s face was filled with murderous intent.

Due to the torment of the solitude qi, his saint spirit was much weaker, making his personality even more ruthless.

Therefore, when he met Li Fuchen again, his murderous intent burst out.

“Don’t worry, I am not going to escape.”

With his cultivation at half-saint and with the apex artifact sword, the Autumn Rain Sword, Li Fuchen didn’t need to escape.

Moreover, he could see that Zhu Hairong wasn’t in a good condition.

“Die!” Zhu Hairong immediately used the Fire Bird Saint Talisman.


The Fire Bird Saint Talisman turned into a fire bird and lunged at Li Fuchen with astonishing speed.

Now that Li Fuchen was a half-saint, be it his reaction speed or saint spirit, they had been increased significantly. With the Autumn Rain Sword unsheathed, Li Fuchen thrust at the fire bird.


The fire bird was penetrated. It wasn’t scattered, but the flames were much weaker.

“Sky Wind Godspeed Slash!”

There was a sword wind that blew by and the fire bird was completely extinguished. It turned back into a talisman and flew back to Zhu Hairong’s hand.

“Impossible!” Zhu Hairong didn’t dare to believe his eyes.

It had only been a short period of time and it wasn’t possible for Li Fuchen’s strength to increase so much.

“Fierce Sun Bead, go!”

Zhu Hairong tossed the Fierce Sun Bead which expanded by a few million times. It was like a giant sun that was blasted at Li Fuchen.

With the intention to test the power of the apex cardinal artifacts, Li Fuchen used the Gravity Talisman to produce the gravity boundary before using the Water Screen Eden to produce a water barrier.


The Fierce Sun Bead was much slower inside the gravity boundary but still smashed into the water barrier ultimately.

There was a burst of white steam and a figure flew out.

“It seems like the sword energy is still not competent enough.”

The person that flew out was Li Fuchen and he revealed a bitter smile.

The power of an apex cardinal artifact was up to the user. No matter how powerful Li Fuchen’s sword energy was, it was still incomparable with a saint’s qi. Therefore, Zhu Hairong’s 2nd rate apex cardinal artifact, the Fierce Sun Bead was still able to break through Li Fuchen’s Gravity Talisman and shatter the Water Screen Eden.


The Fierce Sun Bead was getting bigger and heavier at the same time. It was like a real sun that was pressing towards Li Fuchen with unstoppable force.

“Just in time, Sky Fire Sun Crack Sword!”

Another sun rose up and clashed with the sun made by the Fierce Sun Bead.

At the next moment, there was a scorching qi wave that felt it was destroying the world. The entire scenery was a splatter of lava.


The Fierce Sun Bead shrunk and returned to Zhu Hairong’s hand.

“Sky Man Desire Slash.”

Li Fuchen’s body shook before he turned into an invisible sword light and appeared behind Zhu Hairong.


Fresh blood burst out and Zhu Hairong was injured.

Zhu Hairong’s apex armor was only a 3rd rate apex armor. It wasn’t enough to deal with the sixth move of the Skyline Sword Art and the Autumn Rain Sword.

“Damn it.”

Zhu Hairong opened his mouth and spat out a yellow shield to block in front of him.

With two layers of defense, Li Fuchen’s attack would have a hard time injuring him again.

Li Fuchen shook his head and lamented at Zhu Hairong’s trump cards.

Even with a significant increase in strength, Li Fuchen was still unable to deal with Zhu Hairong.

Li Fuchen was able to injure Zhu Hairong earlier because Zhu Hairong was careless. Furthermore, Zhu Hairong had yet to use the yellow shield.

“It must be very exhausting to the qi to use so many cardinal artifacts right?”

Li Fuchen was going to give up. His Autumn Rain Sword was only an unrated apex artifact sword, and it didn’t really need a lot of sword energy. At least, it was several times less than the unsealed Joint-Heaven Sword.

As expected…

Once the battle extended, Zhu Hairong couldn’t endure anymore.

Not only his qi, but his saint spirit too.

He realized that once the battle started, the solitude qi would hasten the erosion of the saint spirit.

“Stop!” Zhu Hairong let out a vicious shout.

Li Fuchen pretended not to hear as he increased his attack frequency.

“If you don’t stop, you will regret it.”

Zhu Hairong took out a blood-colored arrow and there was a vague qi presence on it.

“This Blood Guide Arrow can send the information here to the Zhu Clan. If you dare to kill me, even if you make it outside, you will be pursued to death by the Zhu Clan.” Zhu Hairong said with a cold tone.

Li Fuchen said, “Even if I don’t kill you, will you let me off in the future?”

Li Fuchen wasn’t going to believe Zhu Hairong, furthemore, it was uncertain if the Blood Guide Arrow could break through the array and make it back to the Zhu Clan.

Therefore, it didn’t matter if Zhu Hairong spoke with a tough tone or a soft tone, Li Fuchen didn’t plan on stopping.

“You are forcing me.”

Just as Zhu Hairong couldn’t withstand anymore, he spat a mouthful of essence blood onto the Blood Guide Arrow.


The Blood Guide Arrow vanished without a trace.

“You are dead for sure.” Zhu Hairong had malicious eyes.


Li Fuchen knocked off the yellow shield and his sword light pierced through Zhu Hairong’s forehead.

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